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  1. Last weekend, I took part in a classic hillclimb-event. We had to drive up a hill two times, they took our time and the driver with the most equal times won. I was 19th from 21. Yes, I was 45 seconds faster in the second turn. Just because I had so much fun in the Leone.
  2. Remember this one? Last tuesday, it got finished! Look at the beauty of my 1986 Subaru Leone Turismo 1.8 GL Full-Time-AWD Dual Range: Runs great, looks great, sounds great. One of the best Leones in Austria! Lukas
  3. Another little update from my Leone. Finally, every rust-spot (we discovered another small hole in the passenger-footwell) is welded, the whole car is at least 5kg heavier because we flooded every panel, the sills and the complete underside with waxoyl so rust will never get this Leone anymore! Now my friend and mechanic has started to get the car back together. He starts at the trunk and works forward. Some pictures from my visit to the workshop yesterday. Let´s wait and see what problems will occur on it´s way back together and on the road. Lukas
  4. Has to be at least 86 because the Leone 3-door Turismo wasn´t available in 85. Any chance to see more pictures of brand-new 80s-Subies in the factory or like that?
  5. Forget it, sorry! The Brat-Pickup was sold in very small numbers here and there are two surviving examples left in Austria, so sadly no parts and no cars. It was available from 82 to 84 here.
  6. I will. I wanted the carbed EA82 in it because that´s an engine which will always run, here it has the reputation that you can´t kill it. No electronics, no Turbo, just a simple carb. It will always be repairable. That was the intention.
  7. No, it had the EA82 with carb as standard. The only thing that will not be like when it came from the factory is the gearbox with AWD, low-range and lockable center-diff. It had the push-button-4WD standard. @ Loyale 2.7 Turbo: A friend of mine imports Tata Xenon and Mahindra Pick-Ups to Austria. Only in small numbers as workhorses for communities mostly. They are called Mahindra Goa here because Ford did not allow to call it Scorpio like their model from the 80s and 90s. I´m not sure about the wheels. I may put some original alloy wheels on, but I have 4 brand-new steel-ones too. Let´s wait and see. L
  8. This helped a lot! But there is one problem I can´t solve. I need to know how big the red 4WD-emblems on the sides of the early Leone III were. That´s the ones I´m talking about: I can´t find them at retroroo. Maybe someone could take the measurements for me. Would be very kind! Lukas
  9. Thanks a lot! Sadly I can´t find an email-address as I don´t have an Outlook. If you could provide me an email-address, that would be phantastic! Thanks a lot! L
  10. That´s what I´m talking about: I especially need the "Subaru"-emblem on the right please. Thanks a lot! Lukas
  11. It was 4-lug from the factory, like every Leone. The 5-lug-conversion was done by the previous owner, but as I wanted my very rare pre-facelift-Turismo original, it was biult back to original condition. L
  12. Hi! Could somebody please take a picture of the "Subaru"-emblem-sticker on the bootlid of the Subaru Leone III Coupe/Turismo? I am restoring one at the moment and need a good picture of the emblem to get it printed. Thanks a lot! Lukas
  13. A lot happened to it, so I´ll show you the progress so far! It´s completely overhauled mechanically and running sweet, so it was time to paint the thing. First it looked like this: Like from a Mad Max-movie. But not long after that it now looks like that: That´s a lot better! Isn´t it beautiful? Now it´s time to get it back together. Many little things to do (prepare the alloys, get stickers etc.), maybe it will be finished before winter arrives. Lukas
  14. Lukas

    Retro GL-10 TURBO build

    That´s a sad day, seeing it getting destroyed!
  15. That´s the reason why I only drive cars during winter that will be sold in spring. I don´t drive cars that I would like to keep for longer in the salty season.