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  1. Wow..it is very nice...I have one in white and don't think I'll ever part with it!
  2. Cool; I will do that, thanks. I apprreciate the reply. Steve
  3. Anyone? I really need to get this fixed... Thanks, Steve
  4. Ok, help anyone, please... My 2002 Imp OBS had the driver side rear window busted out by some yahoo...ugh. My question, Is the sedan and wagon window the same or are they different? They look the same and someone has a window here locally...Thanks. Steve
  5. methusalah

    Broken thermostat housing bolt

    Thanks for all of the advice/help...I actually considered option #6, although with a clamp instead of vice grips! I thought it might be an OK temp fix just to get the car moving again... Cheers!
  6. methusalah

    Broken thermostat housing bolt

    Nope...it's located on the top left/passenger side of the engine...
  7. methusalah

    Broken thermostat housing bolt

    Seems to be broken with some still above the block...I haven't tried anything with it yet since I'm concerned about causing more damage.
  8. Help! I managed to cross thread the bolt when replacing the t-stat in my 89 turbo wagon...tried to remove it and the bolt snapped...any help/advice (I know, I know, replace with 2.2...) would be great. Eventually I'll find a 2.2 to swap in with a d/r trans yet for now I just need it back on the road. Thanks
  9. So...I have a 81 dl 4wd wagon that needs the card rebuilt...the accelerator pump is leaking right around the little cone shaped bellows/shaft area. Where can I find the bits or a kit to rebuild it? I know the hitachi isn't the best but I'm unwilling to get a weber. Thanks!
  10. OK, some of you may remember my 2004 Imp project, bought car with broken timing belt, replaced t-belt, etc...tried to get it to start, no joy. It turns over and I don't hear any weird noises...if the valves were bent, what woould/should I hear as it turns over? Also, if it should or is supposed to start and run, albeit roughly, what else might cause it to NOT start and run? There's fuel in it, only about 1/4 tank...fuel pump or filter issue? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated...I'm moments from ordering a used running motor and calling it a day... Thanks, Steve
  11. I'm guessing it broke around 150k +/- Not really sure, I'd have to go connect the battery again and check...why?
  12. Yeah, it was a good deal - overall car is in really great shape...except for the huge amount of bumper stickers on the back! I put a new belt on it along with replacing the h2o pump, tried to get it to start and it turns over and doesn't make any popping noises...but won't start...gonna check fuel and some other stuff just to be sure...thanks.
  13. Yup-I realize the SOHC has issues but not the leaking into the motor ones...Thanks!
  14. OK-the 2004 Impreza TS wagon I picked up for $700 (cause PO had broke the TB...) looks like there is some damage, shocking I know. A local subaru expert recommended just pulling the old motor and putting in a 'new' one (used) vs. pulling the old one and rebuilding the heads...Any one here have some advice or thoughts - I think I'm gonna need to pull the motor either way - I know pulling the heads in the car is possible, I'm not sure if I'm up to that level of frustration (hard to reach bolts, etc.)
  15. Thanks - I looked online and saw different answers...some 1999 said DOHC some SOHC, grrrrr. If cars101 is correct, thet are SOHC. Good for me if the guy with the car will call back...Thanks again!