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  1. yes they made good--- and have always givin me a great deal on things- they are not afraid to tell me if they have a problem,rather than give me a line of ************---i will go again if i need to, although i do most things myself--
  2. i believe it was a solenoid-- any way they fixed it --so far since yesterday it runs great- with the exception of a small leak from tranny witch they will fix- my wife picked the car up so i still have to talk to them to find out exactly what went wrong--------------thanks all
  3. If this place helps with the subaru problem i just put in i will be here all the time
  4. ok i need help and to know if anyone has any idea or has heard of this yes it is an interference motor 2.5 sohc--2001forester s aotomatic--red anyway,few months back replace airconditioner belt it was ************ty and i thoought the compressor was on its way out turns out it was the tensioner pulley cuz ir broke while my wife was driveing and wrapped around fan locking motor up causing it to jump time and bend the valves --an interference motor thing?--paid 1300 for another motor and had local garage put it in--- yes i do know and trust mechanic--he saiad motor runs great and went in very easy but now tranny will not work-- they took it to specialist and they replaced something --still no luck --now they just did something else ,i am not sure what hopefully it will work if not even mechanic is baffled he or i have not ever seen this happen this way and i want to know if anyone here has or has an answer-- i am asking everywhere and nobody seems to knoe--- HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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