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  1. Mainly wondering if it was an improvement over 96 cams. Better torque or hp output possibly?
  2. Hey I’m curious if anybody has had success running later cams in the 96 HLA heads. I’ve possibly head the cam design was a large part of the hp/tq increase on the 97-99 EJ25D’s? I’m building a franken of a different variety. EJ25d HLA heads on a ej251 shortblock with STI gaskets. Wondering if later cams would be a benefit over 96 cams. Any thoughts would be cool to hear.
  3. GD thank you for all the info, good to know on the Dakota digital, heard the vvspro was designed for Subaru’s to begin with, I may look into all that some day but $150 to get it on the road sounds way more reasonable. Figure I can tear it down and fix it if not at least I have a back up plan.
  4. GD- where is a good place to source the transmission parts? It growls in first and second pretty bad and won’t go into fourth so I’m guessing bearings and synchros. I would prefer a cheaper route. Just as a curiosity what does your shop charge to go through one of its brought in out of the car? If I had to pay up why not go low mileage six speed, same cruise rpm lower in town gears. If the engine is still a ej22 would the trans mounted engine brackets matter, have been told it should bolt in place of 5mt to the engine and the crossmember also using same driveline. Also the shifter would bolt into stock location as well(even if I had to fab a mount not a big deal). i was looking at 2013-14 legacy transmissions(research shows 4.44 FD) about $770 14.3k at LKQ. I have my 99 GT I’m going to part out so I would have all ABS needed components, plus the matching 4.44 diff. The vvspro is $199 or Dakota digital for $80-90 depending. I was looking at 50k JDM trans from Seattle with 1 year warranty for $795. So from that persective about the not to much more money wise. More work but fun one off with a little more pep I would think.
  5. So I just picked up a 97L stick shift, in serious need of a transmission, one option I like the sound of is the split case six speed out of the newer legacies, they can be had for about the same price as a low mileage jdm unit. I’m aware I’d have to swap rear diffs to match ratio 4.11 vs 3.9 Questions are: Has anybody done one? How do you resolve the abs driven speedometer issue? I have an 99gt to pull parks from for abs related sensors and such. Does it bolt the the 5mt crossmember? Can you use the same driveshaft or possibly one from a 4eat car? Does the cable shifter assembly bolt in or how much fab work is involved? searches have come up slim as all six speed swaps are geared toward the performance trans.
  6. I love the stance on this thing! What size tires are those, how much lift did the Baja springs get you, and how are the axles holding up?
  7. Oh ok cool that’s a little more what I’m hoping for, really didn’t want to have to cut the tunnel up.
  8. Ok good to know thanks for the taking a shot at it.
  9. I searched quite a bit and could never find a solid answer, has anyone done this? I’d prefer not to hammer the wee out of the body and I plan on lifting a little(2”) anyways, just curious how tight we are talking. Thanks, Matt
  10. Given all your evidence and the fact that none of the Aussie boys on offroadsubarus.com had ever heard of them. I won’t be perusing anything further with them.
  11. That’s messed up. Might sound twisted but I’m glad to have your warning before it cost the group even more money. Thanks for giving us all the sites to look out for.
  12. I’m good with whoever will make one, and not rip people off!
  13. The guy I have been talking to goes by RJ. After you mentioned all this I looked more closely at the web site and there is no phone number no address, or even an actual email address. Plus the reviews I looked up for lokka was for 4wd systems lokka and their site looks very similar to the lokka.com but they have actual contact info. So I’m taking your word for it that proceeding would be unwise. I googled super Benifit party Ltd all it came up with was a company that sells insurance. I’m not sure that’s where you where trying to steer me?
  14. Yeah that would leave a bad taste for me too, do you remember who you coresponded with?
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