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  1. http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/125428-electric-power-steering-100-1500/
  2. Datsun guys have done a mod similar to this. It's not small feat. But has been done.
  3. BratRod

    TheGageinator's 1992 Loyale build

    Hello, fellow Texan! Excited to see more pics.
  4. It should come back to Texas! Lol Only one I've seen was owned by ruparts... But he's since moved to Colorado.
  5. Follow this http://www.mainelysubarus.com/forums/topic/9593-pictorial-wheel-bearing-guide-ea-loyale-4wd-rear/ My buddy actually did the exact same thing - but he was dicking around in the ice the day we finished HGs. We actually had to buy a new arm from Subaru. It was almost $250, IIRC. I don't remember how long it took. This was a couple years ago. And we didn't have any power tools. Maybe a couple hours? It's very diy.
  6. Yes that's normal. And it is essentially engine braking. Depress the clutch and put the shifter into neutral if you're just coasting to a stop. The key is doing this simultaneously with the release of your gas pedal. Always try and rev match. They syncos will do most of the work in the inside transmission for shifting. Lessen the shock of shifting by rev match. You can also let off of the pedal slower in between gears. Don't just kick it. Practice makes perfect. You're more than likely not causing any harm to the vehicle long as you're not towing anything heavy.
  7. 195/55r15 is almost the same as stock. No idea how they would handle sand, though.
  8. Probably a datsun guy hoping to retrofit them.
  9. Have you looked at it, yet? Seems real clean from pictures. I think it's fwd, though.
  10. https://kansascity.craigslist.org/cto/5932139273.html
  11. Greenhouses full of Subarus. Yeah that's definitely Forrest.
  12. I'm in need of an ECU if you have a spare one. 7210
  13. Never been inside a GL rack. But unless It's something crazy... Relief valve should be in the pump. How did you install the end seals? Lip facing toward the power piston or tie rods?