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  1. Same here. Owned one made in USA for yrs. & that one is smaller OD at the grip end + all steel. General Tool makes a nifty LED lighted one for about $20, but that one definitely has too large a grip head for the lower tube.
  2. Or save some time fabbing the tool & buy one of these instead: https://www.lowes.com/pd/CRAFTSMAN-Automotive-Pickup-Tool/1000594933?cm_mmc=shp-_-c-_-prd-_-tol-_-google-_-lia-_-218-_-mechanicstools-_-1000594933-_-0&store_code=1170&placeholder=null&gclid=Cj0KCQiAxfzvBRCZARIsAGA7YMzbI005sCzA9gg6PLtVtD81hwwD4pCsFHjBM6vpuE5ASvF3fhdF2EsaAhVQEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds Useful around the home too!
  3. Made in Japan Nachi 7207 brgs: https://www.ebay.com/itm/7207-Nachi-Angular-Contact-Bearing-Made-in-Japan/360246769483?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  4. czny

    EA81 rear sway bar

    Wasn't certain they'd fit your EA81 & if no one wants them, I'll strip them of brgs & hardware then scrap them. Here's another pic to help your bracket fab before they go.
  5. czny

    EA81 rear sway bar

    At least imageshack isn't doing that crap. Too bad you're so far away Steptoe, other wise I'd sell you these for really cheap. '85-86 EA GL-10 arms. Wonder if ParcelMonkey delivers to your area? Edit: EMS Parcel Post is $175 for 30 lbs Nevermind...
  6. czny

    '87 GL 4WD wagon-czny

    Also did the green LED illumination in the cluster thing. Much better at night. Some light bleeding into RH turn signal arrow - I'll get to that later when I have the dash apart again.
  7. czny

    '87 GL 4WD wagon-czny

    Been a long time. Had to replace speedo head in the cluster as oil from the trans moved up the speedo cable & into the drive & driven speedo cups. Erratic speed reading & always when most inconvenient, of course. It's talked about here: https://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/93332-speedometer-intermittantly-goes-crazy/ Pulled speedo cable, flushed out inside & cable with brake cleaner then blew out with air. Ordered a new cable, Pioneer # CA-3108 & they're available from Summit, 48.75 " length so that will accommodate higher lifts . My original cable worked just fine with 4 inch lift. Brother P-Touch mileage labels to satisfy my insurance Co when comes time to renew. Cleaned the heater fan switch contacts & greased them with electronics anti-oxidizer grease. Inside stationary contacts were green with oxides. No fan action at all. Also deleted the 60k mile EGR switch while I had the cluster apart. Frankenmotor to be installed has no EGR. Why have another light to worry about? Right turn arrow in cluster points at EGR trip switch. 2 screws & its gone. EGR trip switch below...another Cacafornia smog relic, https://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/79307-egr-light/ Decision to replace the whole speedo head was because of cracked drive gear in head input. Might affect odometer readings if it shattered, eh? Use electronics contact cleaner only - white body is styrene plastic & melts if you use anything else.
  8. czny

    03 outback rear suspension on EA81 - T-bone 2.0

    This came back to bite you eh? " #1) upon test assembly of the trans, it seems there is something amiss in the way either 1st or 2nd gear sets mesh. Something in the profile of the teeth, not any visible diffeerence though. It's a mismatch set. This is why you should never mismatch gearsets. There is a rythmic roughness felt when input shaft is turned. I disassembled, counted teeth, measured gear diameters, all seems to match up. Donor shaft came from an identical D/R 3.9 4wd 5-spd. IDK, It's my on;y option for now. I went ahead and put it together, and I will run it for a bit to test the suspension, and I'll prepared another good D/R for when this one inevitablely craps out. " Was going to build a D/R trans for myself so now I know not to mix gearsets. Although not a happy outcome, thanks for sharing this.
  9. czny

    03 outback rear suspension on EA81 - T-bone 2.0

    Yeah, think that those EMPI axles work best within the normal angles of an un-lifted Subie. But the inner races are not the best steels nor hardened well against wear. Maybe my one EMPI is just "finding its groove". Maybe your axles will too. Had a pic on here of high angle wear on those but Fotosuckit sucked the air out of that room.
  10. czny

    Oil on the hood

    If it has power steering it could be shaft seal leaking in the pump. And/or the pressure side fitting on the pump is loose & leaking. Had each of those happen. Oil on underside of the hood each time. Like others have implied, you'll constantly be fixing things as they fail. Parts are becoming scarce.
  11. czny

    03 outback rear suspension on EA81 - T-bone 2.0

    What did you do about the nasty front end vibrations? Change back to your modded inner DOJs? Or was that the rear tires rubbing?
  12. My guess would be WWII pill boxes for coastal defense.
  13. czny

    03 outback rear suspension on EA81 - T-bone 2.0

    I'm been running an EMPI front axle on pass side of my GL wagon for 2 yrs, one that I had re-booted already because boot cooked & tore above the cat conv. I think I reversed the inner race for more reach inside the cup. It vibrates some still but not as bad as when new. Adding to X-member with a 1 inch spacer under 3 inch lift block helped CV angles too. 4 inch lift kit plus 1 inch spacer to help angles. Still carry a rebooted OEM axle on long trips though. Like from LA to Tucson & back for 1 k miles last weekend.
  14. czny

    86 Loyale fun wagon

    P40 warhawk tiger shark nose art....if the eyes were more forward. https://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=d3dpXffLNIrb-gTT0aqAAQ&q=WWII+tiger+shark+nose+art&oq=WWII+tiger+shark+nose+art&gs_l=img.3...87909.97825..99824...0.0..0.216.2210.24j0j1......0....1..gws-wiz-img.......35i39j0i30j0i67j0j0i8i30j0i24.dxRKKmOC7F0&ved=0ahUKEwi348LZqKvkAhWKrZ4KHdOoChAQ4dUDCAY&uact=5
  15. https://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/95237-how-do-i-mimic-a-vss/ Post a pic of back of your 88 GL cluster so we helpers can compare them.