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  1. After market supplementary A/C system All new?! https://vancouver.craigslist.org/van/pts/d/vancouver-subaruc-kit/6761906504.html (not my parts, just saw on Vancover BC craigs)
  2. SkankinPickle

    What axles do I need to find, auto to a five speed?

    So how did this work out? I am about to embark on the same mission... Did you end up swapping stub axles?
  3. SkankinPickle

    Nick's 83 Brat Build

    I have three extra Fuel pump Relays too if you need one.
  4. SkankinPickle

    Nick's 83 Brat Build

    First Brat I have ever seen that has Power steering from the factory, least it looks that way... First thing to check for the spark, especially if the PO was tinkering with the wiring is to thoroughly check all wiring involved with the ignition system. Get as many diagrams as possible, learn the system and confirm that all the connections and wires are correct. I had a problem once on my '83 where the connecter for the Fuel pump relay was plugged into the interior light and/or door chime relay. Power for the coil goes through the fuel pump relay in order to kill the pump if the engine stops running.
  5. that sucks man. My Red '96 Impreza OBS was stolen last Monday from behind the QFC on Dravis in Interbay. The police found it four days later in Fremont. The person that stole it carefully removed all of the trim to take out the stereo and all o f the speakers plus the wiring kit for the amp. Unfortunately he/she wasn't patient enough to string the rca cables under the carpet and cut it with a razor. I want to catch this person and give him a codswalloping...
  6. SkankinPickle

    1982 Subaru GL Hatch, Turbo, "Quatro San"

    you still need an EA-81 exhaust mani? I have two. For free.
  7. SkankinPickle

    What are these wheels worth?

    around $100-175 depending on condition for aftermarket wheels like Enkie. Factory alloys, depending which style can go from giving them away ($50) -up to $200. If you can not get a pic easily, link photo from here: http://indysworld.com/80s/general/wheels/wheels.html
  8. SkankinPickle

    1983 Touring Wagon

    I don't know what it is about Astrial Gold met. and white wagon wheels that makes these wagons look so good. Another color possibility for the proper type of engine enamel in spray can form for the valve covers/water pump pully is from this company in the states called Bill Hirsch Automotive: http://www.hirschauto.com/prodinfo.asp?number=EEA-SPRAY&variation=BUI%20TURQ The color: Buick Turquoise 1942-52 & 53 Specials This color is really close and gives the stock appearance. If you have a compressor and paint gun here is some in AUS: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Buick-Turquoise-1942-52-Engine-Enamel-Bill-Hirsch-Hitep-/230685541114 For the air cleaner, seen a few people use this and it looks great! http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/detail/DPLG/DE1610/N0487.oap?ck=Search_N0487_DPL_-1_-1&mn=Dupli-Color®&mc=DPL&pt=N0487&ppt=C0171
  9. SkankinPickle

    81 GL Sedan ( Nikki )

    Yeah, it can have a lot of good character if you emphisize the character it already has being that color and 2wd. It's a early eighties micro (in today's standards) 4-door sedan that just oozes late 70's styling. I mean look at those tail lights. Late 70's Japanese cars get a lot of respect nowdays. AND, the single handedly best part about your car, is the interior! you will never find parts for that color interior in better shape than what you have. It is in such nice condition! That color interior was only available in stage 1 cars from 1980-81, and it seemed that most of the plastic on the earlier 2nd-gen (80-84) Leone detererated much more quickly than the later productions. Keep in mind that the antenna hole on the fender changed from the driver's side fender on 1980-82 cars to the passenger side fender on 83+ cars. stage 1: 1980-81 1982 was kind of a inbetween model as far as sourcing parts (it had the new stage 2 interior colors but still had the cheeper old style low pile carpet, had blade type fuses instead of glass tube type, ect, ect. They lean more twords the stage 2 cars but there are a lot of parts that will still fit the stage1. stage 2: 1983-84 Brats-1987, Hatchbacks-1989 get some armor all or vinyl conditioner on the dash as soon as you can, and don't push really hard on the dash material or it will crack and/or split apart instantly. For the inner door handle plastic trim, you can take fine grain steel wool basicly sand/polish off the top layer of plastic. use a some sort of liquid while you scrub them, like a little dish soap and warm water. (I have an 80 hatchback w/ the same color interior, so I got mad props for the tan/dk brown color combo) I have that head light bezzel if you want it, PM me.
  10. SkankinPickle

    1982 Subaru GL Hatch, Turbo, "Quatro San"

    O M G !!!!!!!! I can't believe you got this... "Dr.RX" (who lives down the street from me) tried to buy this thing over five years ago, and pretty sure Carfreak85 did too while he was going to school there. I remember Corky (Dr.RX) saying there was an issue with how the car was registered and that it might be complicated to transfer the title. It used to have special license plates on it, and if you reg it as a classic car, you can input the original plates from the school into the DOL system and run them legally. I don't think Mr. Chan actually drove QS, but there "MIGHT" be a very small chance that he did. It was lost on a old hard drive, but I used to have a pic of the black Cannon Ball Run hatch and QS together in a shop. (it also had a white Brat in the pic that had a giant orange hood scoop) Dr.RX posted some pics after he came back from talking with Doc Seal about the origin of the car. The sun roof is definitely aftermarket, and the seats from the looks of it, were reupholstered because someone didn't think plaid was bad arse enough for a race car. The front spoiler was an aftermarket accessory for another car from the 80s ( I think it was a camero). *[There is a thread about EA-81 front air dams circa 2004-5 and talks about this front spoiler--someone also posted a link from ebay with a two-tone silver and blue Brat that had the same spoiler.. None of us were able to find the company that produced the rear spoiler though.] I never knew that the car was originally "Harvest Beige" Good job getting the same factory color on the replacement parts:) Oh, and the car originally had a rear spoiler too: (This is the only know photo of it)
  11. I have an extra EA-81 y-pipe if you need it. There are two round silver relays under the dash next to the fuse box held in place by a rubber ring. check if these are getting power from the harness. Also check if the headlight fuse is getting power from the harness.
  12. If the front wheels are "towed-in" heavily it might be causing the wheels to drive towards each other and thus lift the front end till the camber is so bad the drive wheel peels out... There are some threads about DIY at home alignments here somewhere.
  13. Can u give us a final run down of everything you did to get the JDM N/A DOHC 2.5 w/ avcs running?
  14. SkankinPickle

    EJ swap CEL help....

    This is the updated Engine Management diagram showing the color of the wires for the IAC valve.
  15. SkankinPickle

    EJ swap CEL help....