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  1. I noticed that after sharing this post (dummy head) these files are no longer available so here they are again TOONGA centerlamp-relay.pdf Passing Lamp Discussions and Wiring Notes.pdf

    EA81 exhaust... so this happened...

    your primary jets are way too big for an EA81, unless it has a worked cam. I would suggest a 135 -140 primary and a 150 -165 secondary and go to a 50 idle on the primary and a 55 on the secondary. If you can get them got to 3.0 or 3.5 venturis as well, as the standard 4.0 or 4.5 venturis the webers ship with are too big for the EA81 as well. Given that the CFM of a 32/36 is between 290 to 350 (depending on the model) and EA81 Hitachis are between 130 to 190 CFM (depending on the model) you are always going to overfuel. Remember as well US fuel has a different RON rating to Australian camel piss Good luck with it TOONGA
  3. If it is an auto make sure the torque converter is unbolted from the flex plate, this is done through the opening for the starter motor (I hope this has been taken off ) It can stop the engine and transmission from coming apart TOONGA
  4. Xt6 radiator has a twin core EA82T doesn't, mine didn't on a Vortex XT EA82 turbo. The XT6 radiator will fit but the outlet pipes are bigger 38mm. I know people in Australia that have bought these chines ally radiators, some fit directly others state they have to modify holes for the radiator fans and body mounting screws. When you search ebay, do you use the international options or just America? As for the sellers you will find they have more than one store that they sell from. Just like the sellers who sell oem phone parts. TOONGA
  5. According to the parts catalogues I've checked it is called the F WHL apron front (left or right) / Brkt F sus comp (left or right). which I guess translates to front wheel apron (left or right) bracket front suspension complete (left or right) there is a very good list of manuals for imprezas available here http://ken-gilbert.com/impreza-manuals all models here http://jdmfsm.info/Auto/Japan/Subaru/ Good luck with it TOONGA
  6. Ebay? These are in Autralia not sure of the cost of shipping to the USA http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-FULL-Aluminum-Radiator-FOR-SUBARU-LEONIE-L-SERIES-WAGON-1-6ltr-1-8ltr-85-94-/262168238151?hash=item3d0a71d847:g:Os8AAOSwAKxWW~25&vxp=mtr http://www.ebay.com/itm/HIGH-PER-Aluminum-Radiator-FOR-SUBARU-LEONIE-L-SERIES-WAGON-1-6ltr-1-8ltr-85-94-/151950795342?hash=item2360f9224e:g:SNwAAOSwv-NWVrnx&vxp=mtr http://www.ebay.com/itm/FOR-SUBARU-LEONIE-L-SERIES-WAGON-1-6ltr-1-8ltr-NEW-85-94-Aluminum-Radiator-BEST-/281875123765?hash=item41a1110e35:g:V90AAOSwwE5WYSj9&vxp=mtr TOONGA
  7. It would not fit as the 1600 manifold is shorter than the 1800 manifold, I found out the hard way . Unless you have a 1600 in your brat that is. TOONGA
  8. Yes I'm interested not sure what I will need to sell to afford them but hey TOONGA
  9. They look great really good in fact. any news on price and availability? TOONGA
  10. So I did a little search on that alternator and found this http://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1323800&highlight=EZ30&page=113 it may help you. I still believe the alternator is on, hence the noise you are hearing. I have had the same problem with an EJ22 in a brumby and an EJ22 in an XT / vortex. Both times the problem was fixed by changing the way the alternator was wired. TOONGA
  11. Ok I would say it is the alternator making the noise. As you have wired in a non standard alternator. Check that the power to the wire you ran to the alternator is off when the ignition is off, if not find one that is switched power and this should solve the problem. TOONGA
  12. If this was an EJ engine swap into an EA older vehicle I would say the alternator is making the noise. This is because it is wired to permanent power (EA alternator) not switched power (EJ alternator). As I have no idea what car the alternator / engine is in this is the only advice I can give you. TOONGA
  13. Are the breather tubes on top of the 3AT working? sounds like a build up of pressure of some sort in the box is causing the fluid to vent. How much ATF fluid is in the box ? Too much fluid could cause this to happen. Does the box have an ATF cooler in front of the radiator? check that it isn't blocked. TOONGA
  14. TOONGA

    The Chupacabra -lifted 95 imp

    You can use outback or forester trailing arms as both are longer than the impreza arms the outback are longer again than the forester arms from memory. Looks like a great project good luck with it. TOONGA
  15. TOONGA

    4wd diff lock not engaging

    The big diaphragm on the side needs full vacuum from the inlet manifold to operate. the easiest way to test it would be to bypass the solenoid. With the engine running have a hose run from the diaphragm to the inlet manifold, if it is working the diff lock lever and cable will move if it isn't the lever and cable will not move. Check the switch for the diff lock on the side of the box it could be that it is faulty. With the stater motor out the diaphragm is easier to get to. TOONGA