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  1. Hi all, I have a question. I am going back and forth on what I need to do a decent lift, low expense and not wear out other parts ridiculously fast. I have front and rear 3" strut spacers coming and wondered if there was more that I needed suspension wise. If so what size trailing arm spacers do I need for the rears. Regarding the front spacer lifts which are 3" as well, what do I need so things remain in alignment for the front? Thank you all for your help and guidance. Mookie
  2. Hello all, I am not sure how to check for the problem to determine what I have to do. While driving, the steering wheel jerks to the left sharply and there is a grinding and clicking noise. It has been getting progressively worse and I was wondering how to check it out and find out what it is. At first I was thinking it may be the brake caliper, then was thinking wheel bearing or CV Joint, but do not want to take the brakes apart if I need to be looking someplace else. Thanks for any help or suggestions. Mark