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  1. kevinsUBARU

    Have a question about the Crosstrek? Ask an owner!

    For non-hybrid versions, are folks finding the highway mpg EPA estimates accurate?
  2. kevinsUBARU

    Hybrid Extreme Tire Wear

    You made it 20k on Subaru OEM Yokos? Stick a fork in 'em. That's normal...unless the wear is very uneven.
  3. I would give serious thought to one of those Outbacks before any of the Imprezas. The Tribeca would be at the way bottom of the list.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion Nipper. Yep, I had a 2001. It's life ended at 130K when an inexperienced driver made a sudden left across traffic, and I happened to be "traffic" at 40ish mph. Drum roll........head gaskets. But we've all been down this road a million times, and it seems like this is my second time. Nothing changes Got to start all over again....sigh...
  5. Hi all I've got myself a 2004 Outback these days. It seemingly has developed a small coolant leak, or perhaps has just gotten worse. I have owned the car for maybe two months tops, and I just topped off the coolant reservoir to the Full line. The drip seems to be coming from somewhere above the jack plate. It's kind of hard to see clearly what's going on up in there. Any ideas on what the source could be?
  6. Amen amen amen. Sir, I would like to subscribe to your newsletter.
  7. I took the one on my Legacy wagon off and put a Primitive Racing skid plate on. It's still a little clumsey, but it doesn't rip off in the winter:)
  8. I'm probably in the minority, but I kind of enjoy the rattle
  9. Nothing to add except that you may consider editing your post to include some paragraphs...more people may read it and offer constructive ideas/solutions to your questions. Take care, Kevin
  10. Nice! Here's one of the short videos I took of Ken Block a couple of weeks ago at Rally NY. http://s13.photobucket.com/albums/a261/catskillscooby/RallyNY0408/?action=view&current=MVI_5629.flv -Kevin
  11. Depending on year, the non-turbo wagon was known as both TS and RS. The non turbo sedan in has always been RS until recently.
  12. Nice pictures! We got about a foot up here in Kingston. It was perfect for snowshoeing today:banana: Oh yeah, and the driving was fun. -Kevin
  13. I was just asking for more info so someone else could help you. Is it an automatic? I had an Impreza automatic that had a similiar issue. Since it sounded like it was coming from the rear, I changed the rear differential fluid...problem still there. I changed the front on a whim, poof....sounds went away. Perhaps something (cheap) to at least try before you put it under the knife.
  14. I would be intereseted to hear why you think your rear differential needs to be replaced.