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  1. I have several factory parts for sale that have been removed from my 1985 Subaru GL Hatchback. Factory Carburetor complete with Air Cleaner, Filter, Hoses, etc. Both Front Turn Signal Assemblies that mount in the bumper Both Front Bumper Energy Absorbers Both Front Marker Light Assemblies Several Front Bumper brackets that hold parts to the bumper I have a set of factory white spoke wheels with good tires 13" I have the factory spare with original tire that mounts under the hood My email address is: LV2GOFST@yahoo.com Please contact me with any questions.
  2. I am the owner of a 1984 Subaru and like many people out there I want an all terrain tire and you can't find any 13" anymore. So I would like to see how many people would be interested in ordering a set of Wheel Adapters? I am having a prototype set being made now that are 4x140 to 5x114.3. This is one of the most common bolt patterns of the last 20 yrs so finding wheels in a salvage yard would be easy. I don't have a price on the adapters yet, but I am going to "GUESS" around 75.00 each or 300.00 per set. The body of them will be cnc'd from 6061 aluminum. All orders will require prepayment. Start posting.
  3. I have a 1985 Subaru 2 door hatchback, 4 spd manual, 4 wd. I am looking to build a nice little off road or winter weather car. I have had a few of these in the past years, but did not have much money to tinker on them. I have read a ton of threads and watch tons of youtube video's. So looking for a tubular steel front and rear bumpers, maybe even some rock rails for the sides to protect the body some, along with some 14" or 15" wheels, weber carb kit, maybe a header as well. I want to lift it at least 2 inches, but would really like a 4 or 6 inch kit with some after market struts and shocks. So let me know if there is anyone wanting to sell some of the stuff they don't need anymore. Here is my personal email so contact me with what you have for sale and please provide pictures as well.