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  1. I am using SPFI however...so will that throw off the fuel/air mixture if the EGR is disconnected
  2. Any harm if I just block off the EGR? I dont really have the tooling to make a pipe.
  3. Hey there, so I am replacing the longblock on my 91 loyale with an engine out of an earlier carbureted car. I will be swapping intake manifolds and exhaust over, is there any other things i need to do to get this vehicle to run properly? From my understanding it should be pretty straightforward, but I am planning on getting this done over the holiday weekend and would rather gather my parts together now. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you!
  4. Logan K

    Can't keep replacing axles

    Working in the automotive repair industry, I can say with some certainty that a BIG problem with some of the aftermarket CV axles is a lack of grease. Several of the failed units we have had come back for warranty replacement have been found to have little to no grease in the joints. There are several outfits that will rebuild your axle here in the USA...somewhat more expensive but the quality control is much higher.
  5. IT HAS a major leak from the throttle shaft at the tps side. No question about it. I know this is the problem, I was looking to see if anyone else had encountered it before and had a cheaper fix. Thank you for your help =)
  6. Oil pump part # 42996 7100 for ea81, still widely available.
  7. Maybe find a local machine shop and see if they can get a rebuild kit for you? If one exists, they would likely have access to it.
  8. Check draw from starter, load test battery? I think my XT6 did the same thing, i put a new starter in mine and fixed it.
  9. Rough idle, fluctuating boost gauge, lousy fuel mileage. And no, not too normal but at 200k miles anything is possible right? I have seen similar problems before on fords and nissans.
  10. Ordered a "OEM" throttle body from Ebay for $130...we will see what happens
  11. 2002 WRX, i have an intake leak coming from the shaft that actuates the TPS on the side of the throttle body (Confirmed with smoke test). Has anyone had this problem before, and if so were you able to fix the throttle body without replacing it? New from the dealer is $600, and the aftermarket units look like they dont have a provision for cruise control. Any advice would greatly be appreciated! Thank you!
  12. Swapped a dual range into my 91 loyale and reverse lights were plug and play
  13. are you looking on the super-pro website? the larger diameter bushings they offer are for the ea81 stuff
  14. Interesting...if all else fails i may put power to the motors, get my belts to go to the locked position and then unplug that module. Did that fuse affect your power windows at all?