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  1. NorthCoast

    Fun time at Walker with NWWO

  2. NorthCoast


    The new owner has already posted in this thread and I'm sure he'll keep the updates coming. I just need to help him through the mountain of other projects that are in line in front of it.
  3. NorthCoast


    I wish it was mine but it is with someone who will see the project completed.
  4. NorthCoast


    Smiley has a new home. Luckily it's a good home and not parted out or at the salvage yard.
  5. NorthCoast

    Modify hood for better visibility offroad?

    You need a seat from a 00-04 Outback. Those have electric seat height adjustment.
  6. NorthCoast

    Lift block height

    LOL... you never drive with your head inside the car anyway so while all the fuss.
  7. NorthCoast

    Lift block height

    Keep the cage inside. You're not racing so you don't need to use the fire retardant padding. Use something softer and you won't need to wear a helmet.
  8. NorthCoast

    Lift block height

    Rally America and NASA Rallysport rules. