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  1. Crazyeights

    84 brat EA81 valve tapping

    Older engines and solid lifter cams still need Zinc among other things - You are so right!
  2. I agree ^^^ but in spite of that my 3AT still lasted for 250k! It was still working when I pulled it out to swap it for a 5MT DR.
  3. Those heads look fine. Find a new set of rings and put it back together.
  4. Looking Great! Thanks for the updates.
  5. Crazyeights

    aftermarket distributor ?

    Believe it or not Rock Auto still has one left! https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/subaru,1982,dl,1.6l+h4,1267949,ignition,distributor,7108
  6. Crazyeights

    A gift from Pleiades

    Awesome! Another old school Subaru saved from the scrapper, at least for a little while
  7. I left the 1.19 in it. I would like to go back in and put the 1.5x in it but I don't want to tear apart a good dual range for the donor parts. I already had a junk XT6 trans and that's what gave me the idea to use the 3.9 ring and pinion. I wonder if I could fit an LSD carrier in there while I'm at it Hmm....
  8. Crazyeights

    Cyclops 3rd Eye Install!

    LOL I think I loaned you a stock Cyclops relay to make the diagrams from. Good Job!
  9. I used the 3.9 gears from an XT6 transmission to swap my 3.7 FT DR box so it is possible. I also swapped the axle stub shafts so it would bolt in to my EA81 Wagon. It took parts from 3 different transmissions to make mine but it was worth it.
  10. I was going to say the same thing as Olnick but I don't own an early Legacy. I do however have Impreza struts in the front end of my Loyale so I would be really surprised if some pick-n-pull struts wouldn't just fit right in. Subaru's are like Legos
  11. I tried a Delta Torque grind in my EA81 Hi-Po build and it was so noisy I couldn't stand it. The valve noise would not adjust out. Soon after two lobes failed and I had to pull the engine again. To their credit they did replace the cam and lifters and blamed the failure on the type of oil I was using. Has anyone ever heard any delta torque grind cam that wasn't excessively noisy? The extra torque was fun for a few hundred miles
  12. Crazyeights

    1982 WRX Brat SWAP!

    I really like the videos. Thanks a lot for taking the time to make them. I look forward to seeing your progress
  13. Congrats! I have always liked the XT's.