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  1. armedequation

    07 forester xt

    sorry i havent updated this. ive been recovering and working. car did amazing and is amazing! its everything i hoped for and more. engine performed flawlessly and car did great in some pretty horrid weather. idaho had ground level clouds that produced ice while wyoming had 70+ mph winds blowing drifts onto a highway that has an 80mph speed limit. 10 cars had gone off the road, 2 jack knifed semis, 1 semi that caught fire and a trailer that had flipped and disintegrated on impact. google maps has it as an 18.5 hour trip driving straight through and i was able to do it in 22 by myself. my first plan of action after i take on the dmv is to get a 2nd set of rims with some studded snows
  2. armedequation

    07 forester xt

    i got clued in by my lyft driver. guess when theres no wind that all the smog just hovers. got to meet Rick and his crew and they are a fantastic bunch. made me feel like family and to me theres not a better compliment. wish i had more time to spend with them. currently in la grange just by the idaho border. had to get gas, have a smoke and stretch the legs. car has been awesome and flys if i want it to. havent come up with a name for it yet. okay time to keep trucking.
  3. armedequation

    07 forester xt

    just touched down in portland. pretty packed flight. at least with the drive home everything will be how i want it. can someone explain what a stagnant air warning weather wise means?
  4. armedequation

    07 forester xt

    back from paint! GD says it looks amazing and i totally agree! less than 24 hours...so excited!
  5. armedequation

    Springs: moog 854 or 856?

    grizzly ~ im sure having the plow weight helps too. Loyale~ sorry i didnt respond before now. i havent been able to drive it much. i have to swap the rear diff before taking it out amd we have had huge snow storms lately. i dont have a garage and ive had a ton of firewood to work on so its kind of gone on the back burner. i also have to get some outer tie rod ends as well. it sucks because i wouldve loved to have taken it out in the 2+ foot snowstorm we had..
  6. armedequation

    07 forester xt

    Bennie i keep having these wierd dreams about going really fast with my hair on fire. i hope i get better sleep the next 2 nights as im gonna try to go straight back. if nothing else get a few hours of sleep at a truck stop or rest area. im gonna try not to do the return trip cannonball run style which might be hard lol. speaking of that i guess the record was just broken last month. guys went from ny city to california in just over 27 hours. their top speed was 193 and averaged 103. i definitely want to keep my license lol
  7. armedequation

    07 forester xt

    a little update: GD said dyno went well and car is dialed in after 3 pulls on the dyno. numbers are 352hp, 369tq with room to grow! it at the body shop for paint and should be ready thursday. Cant begin to tell you how easy GD has made this. i have no apprehension about getting in this car and driving it 18 hours home i confirmed my flight for friday, scheduled a lyft from pdx to his shop and got insurance for the forester. roughly 70 hours until "d" day! d being dream car day lol GD if you feel like adding anything feel free to do so!
  8. armedequation

    07 forester xt

    the week is finally here and the wait is finally under 100 hours lol. GD took some time to share some photos of the build. this morning is dyno time and then off to paint!
  9. armedequation

    Jimbo's 1988 GL 4wd. Edelbrock equipped!

    not so much the stiffness but i have 4 inch blocks so camber is off a little. i thought for sure with some weight and settling that they would be good but not so far. i havent cut them quite yet though. *rereading your post, i think youll be fine with 2 inch blocks.
  10. armedequation

    Jimbo's 1988 GL 4wd. Edelbrock equipped!

    looks good grizzly! i like the stripe and graphics just an fyi, i just did the spring upgrade on my 90 loyale and will be cutting them here soon. with 2 inch blocks you might be good. love the stiffness they give to the ride though, feels much better
  11. armedequation

    07 forester xt

    i totally forgot crutchfield. when i was stationed in dc, we would go to their store in charlottesville. thanks Lucky
  12. armedequation

    07 forester xt

    looks like i may be doing the trip solo. my wing man for the trip is a store manager for dollar general and it looks like they have to let the assistant manager go if you know what i mean which means he has to open and close im looking for suggestion on a good stereo head unit. im looking for a cd player with an auxilary jack. also debating on getting snow tires for the trip back to colorado. no idea what the weather will be like but we are supposedly getting around a foot of snow up here on tuesday... Lucky i cant tell you how crazy this is. i owe it to GD for this opportunity. if it wasnt for him i probably wouldnt have anything close to this kind of vehicle. its like im on an episode of overhaulin..
  13. armedequation

    07 forester xt

    a little update that GD gave me. car is having some paint done this weekend. next week the engine get dropped in , tuned and tested! Guess the headlights had moisture in them so they took care of that and are putting 2011 wrx heads on it. he was also able to get a rear spoiler for it! Just wanted to say that General Disorder has been awesome to work with. <------cant say this enough on a side note i kind of had a freak out moment. i got a 1 way ticket through frontier and the other night i got an email saying that the ticket had been changed. when i called i got a messege saying that it was a computer glitch, to check online and that call wait times were over 60 minutes. when i checked online everything was fine. I used to like flying when i was younger, now it just seems like a huge hassle countdown: roughly 312 hours give or take a few
  14. armedequation

    07 forester xt

    thanks guys! around 480 hours and counting lol its about an 18 or 19 hour trip...plenty of time to learn its nuances if its any consolation Mitch, we also have an 03 forester xs that has around 252k on it. car has treated us well
  15. armedequation

    Legacy II 2.2i, (BD) sedan, 1997

    looking good! definitely agree with Bennie, that color is awesome!