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  1. Crazyeights

    Junkyard Gem (autoblog)

    I have a real 1989 GL-10 and it has an EA82T with a 4EAT. I really like it even if it is hard to get parts for. Mine says "4WD Turbo" on the sides but it doesn't actually say GL-10 on the body. It does say it on the title though. Nice cars
  2. I noticed that those hubs are drilled for 6 lug wheels. To me this means that you were probably running larger tires than the tiny little 13" tires that came with the car. Wouldn't the larger tire - wheel combination put way more load on the splines? This would make it even more critical that the cone spacers and washers are in good shape and properly torqued.
  3. Crazyeights

    Fogging Windshield

    Yes it is possible. If it is coolant coming through the vents try it on defrost. The "fog" should leave a greasy film on the inside of the windshield if it really is coolant. Antifreeze fumes also have a sickly sweet smell that is very noticeable.
  4. PM Sent. Your videos are great! Thank you for posting them.
  5. Crazyeights

    Soon to be lifted 85 brat

    Looks Awesome! I'm jealous of the workspace and the rack too
  6. Crazyeights

    Bay Area California Mechanic

    So you are tearing up front axles? What happens do the boots rip off, do the cv joints break (if so which ones)? Did it pork axles before the lift?
  7. There is a second small fuel filter back under the car by the gas tank. Have you changed it yet?
  8. Crazyeights

    Fogging Windshield

    If the carpet is wet (common this time of year) the moisture can cause the windows to fog up all the time. Is the car dry inside?
  9. Crazyeights

    EA81 Carb to SPFI Conversion Log

    Looking Great! Thanks for sharing your progress!
  10. Crazyeights

    1991 Loyale Just Quit!

    @GD Will they start and run with the diagnostic connectors plugged in? I have never tried it.
  11. Crazyeights

    1991 Loyale Just Quit!

    I usually just grab a screw driver and insert it in to the spark plug wire boot. Hold it a little ways away from ground like the engine block while someone cranks it over. The spark should jump a small gap. You can also use a spare spark plug. Make sure to provide a good ground for it. Lay it on the engine or something.
  12. Crazyeights

    1991 Loyale Just Quit!

    Do you have spark at the plug wires when you crank it over? This will require two people.
  13. Crazyeights

    1991 Loyale Just Quit!

    Timing belt or distributor rotor hold down screw came out.
  14. The toothed idler probably runs hotter than the smooth ones causing the lubricant to fail sooner.
  15. Crazyeights

    EA81 Carb to SPFI Conversion Log

    I have done the EA81 SPFI conversion a couple of times now. In my opinion it is a waste of time. They never seem to run right. This was on a fresh engine with shaved large valve heads, delta cam, etc. It always seemed too lean to me. I hope it works out for you, I won't do it again. I will either go multi-port (yes I have EA81 multi-port heads) or an EJ swap which is the route I ended up going. Good Luck! Please post your progress if you go for it.