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  1. Went out for some more desert adventures last weekend. This is a perfect car for the dirt roads in the Mojave. Most areas don’t require tons of ground clearance, and the independent suspension soaks up most of the smaller bumps with ease, especially with these larger tires.
  2. cartwheels

    86GL EJ25 Swap

    Thanks for the update and the additional info on the fuel pump. Looking forward to seeing more progress as you get this thing closer to completion!
  3. cartwheels

    86GL EJ25 Swap

    Any updates? And what’s the part number for that fuel pump you got?
  4. Ha! Just had this exact thing happen to me on my 88 GL. Fixed it up with new hardware, drums, and shoes. Stops a lot better now too!
  5. Good god that's a nice Brat! Got new wheels and tires on my EA82 wagon and I promptly took it on some desert adventures.
  6. Glad to see both of my turbo Scoobs being called out in this thread. I have owned two Legacy Turbos and two EJ205 powered WRXs. Engine wise they have all been reliable save for my 04 WRX which spun a bearing during a very spirited canyon run. I currently have 165,xxx miles on my 02 WRX and it is still on the original engine, transmission, and turbocharger.
  7. cartwheels

    Dipstick broken off in tranny

    Any updates on this? I have the same problem with my 1988 GL wagon. As an aside, do you guys know if all Subaru 5MT dipsticks are the same length? I want to change the transmission oil but I don't have a good way of measuring it because of my broken dipstick situation. I was thinking maybe I could just find another 5 speed subie at Pick Your Part and steal the dipstick out of it... but I don't know if it's the same length as the one that came on my EA82 dual range 5MT
  8. Here's my 1988 GL. I just added some LED fog lights in the stock location (and proceeded to send it WAY too hard down a dirt road, so I had to fix the mounting the day after I put them on) and I also replaced the strut rod bushings and one of the lower ball joints. Hopefully there is more to come... I have engine and transmission mounts as well as new tie rod ends waiting to go on it. I need to work out the reason it feels down on power and there is probably more to do suspension-wise, as it seems to lean a bit toward the driver's side front wheel (perhaps a sagging spring?) and the shocks feel pretty tired. Definitely a fun little car, though!
  9. cartwheels

    92 Subaru Leone Touring Wagon

    Any updates on this? Killer build as always Nico
  10. Hey man, hope things are going well for you! I'm the guy you helped pull an SVX motor out a loooong time ago haha. Everything get worked out after the BRAT accident?