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  1. Wow, they do show in stock. That is amazing!
  2. I had 14" steel Peugeot rims. I don't remember them sticking out. If they did it was very minor. Are you using alloy wheels? Are they wider than the steel rims?
  3. Sachs made fronts and Gabriel did also. I don't think either one does any more. I would research and find those part numbers and started internet searching. You may get lucky and find a set still in stock somewhere. Also try Ebay too! There is one new pair on Ebay. But, they want $499.99 for them! I had the Gabriel first on my 87 for a decade of more. They were okay. Put Sachs on it last they were way better and that is what was on it when I sold it. Good luck. Moosens I think the Ford crossover was a heavier front spring, if I am not mistaken. I can't remember which Ford though.
  4. bratman2

    Tail lights 85 brat?

    Problem you will have is the seals around the lens are so dried out and shrunk, the lens will crack before you can stop water intrusion. I don't think the seal is available anymore. I purchased the whole light assembly for both sides many years ago. I was told by the dealer I purchased them from the one side was last in the country. The other side came from Japan and took about 4 weeks. I can't remember exact cost but I just had a paint job so I thought what the hell. I didn't think the lens were available anymore new. If what I was told is true the whole assembly has not been available since I bought mine, maybe 2009, not sure. I painted it in 2001, 2009 and early this year. Looking back it looks like 2001 when I purchased the assemblies.
  5. On my 87 Brat I had the ignition fuse blowing on start up or if I hit say railroad tracks just right. Took a lot of searching, frustration and I found it to be a very thin wire (18 or 20 ga) at the back side of a wiring harness under the dash and behind the instrumentation. It had barely rubbed a piece of metal until it cut it. Then a bump or something would make it touch and no go, blown fuse. Seems the only thing I gained (besides not blowing fuses) was one light near the speedometer or tach (can't remember which) would now light up when the headlights are on after I fixed it. Yours does sound a little different but sadly that is the way are! Good luck!
  6. Maybe take a picture and post it. I am sure there is something out there that can be fitted to it.
  7. I think they are the same as the "A" arm bushing on the front. Seems I read that somewhere.
  8. bratman2

    highest mileage?

    You all brought this old thread back up. My post was on the first page and my Brat is still going, mid 240k.
  9. My brother got a couple of bad spark plugs out of the box new. About ran him crazy trying to figure it out because he "knew" the spark plugs where new. See if you can find some resistance specs on the coils and confirm all 6 are with in spec. Try a heavy dose of seafoam and see if that helps then check coils, then recheck plugs.
  10. I was at a glass place maybe 1.5 years ago taking a friend to pick up a windshield for his old fullsize chevy van. Just asked out of curiosity and the owner said a windshield for my Brat was still available. Seems he stated the gasket was not. I replaced mine in 2001 but it has started showing some minor pitting over time. The gasket will be the tough part. Mine was replaced with the windshield so it not supper hard. The owner thought mine was new enough to most likely reuse. Yours, if it is factory, will probably be tough to reuse.
  11. I installed 04 Impreza RS seats in my Brat back in 2005. Or was it 03 seats in 04, can't remember exactly but last year without the side air bags I believe. Not sure if your older model Impreza seats are the same. Inside rail front tab was a straight bolt in. Inside rear I cut some off the back of the rail to shorten it, drilled it and bolted it into the side of the transmission tunnel. I think it was where the seat belt bolts to. Outside front tab had to have a piece of metal added and drilled so it would hit the factory hole. Seems like the back I had to drill out the hole to the inside to make it hit the factory mount hole. Also had to add three or so washers to raise it a little too. Link to picture of seats installed. https://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=6013
  12. He has an EA81 so he would most likely need different parts. You need to determine if you have a Hitachi distributor or nippo denso. Rockauto is a good source for your parts and a coil can be had from them at a reasonable price.
  13. Magnaflow makes a stainless steel Y-pipe. Mine was around $200 about three years ago.
  14. bratman2

    Good cooling fan replacement

    Yours looks nicer!
  15. bratman2

    Good cooling fan replacement

    Okay. I work 12 hour shift and start days tomorrow. Would not be able to get it out until Weds. If that is okay with you. I live in the sticks so we only have a small rural post office. Last time I was in there they did not even have a large flat rate box, only medium and small. If they don't have the large do you need the housing if the fan motor and blade would fit in a medium? Your fan the exact same as the one I posted? Just trying to cover the bases, lol! You can private message me you address. I took a few second video of the fan running if you would like it emailed to you? You can private message me your email too if you would like the small video. Figure maybe 5-6 dollars and the shipping.