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  1. 1982gl4

    Third times the charm.

    Gutted a parts brat I had about a week ago. Although the brat had about 2x the milage the transmission actually worked surprisingly well. No grinds, and no slop in the shifter, amazing for a 4 speed. So I installed that in this along with new transmission mounts last week. I also have working ac now, which has been amazing with the heat we have had here this summer. We don't typically get 90* plus weather here and this ac has been keeping up with it. Other than that I've just been driving it and enjoying it.
  2. 1982gl4

    Third times the charm.

    Theres a small amount of rust there, I will be taking care of it after I take care of some more pressing issues. I finished the exhaust this weekend. I went from the engine back with 2 inch stainless, with a center flex joint added, a center glass pack, and a 2 1/4 magniflow muffler. It sounds like a subaru that is for sure, its very quiet cruising, but sounds decent when you get on it. It woke it up a lot over the factory restricted exhaust, and the crap carburetor. I didn't have the rear muffler at this point, so this is where I stopped on friday. I went home to find my new muffler there, came back to work on Saturday and finished it up, along with change some fluids, and adjusted the carb some. I still have a little more to do, but is running very well. I ended up putting over 150 miles on it this weekend. Up next I need to fix some of the drivetrain issues. Lf cv joint makes noise occasionally, the clutch is pretty grabby, and the trans is pretty weak, but seems better after the fluid change.
  3. 1982gl4

    Third times the charm.

    This is my third ea81 wagon, and by far the nicest. I picked it up from the original owner here in Vermont (she and the car original came from New York) They had a summer home here, and the car was used here in the summer for the majority of its life due to the ability to make it up the very steep and muddy hill they used to live on. The car came into the shop I work at about a year ago needing some exhaust work. I about S* bricks when I saw it. I can't remember the last time I saw an ea81 other than in my driveway especially one this nice, or even still on the road. Anyway I preformed the repair, and informed her I would be interested in it if she ever choose to sell it, not pushing in anyway because I didn't need another project. About six months go buy I end up selling my other ea81 wagon (the cali wagon, a few of you may remember that build) and she called me about a week later saying she was moving back to New York, and asked If I would be interested in the car, and here we are. Plans are to keep it mostly stock with some drivability and performance modifications. picking it up first fill up the interior on this car is ridiculously clean. low milage of course And a couple drive way shots to finish it off. And that brings us to now. to be a solid driver for me it needs a little help. The carb is crap as always. theres some exhaust work that needs to be done, and the trans is a little grindy into third and forth, this is lower on the list, I have several transmissions, but with these four speeds I could be taking all of them apart to make one, so i may try to source a five speed dr, but they are super scarce up here. So far I have deleted all the emissions and the factory carb. stock goodbye garbage I installed the correct jets into this weber and installed it along with new manifold gaskets (all the bolts came out!) and this is complete now, but I made the factory air box fit over the weber, welded in a new bottom so it looks stock with the hood open. Tomorrow my dad is trailering it to work so I can build a new exhaust from the engine back.
  4. 1982gl4

    1982 Brat from the west

    I honestly think the sugar had been in there a while, I'm thinking probably before you ever owned it, the fuel filter looked pretty old, not worried about it as its been running and driving great the last few weeks! No worries on the clutch, it happens easy fix, and I didn't have to buy a new one which was a bonus. And I am indeed very happy with it! Thanks! I really like your brat as well, its extremely well done. It really makes me want to lift mine, but I know how that road starts, and it never ends, it won't take me long to want to ej it and all sorts of other stuff. I think its best I keep it stock. Dealing with the northeast is a constant battle. I'm putting it up for the winter in a week or so. I may get some nice drives in, but snow is already in the forecast so the winter beater is out, and getting prepped. The brat will be staying in the garage all winter along with the legacy, rx7, and bus... Anyway here are some photos I have taken over the last couple of weeks. I plan on working on this some this winter, hopefully a repaint, but we will see, and I'll be rebuilding the 5 speed D/r I have to swap in before next summer, thinking I may swap in my 82 wagons engine that I just resealed as this one not only leaks oil, but it seems to burn a lot of it as well, thinking it probably has a stuck ring, or best case valve seals, I know the other engine runs great, and uses no oil so I think its the safer bet. The wagon's getting some upgrades this winter hopefully.... Oh forgot to post this as well, my new plates came in!
  5. 1982gl4

