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  1. I'm getting so excited! this is going to be such an epic weekend! we should do a photo shoot at Fort Worden!
  2. wagonryan

    NWWO @ WCSS ?

    I think everyone in Skagit will be taking the Port Townsend ferry. It would be awesome to meet up in town and all roll in together!
  3. wagonryan

    Lifted Imp: The Swag Wag

    Made more progress on the car again today! I love when I have time to fiddle around in the garage. not too often does that happen anymore. as stated in the last post Ive been working on some projects to get the car road worthy again for WCSS16 and perhaps the BIG NW meet in Portland the week before. one of the things im most excited about.. started with a stock L bumper, cut between the bumper lights and the silly vents and made my own RS-esque bumper relocated the turn signals into the corner lights some new lights, hood (ebay specials) grill (hella 500 ff) and in the bumper I have 8" procomp lights. bright as spoob. Im not going to be running all of them at the same time, its 630 watts altogether lol and the bumper reinstalled.. notice the 22b replica vents.. (not the best fitment but man I love the look of them) took the 235's off. there was just no way they would fit without running spacers. plus I have a set of 27" grabbers that aren't being used. and the last fun bit for now going to get a new exhaust, tuck it up high and have this welded on the end. in other news, I need a new radiator. Need to fix my rear diff (I think its just the c-clips but if its not I need to get a new unit) I have a month and a half before the show so I have plenty of time to get everything figured out and ready to romp!
  4. wagonryan

    The many adventures of Fern the impreza.

    youre not getting rid of fern! every time you get close you will back out just like I have.
  5. wagonryan

    Lifted Imp: The Swag Wag

    Sorry for the late response but it was out of a manual first gen legacy. I took the lift off my car and just have forester struts on it now. Reinstalled the sway bars, going a new direction with it. Instead of a wheeler it's gonna be an adventure mobile. Still haven't driven it since but I'm getting close. I've even working on some projects getting it ready for wcss16 it's coming in so hot!!
  6. wagonryan

    The Pale Horse

    is that brownish?!? the world needs more brown imprezas lol right on nice rigs
  7. wagonryan

    lift and tire size combo pics...

    Sorry for not really adding anything to the thread but I got a offset/back spacing question for y'all. I just took my SJR lift kit off and am just on forester struts and I still have my 235s on. They stick out way to far for my liking. Wondering if anyone knows what a good backspacing would be for a little bit of poke. Right now over half the tire is past the fender. My wheel specs are 15 x7 3.75 backspace with 1" adapters. I want at most 1 inch of poke. There are some options on summit racing I just don't what what backspace to get
  8. wagonryan


    I haven't done much wheeling in my soob yet, but after the walker run I have to say I think if money was no object I would stick with a soob. they are so nimble as opposed to watching a yota do a 20 point turn to turn around. I am aware they aren't as capable at rock crawling and stuff but i'm not really interested in that anyway. I want a trail car that can do good in tight trails and can also do more overland stuff - like extended gravel road driving. I would probably put a solid rear axle on it and get a bunch of recovery gear and tube bumpers front and rear, onboard air, and camping gear like a roof top tent and all that.. I would want to make stronger control arms and beef up the lift kit and Ive heard about these axles that are pretty pricy and can run at pretty extreme angles. That's my goal now, it might change more as I wheel and see more issues with my platform
  9. wagonryan

    Nick's 94 Loyale build

    looks bad rump roast man!
  10. wagonryan

    NWWO Run 04/26

    These are what I've got, nothing too special. Had a ton of fun, lots of carnage haha. broke an axle/hub bearings getting back across the gate haha
  11. That looks like a ton of fun!
  12. wagonryan

    NWWO Run 04/26

    Drink millions of water. You're at the tail end of the flu!
  13. wagonryan

    Running a 235/75/R15 on a 98 OBS

    Yeah short answer is you can get them to fit. As previously stated monstaru did it with forester struts and a 2inch lift and apt of fender trimming and I did it with a 6" lift. Realistically you will probably want to at least do a 4" body lift
  14. wagonryan

    8" SJR lift for EA82 one only

    yeah I bought my lift for 600 used guys! don't low ball
  15. wagonryan

    NWWO Run 04/26

    Im so stoked guys! I keep watching all the NWWO vids on youtube. I just have a few little things to get done before next week. I finally made a skid plate!