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  1. garrettG

    So. California EA82 Wheeler

    i would have never in a million years thought to use the new gen mcpherson strut on an older subaru... bravo! we need to trail ride soon!! so stoked that thing is riding smooth now... it used to be a tractor;) haha -Garrett
  2. garrettG

    So. California EA82 Wheeler

    You're stoked on that winch! Are you gonna put nylon cord to lighten it a bit? -Garrett
  3. Yeah get the plastic welding kit from harbor freight. It works just fine:)
  4. Well you would obviously have to take measurements before purchasing to insure figment. I more mean that that style of stiffner should work. As for stiffer non lifting springs talk to Paul at Primitive. He sells king springs and can get stock height king HD springs which are roughly 30% stiffer than stock. -garrett
  5. http://www.pinespsm.com/m/product.htm?id=9612582 Found those on google... Should work^ -garrett
  6. What's going on with this?? Was one ever completed? -garrett
  7. garrettG

    So. California EA82 Wheeler

    Woohoo! Stoked to see it getting finished up
  8. garrettG

    7" lift with reinforced subframe

    Looks mean! Do you have any pictures of how you reinforced the subframe? -garrett
  9. garrettG

    Oh Man, i think im gonna keep it (84 BRAT)

    Great find! I'm excited to see what you do with it:)
  10. garrettG

    So. California EA82 Wheeler

    this is sad news for the forester:( i hope its something simple and not in need of a new long block!! -garrett
  11. garrettG

    SJR Full time

    Your box is ful.
  12. garrettG

    SJR Full time

    Hey Scott, I have a 2001 subaru forester with an EJ dual range transmission AWD 4.11final drive (possibly upgrading to 4.44's) I am planning on purchasing hotbits forester specific coilovers and I would like to run a 2.5 inch body lift and 3.5inch strut top lift. I will be running 29 or 30 inch BFG al terrains. -Garrett
  13. garrettG

    SJR Full time

    I could use a 2.5 to 3inch body lift, with 3.5-4inch strut top lift kit!! -Garrett
  14. garrettG

    So. California EA82 Wheeler

    I can't wait to see this monster done! And I'm sure you will have an insaine amount of articulation for a subaru... -garrett