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  1. really curious since I have seen people talking about this yellow film over their fog lights. Where can I purchase it? expensive? also have a problem with headlights misfit..
  2. Does a small coolant leak from the intake manifold considered as an emergency situation? I can't fix it now since my money is sort of on a leaky hose this week..
  3. armandjones82

    Audi exhaust questions?

    Will it be better to get an Audi genuine performance exhaust systems parts or OEM parts in aftermarket shops??? I don't know the difference...
  4. armandjones82

    Steering Gearbox Question

    i've searched different thread for this.. some of the results from the search button ends up giving me a database error.. I do have the same question how do you replace the boot without removing the gearbox?
  5. Hi.. I have the same issue.. I did the same thing that you did.. and had the same result.. now I am confuse if I have to buy a new one or not.. my last resort would be to take my car to a dealer but they always give me a high quote even for the simplest repair or check up.. How were you able to resolve this?
  6. armandjones82

    Grill guard/Deer wacker/Brush Guard

    I think having to find out a good brush guard for your vehicle would be nice if you research more. I don't know if this would help out you guys, but I think that would be the case. I hope things are now well with regards to this.