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  1. I dont. This brat is long gone. If I were you I would upgrade to 83-84 vented rotors & calipers. That's what I did on my 78.
  2. I already tried to get it Galen, he wants to sell locally
  3. Skylar

    Ea81 5 speed swap stumped

    Use a 4wd Ea82 flywheel and clutch kit.
  4. Skylar

    Superpro Kit numbers

    Right on. I suppose I'll give it a shot too. 2mm is about 1/16th of an inch so I don't see a problem with it fitting either. Worst case scenario you'll probably have to open up the slot for the control arm on the crossmember.
  5. Skylar

    Superpro Kit numbers

    Vkbikes did you end up ordering the spf1144k kit for your control arms? It's listed as the trailing arm kit.
  6. Upgrade to vented rotors & calipers from an EA81 chassis
  7. Skylar

    Superpro Kit numbers

    Bumping this thread because I'm also in the same boat. Need new control arm bushings for my 5 lug swap. Some old threads say the ea82s will fit some say they don't. I wonder if early EJ legacy/impreza has the same size bushing
  8. Not factory but nice heavy duty carpet. Mass backing. Needs a wash. Has cut outs to fit around roll bar. $20
  9. Fairly straight. Couple dings. Not much rust to speak of. $20
  10. Needs a cleaning. Possibly a gasket. Otherwise it slides & locks. $20