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  1. XT Fan

    Found My project Car

    Hey Bucky, I hate to tell you, my Husband just last month found two 1990 Subarus he bought for 100 each! Yikes! I could'a kicked him he just sold a 90 legacy 5 speed for 500! Car looked good inside and out. Ran great! What am I gonna do with him?
  2. This Loyale is a nice running wagon, 5 speed, 4 WD, but my previous driver Sube is an '89 GL-10 station wagon! Now, I really understand what the GL (get lots) stands for.................my GL is way superior to the DL. My Husband wanted to put me into the '90 until he rebuilds the engine in the '89..........Sigh........I think I will WAIT.
  3. Sweet, sweet, sweet! My personal other change would be to put the racing stripe down the indention (already there by the mfgr). I once had an old xt that someone put the racing stripe there and by far that (to me) was the coolest looking xt I have ever seen. If you get a proper stripe that will follow the natural indention along the side, it just flows...........
  4. XT Fan

    Just got rear-ended

    I'm soooooo sorry! Glad you are 'mostly' OK. That happened to me a few months back and my XT frame was crumpled from the front and from the rear. The Lady that fell asleep behind me pushed me into the car in front. We too were sitting at a red light. Unfortunately the older GOOD Subaru will cost more to repair than it's worth (at least to them). I feel for your loss of a good wagon. I (like Edrach) am still seeing a chiropractor and going to physical therapy for the whiplash.
  5. XT Fan

    Loyale "Sport"

    Keep talking guys. You are making me realize just how lucky I really am. My Husband found my 89 GL-10 Turbo wagon and told me that he had to tow it home, but that I would really like it as it has everything. He also worked for Subaru, way back in the 80s'. Cushy inside, power everything. My favorite features are the cruise control and sliding sunroof. Some day I'll even figure out which buttons to push to get info out of that nifty trip computer:rolleyes: .
  6. And here I thought all the GL10 Wagons had the sun/moonroof? Is that bump-up on the roof why they call it a Touring Wagon? First picture I've ever seen of one. There are only a couple of other 80's wagons that I have seen in my area. One seden and have not seen ANY XTs lately (5 years).
  7. I'm looking at an owner's manual for '86s and it says 6º BTDC 5s @ 700 RPM and AT @ 800 RPM for the GLs. Hope this helps. Linda
  8. XT Fan

    Am I Crazy?

    Doggone that's HOT. We have a very nice 78º here on the East coast today, but rainy as well. Good luck with that busted elbow and the '75.
  9. That is way cool. Where I live, I could plow sand off the streets during the big hurricanes! What FUN!
  10. It's an '89 Turbo Wagon. Transmission has never been right. It slips when first starting out and thereafter shifting into each gear. I'm trying to remember (and failing), all that we have tried to remedy shifting problem. We're rebuilding engine in this one right now and I'm remembering that I had to accelerate and then let off the pedal for it to finally shift.
  11. What is the difference between Auto Trans in Turbo and Non-Turbo cars?
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by TheSubaruJunkie Looking good. I was looking through your album and saw an Intercooler among all the other new toys. Did you turbo your car? -Brian ..........soon, soon enough Have you found your turboed engine yet? I have one that will be available soon!
  13. XT Fan

    Blowing white smoke

    My 89 Turbo wagon was doing that. We thought blown head gasket as well. It turned out to be a broken water tube in the turbo unit.
  14. I just have to love this noisy lifter dilemma and all the reasonable alternatives for remedies. I personally have seen the ATF added to crank and run heavily for 20 or so minutes and it worked in my instance. After reading about the MMO and my Husband says it is nothing more than ATF with other smell added.......? Well, I just checked the 'Material Safety Data Sheets' for both MMO and ATF, the only ones that match somewhat are MMO and ATF Type F. Are NOT all auto trans fluid the same? Is MMO the same as ATF Type F? Please some one out there with Chemistry background check this out as well? Still searching for truth. http://msds.pdc.cornell.edu Linda
  15. XT Fan

    Subaru addict Dilema

    LOL! I am the Subaru Addict in my family too! Hubby is a mechanic by trade, so it's almost like pulling teeth to get him to work on my stuff. I live with it as I'm the one counting the jelly-beans and LET him work on my stuff when we have the funds. I want more too and we have room to park as least 5 smaller cars. Linda