    1982 Brat from the west

    Either one would be fine, I have a factory tape deck, and a good radio to install, however, I'm going to hold off for a bit, I purchased a parts hatch sight unseen, with a tan interior, sounds super rough, but has super low milage... If that one is no good you will be hearing from me! As for updates Recently replaced the rear brakes, the factory shoes where nearly missing. Installed new wheel cylinders at the same time. Also found the rear brake hose have some pretty significant dry rotting. So called subaru again, I should have all 4 hoses by next week. I also installed new front pads, I was trying to do a vented front disc swap, but the calipers off from my old brat had seized up from sitting, so for now the pads will do, I may do the swap this winter. And I also found time to fix the dome light. The connectors under the carpet had corroded off from the end of the wires, took the door switches out of my old wagon and its working perfectly, I actually swapped the light over as well as it was in much better shape. Up next I need to address some of the oil leaks, valve cover gaskets for sure, and maybe an oil pump reseal by the looks of things.
  6. 1982gl4

    1982 Brat from the west

    Got a lot more work done to this over the last few days. After my first ride home I decided it need an alignment really badly, glad I did it was way out, the rf tie rod end was slightly bent, I just adjusted it out for now, all seems good. Replaced the lf ball joint that had a small amount of play, swapped over the tires off from my wagon, cleaned the interior, swapped the kyb shocks off from my old brat, and ordered all the brake stuff, (going to be swapping it to vented fronts) also ordered sway bar bushings. I tried to take it to a car show, the fuel pump started to give me trouble (leaving me stranded on the side of the highway) I was able to bypass the relay on the side of the road, and smack it with a set of pliers I had. It was enough to get it going, luckily I made it home, grabbed the rx7 and took that to the show... Tonight I was able to swap out the fuel pump with one off from my old wagon, pretty rusty but it works well so no complaints. Turns out there was a couple more issues with it. First off I had a bad connection, that was easy fixed with a new connector. The other was the pre filter I took it off to inspect it, and it rattled. It had sugar in it. I would assume its been in there a while, the filter looked old, and I drained the bottom off the tank with no other signs of sugar so fingers crossed no more fuel pump issues... Interior to start with... yes thats an original bed carpet. Interior after swapping wagon carpets, and some trim over. still need to find a correctly colored radio surround that hasn't been cut... Also put a set of ea82 floor mats in Alignment before hard to tell but the right side was way out. after Also turned 150k!
  7. 1982gl4

    1982 Brat from the west

    Thanks guys really enjoying it so far. Tonight I worked on the clutch. That went pretty well, turns out it was new, just the disc had been installed backwards so I didn't even have to use the new one I had purchased. While I was doing the clutch work I replaced the trans mounts as the old ones were very weak/broken. Still needs some work, but it is drivable! And it even made it from work to home! Feels like the alignment is way out, steering wheel is off center, and it acts kind of twitchy to me. Also needs a ball joint, rear shocks. Fuel gage doesn't work all the time. The trans is weak as well, first and second synchros are weak and grind while downshifting. If I had know this I would have swapped in the other four speed out of my old brat, this winter I'll probably swap in a 5 speed d/r I have anyway, just need to find a driveshaft for it... Anyway its insured and registered as of today, forgot to put my temp plate on tonight, real plates should come in a while had special ones made up for it can't wait to get them! More work to come Filling up tonight
  8. 1982gl4

    1982 Brat from the west

    Its unreal how solid it is. And I agree the number of them left is probably pretty small. Everyone that has stopped into the shop has asked me about it while its around, its something you never see here. I hear you, I've been in those same sort of situations. Got to let some go to make the other ones complete. Thats how I have it set up right now, cat and egr are still in place, and the weber is installed. Today I worked on this for a few hours after work. Replaced the heater fan, it was stuck. After I got the new fan back in however it still didn't run, turns out it had a bad ground at the switch. Added a new one, and everything works as it should. I also installed the rear seats, I welded nuts to the bottom side of the bed so I can remove them whenever I need to, not that I ever had to take them out of my last one, but I like the option. Up next I fitted the A bar from my last brat, surprisingly it survived the accident mostly intact, both fog lights broke, I modified it some to fit the 82 bumper, where it bolted on is just slightly different. Heater fan out of my 82 wagon (now a parts car) Weber installed, put my air cleaner I cut up to fit a weber, haven't decided if I like the paint, or if I'm going back to the stock color with this one. I had it on my wagon which was more fitting. Bits off from old blue Fully installed Starting to look pretty good! Clutch tomorrow...
  9. 1982gl4

