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  1. Soobinator

    Having some bearing problems

    They werent that close to fitting, the closest bearing was .002 smaller than my original, and another one we tried was .003 off. So moral of the story here is, dont get anything at napa. I'm trying to avoid the dealer if I can, I guess Ill ask around at O'reillys/AutoZone/whatev.
  2. Soobinator

    Having some bearing problems

    Ya i did that and they were different. I actually went back up to napa and had them pull out ALL their subaru CV axles and the subaru bearings that they stock did not fit a single axle. So i guess the question is, where can i get some bearings that will actually work?
  3. I got new bearings and a CV axle for my 91 Loyale because i blew up the old ones. I pressed the bearings in, then go to slide the CV axle in, and it stops on the bearing. I took the CV back out and returned it, getting a different brand that has worked everytime in the past. This one didnt fit either, but both axles that I had tried fit with the old bearing. What is going on?
  4. Hey Scott, just wondering if you have any extra front wheel bearing floating around you dont need? Mine blew up and I really need some new ones.

  5. Im actually in Nooksack/Everson but everyone knows of bellingham so i put that down.

  6. Soobinator

    compiling offroad Book, info needed SJR

    You have seen my rig, but ill try to get pics to you tonite. 91 Loyale 4" body lift d/r T-case 3.9 LSD diff SJR bumpers dual batterys EJ 22 27" SSR/Peugot (they should look familiar) dual electric fans Cobra CB 6' whip utility rack offroad lights front and rear
  7. Soobinator

    NWWO Walker Run Jan 30th

    ok thats what i thought. seems like a decent place.
  8. Hey, Where in Bellingham are you located?

  9. Soobinator

    NWWO Walker Run Jan 30th

    Where do you guys go wheelin in Custer? I will go wheelin there because its alot closer to me.
  10. Soobinator

    NWWO Walker Run Jan 30th

    sorry guys, probably not going to be able to make it. wasnt able to get tires in time.
  11. Soobinator

    NWWO Walker Run Jan 30th

    Haha, ya it is.
  12. Soobinator

    NWWO Walker Run Jan 30th

    No, but soon hopefully.
  13. Soobinator

    NWWO Walker Run Jan 30th

    Ya i am lifted. I actually have a fairly built up subaru 91 Loyale 4" lift BFG All-terrains EJ 22 HI/Lo T-case w/5spd tube bumbers and does anyone have a CB to talk while on the trail?
  14. Soobinator

    NWWO Walker Run Jan 30th

    Hey I am new to the whole Subaru thing but I'm really intersested in coming out and wheelin with you guys and seeing what walker valley has to offer.