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  1. Looked at RA but not listed. Brake caliper O/H kits are listed w/such mfrs as Raybestos, EIS, Bendix & Carlson. Ford Courier, Mazda B1800 & B2000, Subaru DL use same caliper kits as 1982 Brat. Might be a cross-over PN in there somewhere. Carlson comes up NLA for guide pin kits. Happy hunting!
  2. czny

    5 Powerless fuses

    Could be the stakes holding the ign sw insulator together have come undone. IF your 82 switch is built similarly then it could be an easy fix. Daub a little JB weld in 3 places around the outside when you get done re-staking the shell on so it doesn't happen again. Had the same thing happen to me in my 87 GL. Shoot some contact cleaner in the switch too. See here: https://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/167527-no-power-to-the-ignition/
  3. czny

    Ea82 stock spring height.

    More reading with coil & wire diameters, lengths, etc https://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/160035-ea81-strut-springs-difinitive-answer/
  4. czny

    Ea82 stock spring height.

    IIRC Nissan Sentra about 88 yr are close to right OD & relaxed 14 inch length to give a boost in ride height too. Although one more coil will limit travel a little. Those cc222 & 225 springs are all wrong - I mis-remembered.
  5. czny

    Ea82 stock spring height.

    Sandpoint ain't that far from Troy MT. You might read here too: https://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/106807-improved-shock-absorbers-and-spring-coils-on-loyales/ https://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/119031-suspension-questions/ Can't remember what the latest Moog spring I tried was but I think it was either a CC222 or CC225. I'll have to search some for that info.
  6. czny

    Ea82 stock spring height.

    From bottom edge of top hat to bottom edge of strut spring perch is 7 inches on my 87 GL. These are Monroe 4WD EA82 struts. Springs are Moog and I don't recall the part number. Here's the list in pdf. moog-spring.pdf
  7. https://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/150805-ea82-front-struts-fit-ea81/ I have a L & R pair of good used KYB FWD ea82 struts complete with springs & mounts you can have for price of shipping. I cut the brake line tab to make removal easier - just bend it back. PM your address & I would prefer PayPal if you have an account. (Lower 48 US states only - in case someone here asks.)
  8. czny

    LED shop lighting

    Yeah, higher the lumens the higher the price too. "Diamond plate" shop lights of advertised 10k lumen 4 footers: https://www.ruralking.com/4-led-shop-light-10-000l-chrome?utm_medium=email&utm_source=2018-10-07+Whats+Hot&utm_campaign=27100044&utm_contnet=27100044&_bta_tid=32259870115476410414092769077956769598026446718742119450761235058598424239696786977331067106111512431209 And advertised 4500 lumen 4 footers: https://www.ruralking.com/4-led-shop-light-4500-lumens?utm_medium=email&utm_source=2018-10-07+Whats+Hot&utm_campaign=27100023&utm_contnet=27100023&_bta_tid=00379131375476410414092769077956769598026446718742119450761235058598424239697096462340888451180237212265 I'm betting I'll still need drop lights for under carriage work with these aging eyes. Ha ha!
  9. czny

    LED shop lighting

    Some comparative figures for you https://greatercea.org/lightbulb-efficiency-comparison-chart/
  10. czny

    LED shop lighting

    It'll be a couple weeks before I can try them out. I'll try to get before & after pics - if I still remember to.
  11. czny

    LED shop lighting

    Needed some better lighting for my new garage. As it yet only has 4 overhead screw-in lamps, opted to upgrade to these: https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200679033_200679033?cm_mmc=Housefile-_-RECEIVED-_-707-_-CONF
  12. Drum brakes should always be adjusted first before bleeding, as I surmise you just found out. Adjust & try again Dee. Tighten until they're locked up then back off until they drag lightly. By the time you get done here you'll qualify for your NIASE patch on your service jacket....
  13. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000MXW2EM/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 While you may not be seeing air when you get back to each wheel, air could be rising up the bleeder hose & remain trapped in caliper/whl cyl on last up stroke of brake pedal.
  14. You did use a check valve type brake bleeder at the wheels, right? Try bleeding the MC this way then..with all MC lines tight but no too tight, crack one front line loose at the MC then allow it to gravity bleed until fluid is dripping. Then tighten that line. Go to one rear line, crack it loose at the MC & allow it to gravity bleed until it is dripping. Tighten all MC lines. Now go to each wheel in criss-cross pattern & bleed them. Do all your bleeding with the engine off - no booster so you can get a solid feeling pedal first. You must have a solid pedal with no vacuum boost first or its pointless. Other things to check: Pull down your lower kick panels & check out the clevis pin in brake pedal lever & the brake rod. Look for loose/worn parts. While you've got the dash panel down check out firewall to see if fluid had leaked down inside the cabin.
  15. czny

    1982 FSM SCAN (anyone need?)

    Worked for me. Used the free download with sign in. No problem. Some pics of your left thumb too And thank you for doing this.