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  1. Crazyeights

    82 to ej22 swap

    Sure it's possible. Start reading, you have a lot of wiring to do EJ22 Swap Links
  2. Crazyeights

    1982 GLF Coupe resto and cleanup

    That sucks. I'm glad you walked away without being injured.
  3. Crazyeights

    1991 Subaru Loyale Body Kits??

    The RX front air dam and side skirts do fit the EA82/Loyale body. I have them on my 88 Wagon.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
  5. I am glad this all ended well for you. Years ago I built the same FT 4WD 5MT center locking trans for my EJ swapped '83 Wagon. I swapped the 3.9 ring and pinion from an XT6 trans in and also 23 spline stubs so I could retain stock EA81 front axles. I wanted to go with the 1.59 low range set but never made it that far. As it is now it's an awesome car even with the only slightly lower low range.
  6. Take an air chisel or a hammer and a chisel and blast some holes in the rear of the engine for access. It's junk anyway. I've had to do this a number of times and it always works.
  7. Crazyeights

    NEW Brat Tailgates available!!!

    That's Awesome! Now if only I could buy a NOS Brat to go with it LOL.
  8. Looks good! I'm not quite ready to commit yet (depends on price) but I am interested.
  9. Mine is lifted and it still looks "pretty"
  10. Congrats! I just licensed my lifted '83 GL as a collector car in WA also.
  11. Crazyeights

    EA81T boost sensor location?

  12. Already bought spare clutch and throttle cables, thanks for the heads up!
  13. Crazyeights

    LED shop lighting

    Nice shop Rob! You have done well