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  1. Crazyeights

    NEW Brat Tailgates available!!!

    That's Awesome! Now if only I could buy a NOS Brat to go with it LOL.
  2. Looks good! I'm not quite ready to commit yet (depends on price) but I am interested.
  3. Mine is lifted and it still looks "pretty"
  4. Congrats! I just licensed my lifted '83 GL as a collector car in WA also.
  5. Crazyeights

    EA81T boost sensor location?

  6. Already bought spare clutch and throttle cables, thanks for the heads up!
  7. Crazyeights

    LED shop lighting

    Nice shop Rob! You have done well
  8. Crazyeights

    Baja vs. Brat

    If they made a 2 door variant with the longer bed I would own one by now
  9. Welcome! Looks pretty good, but do enlighten me. Why the KA-24?
  10. Bad connection at the headlight connector? Moisture inside the housing? Just a couple of thoughts.
  11. Crazyeights

    Cyclops 3rd Eye Install!

    Looks Great!
  12. Crazyeights

    84 brat EA81 valve tapping

    Older engines and solid lifter cams still need Zinc among other things - You are so right!