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  1. Responsible Jon

    $20 windshield moldings

    If they shipped something things are looking good! I feel the need to hoard parts because they are so seldom available, I’ll probably get a set
  2. Responsible Jon

    $20 windshield moldings

    I’ll be curious if they arrive, let us know. Jegs has listed things for sale and cancelled the sale after they realize they can’t get it or didn’t have it. Where did you get your glass? My brat needs a new windscreen.
  3. Responsible Jon

    86 Wagon Heater/Hvac Woes

    I had a similar problem and it was solved by removing a large mouse nest from the evap core. Good luck!
  4. Responsible Jon

    Factory Manuals

    I've got a physical copy of the 1983 Factory service manual for DL GL 1800 which has been very useful. I've been watching ebay for a parts manual from the GL era, which would also be handy, but I have yet to see any for sale. Did a physical parts book even exist? If so does anyone have a copy they would sell or a PDF version to share?
  5. Responsible Jon

    EA81 to EJ Radiator & Hoses & temperature sending unit

    Bennie, Thanks for clarifying, I thought it might be the case rather than a variable reading that it was more of an on/off switch. I’ll try measuring the resistance needed to properly run the EJ sending unit to control my gauge as I found in This thread. The fans fit snug but with clearance all around, I’m happy with how it turned out. The two smaller fans were chosen to use space around the crank pulley as much as possible, and it all drops in without a fight or squeeze. With the desire to install AC and keep my cyclops light there just isn’t much room for pusher fans.
  6. Responsible Jon

    EA81 to EJ Radiator & Hoses & temperature sending unit

    Here is a picture of the shroud I built to mount the fans and force them to pull the air through the radiator instead of just stirring the air around.
  7. I went the route of having the EJ sized necks brazed onto my stock EA81 radiator for my Brat conversion. The donor motor is from a 95 Legacy, and the stock legacy hoses fit perfect with just a little trimming from either end to compensate for the radiator being closer and not as wide as what they were designed for. I was very worried about this step, but I'm pretty pumped, it looks like it has really come together. My fan shroud and electric fans seems to fit the space nicely and I hope it will keep everything cool, I would like to come back around and install the AC, but I'll just get it running first. Hopefully someone can help me out with this question. The sending unit / sensor that is in the passenger side of the stock EA81 radiator, I think was to trigger the stock fan relays, which now should be controlled by the ECU. Could I connect this to my stock temperature gauge to get a correct reading? Or is there some other place the temperature was measured on the stock EA81?
  8. Can anyone tell me what these numbered items are? This is the passenger side strut in an 82 Brat. They are taking up prime real estate for my EJ swap air box, and if I know what they do I can just remove them or relocate them as appropriate. I have a factory service manual for a 1983 but I either am not reading it correctly or there were some changes from 1982. Thanks!
  9. Responsible Jon

    Back in the saddle

    I bought my brat in 2010 and drove it with love until sometime in 2014 when I got a really cheap 95 legacy. You might know where this is going, I started and EJ swap, changed jobs, had a second kid and moved. So I’m on year six of my swap and with the help of some friends I finally got back at it. I’m updating my old blog, follow if you like. I installed a fuel filter as a surge tank, I wrote more about it in my blog, but here are some pictures.
  10. Responsible Jon

    Opinons wanted 5spd D/R or AWD in 85 Brat EJ Swap

    I'm nearing the middle of my own EJ swap, and decided to go with the AWD 5 speed turbo trans from an EA82 turbo wagon. It was given to me, and that is why I chose it. I swapped the stub shafts from 25 to 23, and that was a bit intimidating, but I got it done, the actual job wasn't too hard, just take it apart slowly and keep track of everything. If I had it all to do again, I would just do the AWD swap from an EJ trans and be done. Still have to swap the output shafts, but then you dont' have adapter plates and everything is oem. I would only suggest that is you never intend to off road, which mine is going to really just be pavement only since as much as I had the DR for all these years, I only a few times went off road in a situation that even required me to shift out of fwd. I wouldn't miss it. Also, I have a rear disc setup if you are interested for your Brat, I'm only about two hours away from Columbus. Maybe we can meet up sometime.
  11. Responsible Jon

    Midwest Subaru Meet

    Looks like fun, but a bit too far for me to commit to at this moment, it's hard to get away. I would be interested in a get together somewhere closer by like IN, IL, WI or MI.
  12. I reassembled my FT4WD 5 speed turbo transmission with 23 spline stubs to replace the 25 spline stubs so I can put it in my Brat without making hybrid axles. It's got new seals all around and everything went back together correctly. It has been a long process, but now I'm ready to move on to prepping the EJ22 that is sitting in the bed of my Brat. Feels good!
  13. Responsible Jon

    I'm taking a survey

    If you are going to have a novelty car, take it all the way.
  14. Responsible Jon

    Transmission stub shaft swap - Who has done it?

    It sounds like it should be Ibreakstuff, according to the more knowledgeable people in this thread. Also, I was able to buy the 35mm thin wall socket at my local carquest autoparts store. They had it in stock, and it was 7 or 8$. That was certainly necessary for disassembling the 4 speed DR4MT brat transmission. Thanks for all the help so far, I've got another transmission lined up to go pick up that should have the right shafts, but if any of you happen to have a set of 23 spline shafts from any 5 speed sitting around, I'd love to buy them.
  15. Responsible Jon

    Transmission stub shaft swap - Who has done it?

    For posterity, the output shafts from a D/R4mt are a smaller diameter than the output shafts from a FT4WD 5 Speed from a GL10 Turbo. The 4 speed shafts are 27mm and the 5 speed turbo shafts are 30mm. Does anyone happen to know the nominal size of D/R5mt shafts? I need to get my hands on a set if they are 30mm. It was also not super difficult to split the case on the 4 speed since I had a factory service manual, but I also didn't have to put it back together, so that might have taken some of the pressure off. The FT4WD 5mt turbo was easier to get apart since there was no tail shaft and no DR linkage to mess with.