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  1. Are the plug wires on right? Is the timing belt lined up correctly? Sounds like a great project, do you have any pictures?
  2. Crazyeights

    Leaky master cylinder

    As was said above ^^^^^ rebuild the brake system - especially ALL of the hydraulics NOW. I would park it and drive something else until all of the brake issues are taken care of. A brake fluid leak is nothing to fool with. Sooner or later you will try to stop and the pedal will suddenly go to the floor. I have had this happen in the past and it's scary! If your lucky it will only be a minor accident, could be you or someone else dies. The parts to fix this can probably still be located now, but not for much longer. Pay attention to the parking or emergency brake too. It often gets overlooked. Get used to testing it on a regular basis. It could save your butt one day. Find an empty road or parking lot and practice stopping without using the brake pedal (downshifting and parking brake) and see how well you do. I test this method with all of my cars periodically to stay sharp.
  3. Crazyeights

    Kia Sephia Sporty

    The video looks good
  4. Crazyeights

    Kia Sephia Sporty

    I am glad that you found the problem and that you and your family are ok!
  5. Crazyeights

    New rebuilt ea81 oil pressure

    I have worked on and built lots of EA81's. Based on my experience your pressures look fine. The owners manual for my 1983 wagon says the hot oil pressure can run close to zero on the factory gauge (which is not very accurate). I wouldn't worry about it.
  6. Crazyeights

    AWD Classic Beetle

  7. I was still able to get all of the external seals from the dealer a few years ago when I did my build. Make sure to have someone lookup the right part numbers before you ask. Lots of dealer parts departments don't seem to have any interest looking up a $5.00 seal for a 30 year old car LOL.
  8. Nice car! Surely the reason it "feels down on power" is the EA82
  9. Crazyeights

    Sjr vs ADF Lift Kits for GL/Loyale

    I've had an SRJ 4" lift kit in my '83 GL 4WD Wagon for over 10 years now without any problems, same axles too. Thanks Scott!
  10. Crazyeights

    Retro GL-10 TURBO build

    Looks great as always Nico! Thanks for the update.
  11. Crazyeights

    EA81 adapter for oil pump?

    The EA81 oil pumps are SO EASY to break when removing them. Be VERY careful when removing it and you can probably just reseal it. Don't use a hammer or mallet to remove it.
  12. The EA series engines run very low oil pressure at idle. This is even stated in the owners manual. The factory gauges are not accurate at all either. What I would do if your concerned about it is hook up a test gauge and monitor the oil pressure from a cold start until the engine is warmed up. Once you know what the pressures really are you can train yourself to use the factory gauge.
  13. My EJ22T is completely stock. Just a valve grind and reseal. Here is a picture of everything that comes with the factory AWIC setup. As you can see it has a separate small radiator that has to be mounted as well as coolant lines, pump, etc. I found front axles that didn't have to be shortened. I am pretty sure that they were from a FWD '93 Impreza.
  14. I have an EJ22E in the car right now to keep it mobile. The EJ22T is on the engine stand right now almost completely assembled. The turbo wiring harness is all stripped and finished. I used the engine cross-member from an '89 GL-10 turbo wagon so the exhaust will clear without any cutting. The radiator is stock Loyale. The 5 lug conversion is all done. I used '93 Impreza FWD hubs, struts, springs, and knuckles with Loyale top hats and EA81 outer tie rod ends. The front lower control arms are from an XT6. The transmission cross- member is a mixture of '94 Legacy and XT6. It bolts right in. The 5 speed transmission and rear differential are from a '94 Legacy 4WD, the ratio is 4.11. The clutch, flywheel, and starter are '94 Legacy as well. The front section of the rear Loyale driveshaft had to be shortened 51mm to fit with the EJ transmission installed. The front brakes are Loyale calipers with '93 Impreza FWD brackets (with 1 of the Loyale caliper pins installed), hubs, rotors and pads. This allows me to retain the front parking brake. I am pretty sure I used stock '93 Impreza FWD axles but it's been a while. I added a rear sway bar using the sway bar and trailing arms from an XT4. The rear disc brake backing plates are '94 Legacy 4WD modified to fit the XT4 trailing arms. The rear rotors, calipers, brackets, and pads are from a '94 Legacy 4WD with XT6 4WD rear hubs. The wheels are 16" Enkei Fittipaldi with 205 55 16 tires. I have a stock Subaru '92 Legacy Sport Air to Water intercooler (AWIC) setup that I had shipped in from New Zealand. I hope it will fit as I haven't tested it yet. As far as I know these were never available in the USA. This would let me keep the stock hood without adding a scoop. It's been about a 7 year project so far. It's been lots of fun building it but it's taking me way too long. At least it's almost done. Here is a thread with a few pictures https://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/145759-royal-loyale/?tab=comments#comment-1224351 Thank you for sharing your awesome project! I look forward to more updates!
  15. Nice project! Please keep the thread updated as you make progress. It looks good so far. I have an EJ22T going in to a '92 Loyale. It's taking me way too long to get it done