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  1. You don't have to be rich, you just have to be able to afford the monthly payments: like buying a house, except a house is going to appreciate over time.
  2. The situation was that oncoming traffic was backed up for a mile because of an accident There was a small break in the traffic where a side road intersected and the guy darted through it. I didn't see him until it was too late and I couldn't stop in time even though I swerved to miss him. I have no idea how long the guy had been waiting to get through the line of traffic to go in the direction I was going.. Had I been a few feet farther up the road he probably would have seen me and stopped in time to avoid the collision. Timing is everything. And, Crazyeights, I wish more EA82 Subaru owners felt the way you do so more vintage Subaru's would be for sale or in wrecking yards. If I can fix it I'm going to need a front left GL fender, headlight, turn signal and bumper with driving lights. I have a DL fender that will probably work and a radiator but the turn signals between the DL and GL are different. The car was picked up yesterday so I 'spect I won't hear anything for several days. I emailed the insurance company and asked why they didn't just send out an appeaser. Person said they just don't. Guess they're not local.
  3. Thanks for the responses. I've never been in this situation before. Haven't been in an auto accident in 62 years.What I am aware of is how insurance companies deal with people who lose their homes to fire and need to replace their appliances. They're told that the appliances were used/old and only given minimal compensation. The insurance company's minions are supposed to pick up my car sometime today. If they won't fix it I'll buy it back and work on it myself. AS far as a later model goes, one of the main reasons I've stuck with these vintage models is because I can work on them. The only thing I see in a later model is more electrical (computer, fuel injection) stuff that I can't work on and no better fuel mileage. If I had my druthers, I'd have an '84' with timing chain instead of those stinking belts. And lastly, I used to be able to go down to 'You Pull It'1 and have several old Subaru's to get parts from. No more. Just late '90's' and newer. Then there's the head gasket and cracked head problem with the 2.2 and 2.5 engines. What's a mother to do? Punt!
  4. I checked the bushing. Only a wiggles worth of play. The oil was about halfway down the stick and I topped it off . Tell me about this 3.9 /3.7 ratio and is there a way to tell them apart. I've got 2 other duel range transmissions that I've pulled from other Subaru's. One is in my '87' and the other is in the barn. I'm not sure of the year's of the transmissions but the one in my '87' works fine. It came with the push button 4wd so no low range. That low range was saved my beutox on several occasions.
  5. I've done nothing with the transmission and there's only one clutch cable and it's on top under the spare tire,
  6. Interesting happenstance on my '86' 4wd wagon. Some times when I try to shift, it stops and won't go into gear. I'll stop at a stop sign or signal, shift into neutral, then try to shift into first but it doesn't just slide into gear. It just stops, like someone moved the hole. I have to go back to neutral and fiddle around with it before it will go into gear. Same thing happens in second gear. And it's not consistent. On some shifting sequences it works fine but about every other time, I now have this problem. The other thing I think I noticed is that when just sitting, car not running, I can shift into any gear with no resistance. Normally it's not uncommon for me to have to shift into a different gear first before I can shift into the gear I want ( lining gears up). I'll pull into the garage in first but sometimes have to shift around to line up a gear to shift into reverse. Seems that's not happening now. The dash cluster shows 140.000 miles so seems a bit soon to have transmission problems. I've never experienced this in my other Subaru's. I haven't taken anything apart yet. Thought I'd run it by you first.
  7. I'm assuming you have a spring compressor to take the strut apart and didn't just remove the nut and let everything fly. It was a process getting the spring compressor on but my rattle gun sped it up.
  8. I used a spring compressor to compress the spring enough to get the strut mount on and as many turns of the nut that I could get by hand to hold everything together. The strut rod is fixed to the bottom of the strut, so holding the bottom of the strut I snugged the nut with a deep socket and then took off the strut compressor. Once the strut is mounted top and bottom you can torque the strut nut . That's how I did my rig.
  9. My suggestion: If you have a NAPA or other parts place near you, ask them. If you can take yous off and take them to the parts store to compare them to what they have, that would be the best because some are side specific like mine and some aren't. But don't just buy them off Ebay just because the seller's compatibility chart says they'll work. I bought a set of front axles that way because the seller's compatibility showed they would fit my '87' DL. Now I have a set of 25 spline axles that don't fit because my axles are 23 splines and it was too expensive to ship them back. The (233023 and 233022) are fwd and side specific and worked on my 4wd. It rides a bit lower. Inconsequential. So to be specific, I don't know for sure if these struts will work on your Brat but I can give you a hell of a good deal on a set of 25 spline axles if you happen to have a rig that they'll fir..........
  10. Looking online for compatibility, one seller indicated that the Dorman #W37418 was not compatible for my rig. I called and talked to a Dorman rep and he assured me that these are the proper replacement rear wheel cylinders for my 4wd wagon. I took a chance and bought 2 online. They are 3/4" bore and are not side specific One of the things I noticed when looking at pictures online was that some had 2 studs and nuts to hold the cylinder to the backing plate while others had 2 bolts. I crawled under my rig and found that mine has 2 bolts. So there's still the question as to whether the cylinders with the 2 studs and nuts would work as long as it had the 3/4"' bore and wasn't side specific since they otherwise look the same, at least in the pictures. So next week when it warms up around here I'll take thing apart.
  11. I need to replace the rear brake cylinders on my 1987 4wd wagon. Sounds like one or both are dragging. Can't find anything online that says specifically for 4wd wagon, only sedan. Will the sedan cylinders work? I hate to have to take it apart to get a part number until I have the right cylinders to replace them with.
  12. This is on ebay; $50 Beck Arnley 180-0247 Distributor Ignition Pickup & Module The others on ebay are nearly $300 and up. Makes me think that there's a difference that I didn't recognize. For the price of the ignition module, I think I'll be looking for the Hitachi distributors. Don't know for sure what the specs are. Think it was 2.01ohms for the primary and 8-12 for the secondary. Think I read somewhere in the forums that the fwd rigs had Nippon- Denso distributors and the 4wd rigs had Hitachi distributors. I've got three 4wd's, an '86' and two '87's' and they all have Nippon- Denso distributors. ferp420, tell me more about the msd ignition system. Also, don't think I ever got a response on how to upload pictures to my threads. I tried 'drag and drop' and got a message saying, '2mb max'. That was with only one pic. I've seen multiple pics on threads. What am I doing wrong?
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