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  1. Michiru

    1984 Brat

    I tested the vaults on crank and it does get 12v. So I think my new pump is bad? same with the old? thinking about switching wire hookups and getting a different pump. I dono what it could be. Also anyone know where I can get a choke Coil and housing for the Hitachi carb?
  2. Bro!!! you should let me work out a deal with you!!!!! pm me.
  3. Michiru

    1984 Brat

    Lol I'm going to sound hella dumb now. Fuel pump control unit? What would the power for the pump be at crank?
  4. Michiru

    1984 Brat

    I don't know what fuse or relay is the fuel pump. How would I go about blowing out the lines? I just bought new filters with the pump and they are replaced. I believe there may be crap in the lines possible or something due to the first fuel filter removed had dirty fuel in it.
  5. Hello, where exactly are you located?
  6. Hello, I got an 84 brat and it ran awesome, however within 2 days the fuel pump went "out" replace it and still nothing. So a kid my age had it before the owner I got it from and kind of messed with it all. I'd like to rewire is so I know the pump is betting proper voltage and everything. Does anyone live in Vegas or near that would possible help or just schematics for a good rewiring. Also any other help for a restore would be helpful. This will be my first restore. V/R
  7. Hello, So I changed my oil two days ago and got in my car to drive it and placed it into drive(automatic). However when I pressed the gass it did nothing but ran the rpms up. Anyone know what it would be.
  8. Got a Subaru. First technical car. Its a 1990 (1989)loyal rs. 125xxx miles engine resealed 15xxx miles ago. Have lots of questions. Also recently found a gl 2 door or maybe a justy?