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  1. So I thinned my harness down for a swap its 02 or 03 wrx harness, pretty sure its 03, and somewhere I wiped out the wiring for it to be jumped into test mode to flash my ecu. Any ways who knows where those wires go, so I can wire those in? I've got the ecu pin out, just not sure what I'm searching for...
  2. I've been Having problems with my swap, when trying to do pulls my Afr drops to 10.8 ish to 12 to 1 ish and spudders bad, I'm not running an o2 sensor for ecu either, but for about 1k after swap there was no spuddering at all. Now it randomly started missing on 1 and 4, the Afr goes totally pegged lean, but when my rpm goes above 2k the miss stops and runs like it did before, rich and Poopy.
  3. As it turns, my cam sensor decided to go missing and I put one in and good to go I erased my codes and it runs better than ever for me, just rich obviously no cats to worry as about either, its a swap into a 1987 car, I'm working on straightening the ghetto bits of it out...
  4. My buddy had a stubborn one, we pulled the whole thing and put like 10tons to it, gave up and got the whole deal from a yard.
  5. I have the boost down on 6psi, at least I have a wideband to monitor Afr, my car won't start now...
  6. Car is missing badly and I did a leak down test and all cylinders were great. cylinders 1&3 the plugs are totaly black rich, and 2&4 the ceramic is totally white, looks leaner than normal. with the car running, if I remove the injector on 2 or 4,the car gains a noticable miss, like those are working properly, but 1 or 3 is a slight differance, so it's like those cylinders are doing kinda something, if I drive with 1or 3 disconnected, than the car is way less power, but either way the engine runs way rough and slow.
  7. ok so I got a code for the tgv sensor 1 low input. Im thinking that could cause possibly this issue since theres of course on sensor per pair of cylinders. It ran ok-ish before then, just limp mode of course from MAF, then runs HORRIBLE! withTGV and also a PVC code, those weren't there prior. I did a tgv delete, with the rods in it, so it "thinks" it's doing the right thing. The turning rod in the housing seemed pretty stiff to turn, so I'm gonna give it a checkin'.
  8. 87 rx, thinned harness piggybacked stock ecu, haven't had chance for codes, I know the maf isnt working, and no o2, or egt, it did this when I was driving on beach. If I unplug any injector it will miss worse too
  9. It's a 03 swap, and it sometimes starts right up, sometimes not, from cold I have to pat the gas for it to run, or it spudders and trys to die, then it will hold a high idle, but touching the throttle even a little causes a stall, it won't rev at all, EXCEPT once! I unplugged the map and it ran good. I shut it off and it won't run again well. I understand you should reset ecu, but It can't really properly work, since it won't start and run unless I pump the throttle. I tried changing the direction of maf, it didn't change anything, and all my hoses are firm, no leaks.
  10. I just got my 03 wrx swap fired up, but I don't have the maf, map connectors, just the wires, so it would be great if someone could post a pic of one from their car, or at least tell me what pin each wire color goes to, thank you!
  11. I finally got my harness all thinned for a swap into my 87 car and realized everything is there but anything having to do with the charging, oddly enough I cannot find a diagram anywhere on google, and nothing on my ecu pinout is relevant. Can anyone help??, I have the the alternator pigtail and such from another harness to wire in
  12. So would the field exciter just be hooked to 12v too?
  13. I have a 3 wire One, from a ej22, one went to ecu I believe, and its not the case with the wrx. So does the field control run off the main fuse box voltage?
  14. I picked up a ej205, but it's missing the coils for the spark plugs Can I wire it up to where I can run just the single coil pack like whats on earlier models? They would need proper signal wires hooked up I would think? I'm definatally on a budget and can't afford 90 bucks a pop for those, considering I only spent 200 on the motor lol
  15. That's what I was thinking, ill probably check my local yard here for a plug since I don't have PayPal
  16. I have a 03 wrx swap, with the body harness too, in swapping into my 87 rx. anyways I was looking at the ecu pinout and swa that there's a bunch of things like fuel sensors and such that my car doesn't have. Is there anything I would need to do to bypass any of that and is there any security interlocking the ecu that I would have to "fool"?
  17. I wanted too, it's just that I kinda fear the whole programming or calibration thing and it not working I emailed DIY autotune and they quoted around 600 bucks for everything
  18. It was a turbo car injector, since it has a rubber hose connection, easy to fit in place, I ran a T off the main fuel feed line, to the injector, it probably would work off I had a 5th injector controller lol
  19. My car is a 87 also, so no obd port, It would be nice to have one, I can't find one on the wrx harness, I'm not sure if I could still wire One in and have it work for the engine alone?
  20. Original idea was MS, I just haven't got to it, ill end up just getting cops, I already everything except coils, cam pulleys and just a few misc. Things, I got the 205 with a spun bearing, that's why it was cheap lol. I tried a single mpfi ea82 injector to a boost pressure switch, it ran SO bad, of course that's no pulse, it was worth the shot. For some reason I'm having a hard time finding pulleys And coils used, at almost 700bux for it all , it isn't affordable now lol
  21. Well I already have wrx harness and since its already a turbo motor its stock fast lol, I was running a untuned ej22e on 4lbs and it doesn't cut it powerwise. I have the wrx heads on the 2.2 block, I really want to just get the benifit of the good head flow and have an already turbo setup that will yield a lot more power than what I already have
  22. yes, I'm on a low budget lol and for the sake of availibility, I also sometimes like to try different things