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  1. I used to use a razor blade glass scraper for the easy stuff. Then 3m synthetic steel wool pads for the rest.
  2. The "coin thing" is a heat tab. If the engine reaches a certain temperature (~280F I think), the center falls out. We used these on our engines for years. Hell, it may even be one of our old rebuilds.
  3. NPR makes the rings for Subaru. They are truly OEM. The only difference from a dealer is the box and the 1000% markup.
  4. So sorry for your loss, Jes. As you know, I think of you and am concerned. Stay safe!
  5. Wow. You guys are still quoting me? How long ago was that?
  6. I decided to go with Phillips H11 upgrade low beam headlight bulbs. I'm fairly happy with the high beams. Also, these come highly recommended. I really did consider HIDs, but these are 30% brighter and I think they'll do the trick. Plus, Amazon had them at a decent price point for a pair.
  7. Thanks everyone! (Didn't mean to start any arguments! ) My daughter and I are taking a road trip next month: Rapid City, SD to Monterey, CA. Through SD, WY, UT and NV there's a lot of empty highway...well, empty except for all those damn deer. I keep my headlight lenses "serviced" so that's not an issue. I'm just not impressed with the stock bulbs in my Forester. My last trip to Denver just confirmed that. I'm only doing the high beams. I don't like being blasted by those new HID lights either. But when it's the issue of me vs. the deer, bright is what I want. I also have to say that I'm sorry I don't check in here more often. Since we closed our shop in 2016 and I'm retired, I just don't get around like I used to. I also fault the 2 spine surgeries I had for that! But y'all are always in my thoughts. Best group of people ever!
  8. Yes, I know I asked this before. And somebody gave me an answer. And I can't find it. Sue me: I know engines, not headlights. What bulbs are good to upgrade mine (low beam) on my 2009 Forester Premium? Trying not to fry the electrical system here. Thanks in advance! (Oh, and hi, guys. Been around some, just not commenting. Hope everyone is well.) Emily
  9. Not only did we use to install this kit, we put one in My Dearly Departed SVX (sniff ). It makes the transmission shift more quickly and firmly: the "softer" shift is what wears on the internal parts so badly. So, yes...I highly recommend it. Emily
  10. Saw those pics from Jes on FB. Awesome light displays! As many of you know, CCR closed in late 2016, but I'm still hanging around. Hard to just leave a 21 year habit! Best of the holidays to everyone and a happy new year too! Emily
  11. If you check out Google, you will see thousands of posts for this same problem, most of them starting in 2009. My 09 Forester has the same thing on a reman'd. engine with less than 3,000 miles on it. I did replace the exhaust manifold and the upstream O2 sensor, but it needed those anyway. If you have a code reader, you can clear/turn the code off. It will stay off until you drive the car fairly hard, like 2nd gear uphill for about a mile. Nobody (especially not the dealers) really know what's going on. The engine runs great, the mileage is about 24mpg (pretty standard) and it's great except that I think the exhaust smells too strong. Note that during the rebuild it got new plugs, wires, etc. and the injectors are good. Meh. Every Subaru "generation" seems to have its own idiosyncrasy. It's part of their charm. Emily
  12. Agree with everything GD said. Frankly, the Justy was a POS. They were fun and economical while they lasted, but they didn't last very long. They had an annoying habit of throwing the #3 rod due to people treating them like the cheapo car they were and not changing oil as they should have, or letting it get low. The last time we did a Justy engine (for someone who was a friend and colleague), we found the parts to be expensive and dealer-only availability IF they could even get them. Nothing on this car changes over from any other model Subaru. Seriously, just walk away. That $5-600 is going to become a few thousand real quick. Emily
  13. I bought a cheap Autel off Amazon. It's just for reading codes (and clearing them). I can get what the codes are off my computer. It works for me on my 2009 Forester.
  14. Super Rupair. Ask for Trent (only!) and tell him Emily sent you. He'll know who you mean right away. 303-442-6508. Biggest independent Subaru repair shop in the area. They aren't cheap, but they do know their Subarus. Boulder maintains the main roads very well. Anywhere in CO, side roads are an afterthought. Emily
  15. ccrinc

    Delta cam guys

    No, We may have a few laying around though. Automatic or manual?