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  1. Carl B.

    DIY wheels spacers, Free!

    Yeah longer studs are available. I wanted to put those warnings in there so some fool doesn't do this and loose a wheel and kill someone. The SAE recommends you have a minimum thread engagement of the diameter of the wheel stud. So on most Subies thats 12mm.
  2. 1991 Loyale Wagon 4WD EJ swap push button trans ~3" lift 235/75r15 on Forester steel wheels and more ground clearance than most trucks. "Trailhawk" stripe on the hood
  3. Carl B.

    DIY wheels spacers, Free!

    Here is a cheap and easy way to gain clearance for wider tires on your Subie. These come out to about 8mm (5/16"). As with any wheel spacer only use them if you have long enough wheel studs to safely mount your wheels. Go to your local Subaru or import mechanic and ask for trashed brake rotors. You should be able to get them for free. Then cut out the front of the hub, clean up with a grinder, slide spacer on, and remount your wheels. *ONLY USE WHEEL SPACERS IF YOU HAVE LONG ENOUGH WHEEL STUDS*
  4. Finally finished my skid plate thats been sitting under my work bench for months. Its 2' wide and covers almost all the way back to the catalytic converter. Now I just need tires, thinking 27x8.5r14 or 235/75/15. Maybe more lift too.
  5. Made a cargo tray mat out of a large door mat from Home Depot. Its super tough, made of recycled tires, and only $20. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Apache-Mills-Black-60-in-x-36-in-Commercial-Recycled-Rubber-Outdoor-Mat-60-060-9501-30000500/100671756 I trimmed it down a little more since this pic so it sit flatter.
  6. I made a bumper out of 11ga 1.5" tubing last night. Its welded to the lower radiator core support and the frame rails, damned sturdy! I used a 2"x4" piece of 1/8" on the center mounts and the outer mounts are 11ga rectangle tubing bolted then welded where the stock bumper mounted.
  7. Best thing to carry, AAA card. For daily driving I also carry a small tool kit, first aid kit, jumper cables, and a tow strap. If I'm going camping or on a trip I bring a lot more depending on weather, geography, etc. As far as alternators and timing belts; those aren't things that just fail out of the blue (meaning if you have 100k+ miles on a timing belt you should expect to be replacing it soon). Nor are they the kind of things I'd want to fix in a parking lot or side of the road. I see no need to carry that kind of stuff when you can get towed home, order it from NAPA, and fix it in the relative comfort of you garage or drive way the next day.
  8. I've used www.engineshipping.com Shipped a complete but disassembled Harley Davidson about 660lbs for $300. In crate identical to the one pictured above which was about $40 for material.
  9. Carl B.

    couple issues with ej swap

    Hey I'm just trying to help. I read through all pages, and you have double checked everything you touched during the reseal. Also Gloyale has verified that your harness is good and your maf is bad. I would assume you fixed that already. Do you have a multimeter and a test light? My next step would be to test the crank sensor, cam sensor, and throttle sensor.
  10. Carl B.

    couple issues with ej swap

    It will start with no o2 but not run reasonably with out the front o2. It sounds to me like an issue with the front o2, causing the engine to run open loop, i.e. rich. In bratman18's case very rich if the oil is getting saturated with fuel.
  11. Carl B.

    couple issues with ej swap

    I had this exact problem when I first did my swap. It was the front o2 sensor harness. I tried a new o2 harness and it fixed the problem. This is obd2 correct? With the "big plug" o2?
  12. Tat2Brat, check out car-part.com there are 100s of listings for ej struts and springs at junkyards within 30 miles of tacoma.
  13. Good point wagonist, I had interference with the strut and strut tower when I tried lower more than about 2". If you want to go lower than that when 5 lugged I would recommend coilovers or sleeves.
  14. In my opinion me that doesn't sound like an accurate way to determine what spring you need. First I recommend you determine what ride height you want. Then get a strut that has compatible dimensions. After that you will need to get a spring that is about twice as long as the stroke of the strut you chose. Eibach has a very good calculator to help you find the ideal spring. http://eibach.com/america/en/motorsport/products/suspension-worksheet
  15. Ibreakstuff, I put aftermarket camber bolts in when I had the forester struts. I did the crossmember mod today and think that was the biggest help. Well it was a 14 hour day but I got it all sorted out. Did crossmember mod, wheel bearings, brake pads, two axle boots, urethane bushings front/rear. When I put it back together I maxed out the camber bolts and have approx. 2* negative camber. I need to get it in to an alignment shop this week. Also anyone interested in urethane bushing upgrade here is a thread that has some useful part numbers http://www.ultimatesubaru.org/forum/topic/127926-more-caster-and-camber/ Its a huge improvement, but measure the dimensions of your front control arm before ordering parts. The front control arm bushings on my 91 Loyale are the same size as the rear.