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  1. Update.... I swapped out the whole valve body from a parts car that was shifting decent. Now this car is working pretty good! It's like 90% better. Still not as quick as my '99 off the line but it is acceptable now for a regular person. I think that last little bit may be in the TQ but it is not getting changed. The car is getting sold and I will direct my attention to the parts car that I intend on making into a off roader. Thanks for all the input!
  2. Anyway... The engine will haul rump roast once it get going so I assume it's getting enough fuel pressure? I really need to get a tester and see what psi I have.
  3. Pretty sure it has the whole fuel pump unit screwed into the top of the gas tank under the back seat perhaps. That's where my 98 Outback Legacy was. It's a whole big unit that pulls out the top. Not real easy to access.
  4. I bought the car with blown head gaskets so only drove it far enough to get it on tow truck. Have receipts for transmission fluid flushing from the previous owner. And a new cat was put on the car 3 years ago. Not sure about the AT light. I am working my regular job today. Will get back on here tonight.
  5. Oh.... I have not taken the pan off the transmission so, know not what filter is in there. I just did the dump at the drain plug and the spin on filter. Someone before me was in there because see red gasket goop. I may have to drop the pan and do that filter... And check the solenoids. I hear they should OHM out at 15?
  6. Trans fluid checked on perfectly level ground at idle in Neutral. Filled it very slowly and did the gear shift thing after each fill. Got it up to perfect level. Wix is the filter brand. They are very high quality. I have one on my '99 with no issues. I did the timing belt myself and double and triple checked the timing. Also have pictures and have looked at those again. All correct. All new rollers, tensioner, etc. And I made sure the bearings were Japanese rather than China. I just checked the engine oil level. After car sitting level over an hour. Perfect. Not overfilled. New plugs. New Wires. All new gaskets on everything. No oil down in the plug tubes. So..... Still looking for something...
  7. Just did full valve job, belts, pulleys, water pump, etc... Done many before so pretty good at it. No corners cut. Fel-Pro gasket sets, etc... The car runs smooth and idles great. Seems to rev fine in neutral or Park. From a dead stop if you nail it, it does not jump off the line and the transmission takes a few seconds to downshift into lower gear. ( I just changed most of the fluid and the spin on filter. carefully and slowly got the fluid level perfect.) If I start up a hill and gently apply throttle the engine has very little power (no misfire... just no go.) Plus transmission takes it's time downshifting. Once you get rolling or on the highway, it has no problem hauling rump roast. And the transmission runs right up to 6K redline and shifts right to the next gear. Also shifts manually to all the gears no problem. We hooked up a super nice Matco scanner tool today that reads everything while you drive, etc... No codes. Can't find any vacuum leaks. Changed the fuel filter and lines. Tried spark plug wires. Gas is fresh. Still will not go off the line or uphill! Please.... If anyone has any logical things to try, HELP ME! Thanks in advance!
  8. My 99 does that. It downshifts when I'm going down a steep grade and use the brakes. Then it doesn't want to shift back up. Sometimes I have to shift into "N" for a second and then it goes into high gear when I put it back in "D" I think it is a brake assist function, but it's not getting the signal to shift back up afterwards. Anyone know for sure? My drive train is super tight by the way....
  9. Worn and screwed up tires caused this even after my alignment. I just got new tires on the car and it is WAAAAY better!
  10. I just put 6.5" speakers in the rear doors. I had to do minimal cutting to get those in. While I was in there I noticed there appears to be a big hole that could house a 6x9 or maybe a 8" subwoofer. I rolled the window all the way down and it looks like the speaker could clear the glass if the magnet is not too big or perhaps with spacers installed. Of course the door panels would have to be cut out and a nice grill or cloth cover fabricated. Has anyone ever done this? It is appealing to me because I want deep bass but do not want to lose my cargo area in the back hatch area.
  11. So tonight my plastic part at the top separated from the aluminum! New Radiator on the way. It happened close to my house so no overheating of my freshly rebuilt engine!
  12. I could swap my motors and see that way perhaps... :-) Good to have 2 cars of about the same year.
  13. Yeah. I was thinking they are probably the same motor. I will check the voltage tomorrow. Thanks Y'all! Will post my results when I have them.
  14. My 1999 Forester wipers are way slower than my '98 Legacy Outback wipers. Do the motors slow down when they get near worn out? And I do have new linkage now. No effect. Same ok speed, they are really not fast enough for heavy rain. (good thing I use Rain-X!) I just don't want to buy another motor and have the same slow speed. Thanks in advance! Michael
  15. I have the same problem but pulls to the right. It is not the rack. I replaced that. I did hut a curb in the snow with the left front. Alignment does not fix it. Did I bend control arm or something? 1998 Legacy Outback...
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