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  1. hey, i read your post on lift kits and saw you were going to develop a 3 inch lift kit for 2000-04 legacy. i have a 2000 legacy gt limited and i know some things are different on it, would you happen to be making a kit that would fit mine? also how difficult or time consuming is it to put these kits on and take them off, the reason i ask is sometimes our winters can just suck, and i was thinking about lifting the subie in the end of november and then putting it back to normal in mid march. let know a price also.

  2. hello everyone! rooster2, i bought my 2000 legacy gt limited in january of 2009, the vehicle had 48,000 miles on it and i paid $6900 for it. on the way home (i bought the car in central PA and i live in central OH) when i stopped at a rest area upon leaving i noticed that the vehicle had a slight hesitation going into drive but i didnt worry about it, i just thought maybe the fluid was slightly low and i would take care of it when i got home. i got home and the problem got worse in the next couple of weeks so i started researching it on the net and found out about the delayed forward engagement problem, i thought oh no, what did i get myself into. anyways i ended up changing the fluid and put a bottle of lucas trans additive in it (the guy at the parts store said it was the best). the problem was no better. a couple days later i ran across this very thread and i thought this rooster guy is nuts, lucas didnt fix my tranny problem so nothing else will. so up until a few days ago ( 1 year 10 months) i have drove with this problem and it continued to slowly get worse. if i just put the car into drive and sat there it would never go into gear, it even 7 or 8 times has jumped out of drive when we come to a stop sign or stop light. to get the car to engage i would have to rev the engine sometimes to 3,000-4,500 rpm and you would feel it try to engage and then nothing, so you would have to try again and again and again until it finally engaged. So i was going to tear the transmission out and do a complete rebuild and when i was researching the parts on the net i came across this post again. i read every single reply and decided what the heck, its a 6 dollar bottle of stuff, what can it hurt. i bought a bottle of tras x and was saving some money to get the amsoil tranny fluid. i was telling one of my buddies about this so called remedy and he said, "that trans x was only $6, just drain some fluid and put add it to whats already in there", i thought he does have a point, it is only $6. so thats exactly what i did, although it did not work at first, i drove around for 20-25 minutes and it still did the same thing. i waited for my wife to get home and around 3-4 hours later i decided to go to the gym. to my surprise when i went to leave the car shifted right into drive. i was so happy, somebody could have slapped me across the face and it still wouldnt have ruined my day. i plan on leaving it like this for 2 or 3 months and then im going to flush the tranny and put amsoil in with some tras x. I really wish i had listened to your advice when i first seen it, it would have really saved me alot of frustration. one question though, on the back of the bottle it says for larger transmissions (10 quart capacity or more) use 2 bottles, i believe our transmissions hold more than 10 quarts right, mostly in the torque converter, would it be a good idea to put in 2 bottles? anyways, thanks so much to you rooster and all others who took the time to share their experience and that most of the time this really works.