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  1. It was just the thermostat seal leaking a little. A new one solved that mystery. quack quack quack.
  2. ah er o.k. Always thought all of them from 2000 up to about 2008 had that issue? I guess that's what I get for thinking? The last time I was thinking I put a heli coil in a tensioner bracket. quack.
  3. At a glance it appeared my non-turbo SOHC 2.5 had been leaking antifreeze from the water pump. I installed a new pump but I still have the leak coming from somewhere above the pump. Could it possibly be the notorious external HG coolant leak that 04 Subaru 2.5L are known for? What is the fastest way to pinpoint the origin of the leak without pulling the intake off? ughh.
  4. Thank you. I do realize I need to hit the books on the emission stuff more often. Ebay's compatibility chart isn't very precise 100% of the time is it? I ordered up a 96 downstream sensor before I was aware of that. I may as well put that in when it gets here. e-z job.
  5. Experiencing poor gas mileage after replacing a downstream oxygen sensor in a 96 Legacy 2.2 with a 2004 Forester 2.5 downstream oxygen sensor. No CEL. Just runs different. I'm convinced it does matter.
  6. o.k. the connectors are identical. I installed it and I have not seen the CEL come on yet although the drive cycle may not be done?
  7. My 96 2.2 legacy "downstream" 02 sensor just threw a CEL. I just happen to have a brand new one for a 04 Forester 2.5 SOHC. Would that be compatible if I use it ?
  8. Yes I'm starting to wonder if the continuous freeway cruising speed of 60 MPH was sufficient to complete a drive cycle? There was of course some normal rush hour stop and go traffic going into Seattle. Dang I got rid of the P0302 and now I'm stuck with a P0420. The engine runs good with plenty of power though for having 230K on the clock. I just bought this one from the original owner last month. Compression test was 200psi on every cylinder. She said the HG's were recently replaced but didn't offer up much info about it. Catalyst monitors are non continuous ?
  9. Will they pass my 2004 Forester if I have a pending code of P0420 but no CEL? I'd had a misfire on cyl. #2 the day before but I cleared it up with a new set of Denso plug wires. I dumped the misfire code and drove 75 freeway miles back home without any CEL coming on. It appears to maintain a pending code P0420.
  10. I pulled one from a 91 Legacy wagon and yes indeed the connector was different. Went to pic n pull and got one from a 89-90 wagon and all is well.
  11. The 2.2's became interference starting in the 97 model year. The heads and valve angle were changed causing the valves to travel farther down into the cylinders. Better fuel economy and a boost in power was the goal of the designers back then.
  12. I checked it today and all the solder points appear good. I'm starting to wonder if it's just a problem with the connector? Yes I may go bonkers soon. ha ha.
  13. There's one on eBay for sale but I'm hesitant to purchase it. (91-94)
  14. Yes that's gotta be it. I noticed if I slanted it a little when lifting it out (before unplugging the pigtail with key on) all the buttons and fan switch kicked back on and off and on again. Thanks.