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  1. czny

    LED light bars

    Almost two years later and people are still adding to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hilp25Yfwj8 Think we're getting off the off-road lighting theme & dwelling on bad on-road driving manners. I've been blinded by inconsiderate oncoming vehicles too. Morons playing their "music" cranked up too loud driving past my house while I'm trying to sleep in So Cal was/is a huge pissoff for me. So are the fart-can exhaust systems. Hope they go deaf at an early age. Yet another good reason to live in a quiet rural area.
  2. +1. Had to replace sender on my 87 GL a few yrs ago for same reason.
  3. czny

    LED light bars

    Fellow drivers aren't the only thing in the roadways at twilight dawn or dusk nor late at night. I have had a couple near misses with bighorn sheep, elk & deer up in Troy MT area that made up my mind to add a light bar. Needed it driving thru ID along hwy 28 from Salmon ID to I-15. Pronghorn like to cross in herds there. BTW, LED light bar on my roof is curved to illuminate road sides. Road sides where the unexpected animals are. One elk cow is enough to cream a little Subie let alone a full size truck. 3 of 'em last time that happened. Added air horns too. Need those more often to get cell phone obsessed idiots to pull their heads out of their a$$es. Converted my 87 GL to 4 headlights some time ago. At first outers were 8000K HIDs but that didn't last long in So Cal with CHPs. Changed to LED outers but these are a single horizontal row of LEDs top with 2 LEDS more lit in center vertical on low beam. Made sure to aim them lower. Inner pair are halogen tied together with my halogen fog lights just below bumper, on a separate dash switch, an OEM foglight switch. I can drive at night with just halogens this way.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mk7VWcuVOf0
  5. czny

    LED light bars

    Just don't drive in front of me after I get the 80 W CO2 laser installed...12 kV power supply functions as antitheft deterrent too
  6. czny

    EJ Goals for 2019

  7. czny

    1982 Brat Wheeler Build

    alexbuoy, You mentioned you wanted to mount your Toyota 31 inch tires on your Brat while I was there Saturday. You may want to rethink going that tall a tire because you've already snapped one rear axle stub with smaller tires. Larger the tire the higher the reverse torque has to be overcome when you land after getting airborne. Of course if you air down to 10-15 psi it could help alot. Just a suggestion. czny
  8. https://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/46877-front-diff-interchangeability-the-true-answer/
  9. sales@clipsandfasteners.com 714-666-2959 3158 E. La Palma Ave Anaheim, CA 92806
  10. Was it oxy-hydrogen plasma spray they used for buildup? Or electron beam deposition? Inquired about this 2nd method locally 2 yrs ago but they stated they wouldn't do it because of DOT regs & insurance liabilities. If for an off-road vehicle they might have done the work, only maybe tho.
  11. czny

    03 outback rear suspension on EA81 - T-bone 2.0

    Nice score on those spaz cutters Dan. Where's your shield cup for the torch? Get a moisture filter for your air supply if you don't have one already.
  12. czny

    Coolant Loss 88 GL

    That coolant leak also poisons the cat converter & O2 sensor later on causing emission testing failures. I know that one from experience.
  13. That's fine Bennie. Nissan 720 4x4 PUs had 3.90, 4.11 & 4.37 ratios. 1984-88 Nissan 200SX had 4.11s. Was lucky to find one locally. Ring gear bolts are 10 mm in these early R180s so 12 mm bushings are needed to adapt to 2005 wrx sti LSDs. Check out hybridz forum. Edit: IIRC '82-'85 Nissan Maxima may have had R180 diff also
  14. czny

    87 gl 4x4 no spark

    If this is an SPFI EA82, did you remember to put the screw back in the rotor? Check the button in center of disty cap sticks out some & has spring to it so it contacts center of rotor.
  15. Working on a couple others again first. Then to the GL EJ swap. May think about later on rear suspension swap similar to your project in Off Road. But with a R180 4.11 diff & 2005 WRX STi LSD, axles & hubs. Likewise front suspension improvements too.