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  1. I had the same thing happen with the hazard lights on my son's 97 Outback. Checked fuses and connections...nothing helped. My son went on the internet and found a suggestion for a repair. They said to smartly strike the dash with open palm near the hazard switch. I said ya right. I tried it and believe it or not, it worked. On the radio antenna, I had the same thing happen to my 98 Outback. The motor would work, but the antenna wouldn't raise. I got the replacement parts from Subaru and repaired the antenna. It worked for about two months but then quit again. If I had to do it over again I would just replace the antenna with an aftermarket one that doesn't retract and be done with it.
  2. Summit Auto LLC 1728 Helena St Ste B Aurora, Co 80011 303-366-1278 I have used these guys for all the major repair work on my Subaru. They are very fair on their prices and do excellent work.
  3. Thanks for the info. I'll contact Cascade Subaru Specialist and see if I can get my car in tomorrow.
  4. I am searching for a new shop to take my 1987 Legacy Outback station wagon to. I use Summit Auto up in Aurora for major repairs, but would like to find a good shop down in the Springs for all other work. Does anyone have any recommendations? If not, any horror stories of places I should avoid?
  5. heartless, Thanks for the info. It looks like both the wires are grounded . The black wire must of come undone when I removed one of the screws holding the power antenna in. If it doesn't snow tonight, I'll try to get everything hooked up before I go to work.
  6. I just got through rebuilding my power antenna and have two wires left to hook up that I don't know where they go. The grounding cable wasn't hooked up on one end. I assume I can ground it to any bolt? The other one is a black wire that was hooked up but I can't remember where I disconnected the ring terminal end from. My brain is frozen , but I don't want to button everything back up without connecting these wires to where they belong. On the motor housing, I ended up prying it apart and using a soldering iron to melt the posts back shut. I am assuming that Subaru did not intend for these to come apart and that is why they didn't bolt the cover on. Antenna and radio are working , so I can live with the back end being unbuttoned until I finish. Thanks for any guidance.
  7. Mike104 Thanks for the info. I get on and check them out before I head to work.
  8. Speedwagon, I am trying to get it fixed in the next couple of weeks, as this is my work car. I am driving my one ton Ford diesel truck to work , which is much more expensive to operate (13 miles to a gallon). I found a plain hood( without a hood scoop ) but if I can get the right one , it would be better. TIA for any help you can give.
  9. I am looking for a 1998 Legacy Outback Hood in Spruce Pearl with hood scoop. Just after having my windshield replaced, I was driving home at 55 MPH and had the hood pop open. Hood, windshield , and fenders are damaged. I got the fenders from the U Pull here in Colorado Springs and the windshield is being replaced. Unfortunately, the hood had already been removed at the U Pull here. If any members have a lead or are in possession of the aforementioned hood up in Denver, please contact me . I am offering a finders fee. Thanks. P.S. Have to apologize for posting this here. I just spotted the Subaru Wanted section. If this could be moved by a moderator, I would appreciate it .
  10. Thanks, I'll take your advise and request full pictures of the items that you mentioned. Based on what you have to say, a lot of negotiation may have to take place before I pick this car. I'm going to hit the internet to see what else is available in the year spread that you suggested.
  11. My son just threw a rod on his toyota and I would like to convince him to get a subaru. I found what I thought was a great car in Georgia (1999 Outback wagon with 116,000) for $1800. Unfortunately, it was mislisted as having an automatic transmission which it didn't. I found another 1999 Legacy in New York that is a Legacy L model with 38,000 miles. Because of the low mileage, the owner is asking premium dollar ,$3800 to be exact. Is this a good price? Second question is does anyone have an idea of what it would cost to have a car transported from New York to Colorado? When I bought my 1998 Subaru Outback from a dealer in South Carolina, it cost me $800 to have it shipped out. Price of shipping an already high priced car is what is giving me quandaries . Living in Colorado, I have a lot of used Subarus to pick from for a replacement car. Unfortunately, they are all higher priced and have over 200,000 miles on the odometer. My search criteria for a car was around a 1999 Subaru wagon with a 2.2 motor and an automatic transmission. I would appreciate the thoughts and knowledge of the members of this board on this.
  12. carfreak85, Thanks for the info. I am going to forward your and wtdash's inputs to my friend in South Carolina so he will know what to look for also. Again, thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with me.
  13. wtdash, Appreciate the info. I have a friend looking for a car for me down south ( out a South Carolina) because as you said, Subaru's hold their value well in the Rocky Mountains. A little too well. I bought my last Subaru from a dealer in South Carolina for way less than I could get one out here (including shipping). I think, following your advise, I should shoot for a $10,000 dollar range and keep the other $5000 in reserve for inspection/repair.. If I find anything out there that looks good, I will have my friend do the basic check out. If he says it's a go, I will arrange for a Subaru specialty shop in the area to do the checks you describe I am definitely not looking for a Rally car. My hot rodding days ended in the 1970's ( still have my 1973 Challenger from back then in the shop.) I'm just looking for a moderately priced, fairly fast car I can ride off into the sunset with. Picked a Subaru SRX because it has to do well in the snow up here. I still have to earn a living, so I went with Subaru because of their dependability. Were any earlier year cars a dog compared to the others?
  14. Background: I am sixty plus years old and have always wanted a sports car. Money has been saved up for this several times in my life , but family needs have wiped it out each time. I figure that if I don't get it soon, I will never get it. I love the two Subaru cars I have had ( 87 Turbo wagon and 98 Legacy Outback Station wagon ) so I think a WRX is a logical next step. Whats the best year to get? Any year that I should avoid because of problems? I would love to get a new one, but I know that I would never be able to afford one without something happening to wipe out the car fund before I could buy it. So I have $15,000 to spend now. What would be the best bang for my buck (preferably with a stick shift).
  15. Grossgary and mikaleda. You were right on the money. My mechanic tried to put some fluid in that he got from Subaru to stop the leak, but it didn't do the job. He told me that it would be about $2200 to do the head gasket job. Is this in the ballpark or is it way too high? I left a message on his answer machine to the effect of only using Subaru gaskets and parts for the job. At that price, I don't want to have to do the job twice. Any other things I should request/demand while this job is being done? I had the belts, seals and water pump replaced when I got the car twenty thousand miles ago. From what he told me, he must remove the engine to do the head gaskets. So while it is out, should anything else be looked at? I plan to drive this car to 250,000 miles and beyond (currently at 166,000) and am ready to eat beans and potatoes to get it right.