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  1. Hey guys, my 98 obs auto just had the CEL come on for a knock sensor and evap/emissions code. I know that the knock sensor is a pretty simpe change, and could very easily fix that code (because the sensor housing is prone to cracks and corrosion) but could that cause the evap code? Any ideas about that one?
  2. Where is the sensor, how do i get to it, and how difficult is it to replace? Also, will it harm my car if I rotate the cable the wrong direction?
  3. I searched first and found some good information. But I'm looking for a little more. My speedometer doesn't work on my 92 legacy ss and I believe that's where my intermittent CEL is coming from (as with the power icon). What should I do to find why it isn't working? Start and end where? Is this also why my odometers aren't working? I read a lot about stripping a gear inside the transmission that I would really like to avoid (if it isn't already)
  4. Actually I'm still not dead set on replacing it with another automatic. The more I read, it seems like the 4AT to 5MT swap isn't too difficult. So if I can source the parts, I may go down that path
  5. Well guys, I've been looking for a while but I finally found a factory turbo 1st gen Legacy. I purchased it from the 2nd owner (one family owned it from new) Its all stock minus a muffler and wheels. 1992 Legacy SS 156k original miles automatic trans I got it for a good deal because it needs a new trans. Do the turbo models have a certain trans/gearing? Or are they the same as the other 1st get AWD Legacy's?
  6. brysawn

    My first forester

    The forester is gonna stay all stock. For the legacy I have a ej205 that should be going in.
  7. brysawn

    My first forester

    Hey guys, I finally bought a new daily driver. So now my Legacy can be built Here's the old daily (new project): And the new daily is a 2003 Forester X with 49k original miles. Just purchased it from the original owner:
  8. ohh okay. Is there a plug to remove it (or is it hard-wired into something)?
  9. This may be a stupid question. But in my 1997 Legacy, where in the engine bay is the horn located? Also, does this car have any sort of alarm system? Disclaimer: Although this sounds bad, I am not planning to steal any car. I have a 1997 Legacy and am looking to upgrade my horns, but if there is a honking alarm system, I don't want a ridiculously loud horn.
  10. Hi,

    Did you sell this? I'm looking for two heads...would buy a whole engine if needed.

  11. The code was for the MAF - the reason being; when I put my new plugs in on the passenger side, I unplugged the sensor to take out the air intake tube. But the lagging issue was due to my plugs, because I have my new ones in and its running perfect again. But the old ones were white at the bottom, so that means its running a little lean, right?
  12. It's got a 168k miles. And the timing belt was done roughly 20k ago. I thought that 1997 and later were interference motors, but wasn't my car made in 1996 (for the 97 model year) making it a non-interference engine? And where will the OBD port be on this car?
  13. The car is a 1997 Legacy AWD 5-speed EJ22 The car was running perfect until last night, it starting lagging. It feels gutless and powerless before 2500 RPM's, after that it's like normal. Thinking it may be my plugs, I replaced those. But not only did that not fix the issue, now my CEL is on. I haven't had a chance to read it yet Any ideas on this?
  14. I need to adjust the fronts a little, but here she is for now!
  15. The chrome was actually polished aluminum. But I like my BBS's too, but they were 4x the price of the other ones