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  1. 98 Legacy OBW - 166,300 miles. Replaced engine at 166,200.
  2. This past weekend I broke down and had the engine replaced in my 98 OBW and the proccess was quite interesting. Turned out it had a cracked head and burnt valves. My certified Subie mechanic took a second gen block, slapped on first gen DOC heads and canabalized parts from a few other 2.5's in the garage. Added electricity and SHE LIVES!!!! And runs better now than she did the first time I brought her back to life. He had mentioned a few weeks before that he had found out that the head of the 1Gen fit the 2Gen block and said it gave more power. Anyone here done this and have more details on performance of such an engine?
  3. thank you for the offer Larry, might take you up on it regardless. Never hurts to have backups. I'll have to drag out the meter and test them.
  4. 98 OBW, 2.5 Ok, been getting misfire codes for a while and decided to take my lunch and play grease monkey. I started with pulling injector wires. 1/3 pulled had little effect on the engine, 2/4 had negetive reaction. I retested 1 & 3 and I noticed a slight change, mainly when plugging them back in it it was slight. Ideas?
  5. Picked up OEM wires and will be installing them later today. Stopped in to the local dealer shop and talked to them and they also recommended starting with the wires and plugs.
  6. I read in another forum after doing some research that a guy replaced his upstream O2 sensor and it corrected a misfire issue. Mine has been on there for who knows how long and I read that they are good for about 100K, which I have long since exceeded.
  7. Checked the fuses this morning and all looked good, no sign of burning. Yesterday it was at it's worst, misfiring bad enough at idle to shake the car. Also noticed hesitation until I got the rpm's up. That is another frustration, the issue can be near non-existent or bad like yesterday.
  8. I have had an ongoing issue with sporatic misfires with my 98 OBW. No pattern as to when it happens, either under load or idle and it can come and go as it pleases. Swapped out the coil, new alt. A week or so back I got ready to head to work and noticed that the light on my rechargable light was doing a flicker in sync with the rough idle of the engine for about 3 or 4 mins, then slowly faded away. This happened again last week. Anyone have an idea what this could be and if it may be linked to the misfiring issue? Thank you
  9. If the junk yard doesn't charge much, I will grab the unit that came out of that OBW and solve it that way. From the sounds of it I was told that mine is fried.
  10. Ok, another problem. When I plug the wiring harness back into the unit it begins to blink repeatedly for a while, then stop for about a min then resumes. I found the button (Very small thing in the middle of all kinds of other things) and pressed it according to instructions and the blinking doesn't change. Ideas?
  11. I do have experience with them. What do you need to know? Email me and I will get the message quicker. mdjdc1@gmail.com