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  1. There is a guy in Denver that rebuilds axles. "www.retroroo.com" talk to Shawn These guys have real good rep http://www.cvaxles.com Good luck...
  2. Dude just pull the engine and do it all in one day. Ive had mine out twice now, the second time had it on the ground in 30 minutes. You don't even need a engine hoist, just grab a buddy and you both can pull it out of there easily. You might want to do some other work to it while its on the ground but dude really you can get this done on a saturday easily. Power wash it and engine bay while its out too! If you lived nearby Id give you a hand....
  3. Does anyone know what can be used to replace my car door window seal? I heard that VW seal can be used but not sure and haven't been able to find a source on the good ole internet. Thanks guys...pete
  4. Looking for a steering wheel for my gen1 wagon blue in color. The wheel itself is ok but the white piece that holds the rubber center which you push to honk horn totally rotted away. Thanks guys...pete
  5. Just bought mine at Carquest for $145 for the front axles out the door. Fit great, full warranty as well...
  6. Does it require certain refrigerant? Would I be able to get it charged? Could be interested if so....
  7. I'm in US. Not sure what state it was originally purchased, but will go with that it came with one new. Thanks fella's....
  8. Does anyone know if back in 1986 a new GL would have come with a catalytic converter on it? I have a guy looking to buy mine but he has emissions he has to pass and he asked me if it came with it. I don't know for sure. Hoping one of you guys might know. Thanks fella's....pete
  9. Hey guys, i have a 86 EA82 that had all the smog stuff removed before I got it. The carb that was on the car was from a Nissan and was junk so I replaced it with a Weber. Emissions testing isn't required where I live but I have the car for sale and there is a person interested in it but lives in Albuquerque where emission stetting is required. Does anyone have an idea if it will pass an emissions test? It doesn't have a cat either. Thanks for the help fella's...
  10. Ok fella's, after several days of looking I finally found my problem. It ended up being a fuel injector(s). Not sure which one it was but I changed out the fuel rail and both injectors on #2 & #4 cylinders (left side). #4 is the cylinder that had the burnt valve so I suspected that injector but changing out the rail with both injectors in it I'm not positive. #2 injector wasn't even the right one (it was black) which makes that one suspect as well. Regardless the miss is gone! After injectors where changed I rechecked my vacuum. Its still low but did improve. Went from 13" to 15". Still 5" away from 20" but will keep looking. I plan on removing intake and installing new gaskets at a later time when I have a free weekend. When I do I will look for possible leaks while its off. Anyway stoked that the miss is gone.....ya baby!
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