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  1. 1990 Loyale 273,000. Runs like a champ.
  2. It was the starter. At 267K mine was very tired, so I just replaced the whole thing. For $78, it was good peace of mind. Thanks for all the help, you guys rock!
  3. Naegling

    ea82 cup holder option

    BiMart out here in the NW has these for around $6.00 I just screwed it to the plate next to the e-brake with a sheetrock screw. works like a charm.
  4. Hey all - So Betsy the War Wagon let me down yesterday. I got it home yesterday in a car trailer, but I can't get it to turn over at all. I've got good battery power to everything else, and I do hear a "click, click, click" when I attempt to turn over the engine with the key. I'm just looking for a little diagnostic help. Here's what I've checked so far: - Replaced the battery ( it was in need of one anyway ) - Checked the ignition. Everything moves inside and there is no wear in the plastic parts on inside. - Checked the cap and rotor: they look clean... I don't know what else to check there. - attempted to jump the starter with the battery as per other threads. Got nothing- not even an attempt to turn... - The "clicking" becomes slower like there is a drag on the battery when the clutch is engaged while trying to start it, so I don't believe it's in the clutch cut out. _______________________________________________________________ Anyone have any other ideas besides the starter? Maybe the coil? Maybe some other connection somewhere? Bad ground? I'm not much of a mechanic so anything helps... Thanks in advance. Naeg.
  5. 1982gl4, I had a '82 in high school too! (Way back in '91...)
  6. Replaced my muffler last week. Going to get new tires and a set of Jackman's tomorrow.
  7. We've all more than likely broken a window or had something come loose while 4x4ing or just on a long road trip. Here's something I started carrying in my emergency kit a couple years ago: It's vinyl for a cutter/plotter used in making decals. A little history- I purchased a vinyl cutter a couple years ago to make signs/decals. With that came the need for vinyl material to cut. In essence this is vinyl that is about 2.5 MM thick with an adhesive backing that is alcohol fast. After cutting some stickers and such, I started thinking about what else could be done with this huge adhesive plastic film. Now I'm using it all over the place. What it is- This is a outdoor quality vinyl that can last up to seven years outdoors. It's tough and can take a fare amount of abuse and will stick like crazy until you want to take it off. the only negative is that it does not take heat well. the other caveat is that it needs to be stuck to a clean dry surface. Due to the amount of adhesion, this stuff could seriously hold on a body panel if called to. It's like having a big, solid sheet of duct tape. Usually a 1'x2' piece can fix most stuff on the road. It comes in a variety of sizes and usually on rolls or 10 yards by "x" inches. The 24" wide stuff that I use will cost about $2.25 US per yard, so that's less than .40 cents a square foot if you buy it by the yard. It also comes in an amazing array of colors so there should be one to match your rig. I've used Oracal 651 for most of my actual decal projects, but there are other cheaper brands. Oracal also makes some higher end vinyl that has much more stretch to it if you need that type of application. This could also be used for interior repair jobs on things like door cards or torn vinyl to a certain extent. If you check around locally, you should be able to find a sign shop that would even give you some scraps as long as your not picky on color.
  8. Here's me, between calls. The tall kid on my far right is my son.
  9. Naegling

    My *new* (old) shop toy.

    That thing is great looking! We recently sold one ( I don't know if it was the same model ) in an auction at my work for around $500... I don't know a thing about machining, but I was still tempted to bid.
  10. I would love the heater resistor!


    As for the struts, I think I steered you wrong, I'm looking for the two hydraulic arms that lift the rear gate. My bad on using the wrong terminology... sorry about that.


    Would $30 be alright for all of it? I'll be happy to go higher if you need more.


    Thanks again.

  11. The hood needs re-shot with clear coat as it's peeling... but that's a minor thing to me. Needs a new muffler and the bumper straightened/raised (I figure I'll do it with the extrication tool at work... lol). I need a fan resistor too as only 3 and 4 work right now. The interior is in pretty good shape for being a 20 year old 4x4 from the NW... I imagine its been rode hard and put away wet a few times. The back seat has a couple crayons ground in, and the front's are pretty dirty, but I think it adds to the character... Other than that, its in very good shape. Oh, the drivers seat belt is pretty frayed in one spot but still very functional, I'll be replacing that soon. I'll see if I can get some pics up. Here's a couple more of the exterior. http://picasaweb.google.com/Naegling/NewStuff#
  12. The heater fan resistor only has 2, 3, and 4, no 1 setting. I never used the 1 and never had a problem. If you want the resistor, just pay for shipping, it's yours.


    The struts are still there for sure. The shocks were ok for me, but they might be the original ones on the car, I am not sure. The PO didn't mention replacing the shocks. I did not notice anything funny while I had the car, it drove just fine, not rough at all. BUT, the passenger side did take a beating in the accident, so I can't guarantee it to work.


    But all of this might be moot, as I don't know if my shocks will work for your car. I am not sure if ea82 (my Loyale) shocks can swap for ea81 (your hatch). That might be an issue... I will look into it here in a bit and get back to you.


    Edit: Is the "hatch" you refer to the car in your avatar? If so, then yes, my shocks should work fine for you.

  13. Hi there - I need some new struts for my hatch, and a heater fan resistor. Any chance you still have those?

  14. Hi all - I just purchased a 90 Loyale from BratClay thanks to this great site! He did an excellent job dropping a newer tranny in for me and a new clutch. She needs a new exhaust, but even as wrench-challenged as I am, I think I can figure that out. I was driving a nice newer Ford Escape but the thing had NO soul. Electric Everything was getting on my nerves. My '90 Loyale is just what I wanted and we should have a lot of years and fun together! As for my family - My wife knew before marrying me that a 1982 DL wagon was my first car and knew I always wanted another one. My son (10) thinks it's the coolest car ever, and my daughter (7) is ashamed to be picked up from school in it (just like I wanted- knock the entitlement syndrome down a bit...). Kait, (my daughter) didn't even know what a manual window crank was... :confused:Kids these days.