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  1. Exactly as the title states, Does anyone know if the Exhaust manifolds are the same part for the Legacy/Outback and Tribeca? I've put a 3.0L into my XT6 and I'm looking to source these parts, I just want to make sure that they are the same part to be sure that I don't have clearance issues or anything. Any advice? / does anyone have the parts I'm looking for for sale by any chance????
  2. Hey there! I'm looking for a set of front shocks for a 1968 Subaru 360! OR An equivalent or simple substitution that would work. Either way! Nate
  3. I'm swapping the EZ30R into an '88 xt6. I've replaced the transmission with a '97 JDM sti transmission. Basically, the mechanical swap is done, but at this point I still need to wire everything up, and throw an exhaust on it. 2007 seems to be pretty good year. I've already installed a Throttle-by-wire as well as a Hydraulic clutch, which replaced the cable actuated XT6 structure. From what I've understood, in 2008 the AVCS moved from using the speed sensor in the transmission, to using the ABS sensors or some garbage, so I should be good there too, although I don't know I will need to somehow modify a ez30r sensor, or if the stock (STI) sensor will provide the correct signal. I was considering this, but I really don't have any experience with this kind of modification...I would very much like to hear about options for altering ECU code. If I understood a bit better what I was looking for, I'm sure I could work it out. If I could, I would love to essentially remove all of the various functions except the basic engine tune, and then the AVCS application. Since the engine is going into an xt6 (which has it's own control modules for al of the various features and functions) the ECU only needs to run the engine, nothing else!
  4. So, I'm wondering about the potential of using a stock ECU for an engine swap. Does anyone know what would be required to use the stock ECU for a 2007 ez30r in a different vehicle? has anyone tried to swap this engine and had results with said stock ECU? I've heard that there might be a bunch of issues with regard to the fact that there wouldn't be a bunch of sensors that the ECU would expect to be present, but I'd REALLY love to save the $2200 that would be potentially spent on a aftermarket ECU (I'm considering the Haltech p2000 sport since it looks like it can run the AVCS programs) Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  5. Picked up a set of Un-used Hancook 409 I-Pikes for the upcoming winter driving. They're not the best, but I got 'em for like 400$ so W/E they'll do for a season at least. I plan to have winter tires on the stock rims, and then over this winter season I'm going to keep my eyes open for some nice 16" rims to throw some summers, or All seasons on.
  6. Engine is in place, and the last of the various parts are being connected as best as possible. Steps remaining: -Cutting out part of the hood sub-structure to allow room for the intake manifold (it's a bit too tall currently....) -Placement of alternator -Wiring/engine management -Exhaust -Rear drive shaft. And Drive! It's almost winter here, so I'm just going to leave the A/C system until the spring.
  7. Firstly, While they both have 2.5L boxer engines, they are actually different in certain ways. The forester engine outputs 170hp while the outback is rated at 173. I'm not sure exactly what causes this difference, but while this may seem minor, I'm sure that there is a well planned out reason, and that it does affect "things". Realistically fuel economy always comes down to how hard the vehicle has to work to get moving, and then keep itself moving. The 2014 forester has a different (while very similar) Lineartronic CVT automatic transmission, so my best guess at this would simply be that the system in the 2014 forester is just more efficient in that regard. Being that the CVT in the Outback was last updated (as far as I know) in 2012 (at least for Canadian vehicles) where-as the forester's current CVT is New for 2014, I would say that this stands to reason. Or at least I would hope that Subaru is always trying to improve it's overall efficiency.
  8. So, I'm upgrading my xt6. it's looking like I'm going to be adding about 100hp. I'm trying to keep the Air-ride system that came stock on the vehicle, so I'm splicing differential internals and such in an attempt to keep my stock axles and such. Now, I'm not a mechanic by any means, so I really don't know much about CV joints and differential internals. So I'm curious about the durability of CV joints when put under "above-stock" stress. Should it be as simple as replacing the CV joints with new OEM XT6 joints, re-booting them and then running them like that? Should I look at keeping the stock axles but using different CV joints? and then is this even an option? I know that the XT6 has virtually no after market support, so I know that whatever I look at doing would require a bit of research to make a custom application work, but once again, only if it's even an option. Now on to differentials. I've picked up internals for a 4.44 mechanical rear LSD but I didn't grab the Pumpkin for this differential as shipping would become atrocious, and also because I'm hoping to swap the internals into the casing that came stock on my '89 xt6 (it was a 3.9 factory LSD) this way I should still be able to use stock axles. Anyway, can anyone comment on the feasibility of such a swap? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  9. As we stand, the transmission, franken-pedals, and clutch parts are all sorted and installed, and the engine is waiting to be installed. A side note on the clutch setup, I was originally going to use a Hydro, pull-style clutch. BUT apparently there's no room for the Master cylinder/hydraulic pedals parts in the XT6 foot-well area. SO we ended up building a pull-style, cable actuated system...we'll see how that goes... I've already discussed the exhaust setup with a place nearby which should run me ~ 1250$ but would include everything (including Cats) back from the exhaust header manifolds. I'm grabbing a set of SVX exhaust headers from a fellow on http://www.subaru-svx.net/forum/ it's interesting that the SVX and EZ30DR have the triple port system (Dunno if that's the right term, but I'm talking about the exhaust header design) while the EZ30D only has the single...I wonder why Subaru changed it for that particular engine. But for all who might read this, I'm in need of some Air-ride parts....the other fellow I was talking to about his parts hasn't gotten back to me in quite a while, and I'm going to need a computer and sensors at the VERY least, potentially struts...so if anyone has bits kicking around (I'm looking at you Gary) give me a shout! Oh, and I'm going to have to mount up that Kaminari spoiler as well.
  10. I'll get back to you on that =P car's at the shop.
  11. That transmission doesn't quite seem stock?? Alcyone party! (There was also a white svx, but it was hiding off in a corner.)
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