    1982 Brat from the west

    I knew you had owned it at one point, I saw the photos linked to Facebook in Brian's for sale thread. I saw the radiator plug fix, seems to be holding up well! Engine seems great, I have no intentions of taking it out, I may be delating some more emissions stuff, but other than that its staying pretty much the way it is, It may get some new paint this winter however. Thanks for the little history run down, I always like to know where they come. I can't believe how solid this thing is. I was joking with my dad that I have never seen one of these cars with the factory rocker panels still intact. Its so nice to have one of these actually worth fixing.
  10. 1982gl4

    1982 Brat from the west

    After the loss of my last brat, I've been looking for a solid replacement. Well a couple weeks ago my sister moved to portland and my parents took her out there, and while they were out there I contacted a forum member and arranged for them to bring home a new brat! Yesterday morning they arrived with it and I got my first look at it besides in photos, this thing is super solid, no rust which is all I care about, everything else I can fix. Ever since it arrived I have been working non stop (when I'm not actually at work) Last night I swapped on my alloys, changed the oil, I fixed the fuel pump wiring... and installed a new pump, and tonight new headlights, swapped my weber off my old wagon, it runs and sounds great (first time I have heard one of these cars with a mostly stock exhaust as they have all been rotted off when I purchase them) something is up with the clutch hopefully going to looking into that tomorrow and change the remaining fluids. Anyway, my plans are to keep this one pretty stock. I loved the ej swap, and coil overs and all the other stuff I had done to my last brat, but it took away some of the charm. I should be updating this pretty frequently as I'm working on it a lot right now! First photo my parents sent me. In South Dakota Home next to the ej swapped bus... Alloys off my old wagon (need to swap tires over, but these hold air) Swapped the headlights for some new ones I forgot to take photos of the weber, but I'm pretty sure everyone on here knows what that looks like haha. Still have some other parts off my old brat to swap over too...
  11. My Brat had two passenger seats in it, the rails fit both seats. Unfortunately they don't slide out like an old vw, you have to unbolt the seats, and then remove the rails from the bottom and swap them over.
  12. 1982gl4

    Ur a bus

    Last night and tonight I spent a good amount of time on this. Tonight I rotated the tires, and checked the front end, going to have to do some brakes soon... and ball joints as the boots are decaying. Last night I tracked down the fuel leak, one of the factory vent lines near the tank had dry rotted and started to leak. I had to removed both radiators to remove the fuel tank shield so I could get back there kind of a pain, but I bought a tubing roller and rolled all of the coolant tubes at the same time which I had been wanting to do so one won't pop off like it did on me last week...
  13. 1982gl4

    Ur a bus

    Here are some photos I have been meaning to post, just haven't had the time. Its running pretty well. I've had a few issues so far. It overheated once on me on a long hill on the interstate. I think i need to move the exhaust to get more of the heat out of the engine bay. Also have a slight fuel smell, I think the filler neck is leaking ever so slightly. It also needs a taller gear set... Cut up the subaru temp gauge and mounted it in the bus dash vent. I also had a new windshield installed, and ran into some rust issues.... Fixed it the night before the shop next door to us put one in. exhaust set up, I cut up a legacy header, and rewarded it to fit the bus. Also won a couple awards at a local vw show a few weeks ago.
  14. 1982gl4

    Ur a bus

    I need to update this thread bad, been busy in life, and haven't really had time to post much on here, This is now on the road, i have a bunch of photos i'll have to post at some point over the next couple of days, Over all its is so much more usable, way more power and reliability, although it could use a taller set of gears, its a bit short on the highway.
  15. 1982gl4

    Brat Build!

    Haha I actually have been texting the owner the last few days, said he's got it in storage away from is place. He's sending me pics as soon as he gets back over there of areas I requested. I've got my fingers crossed.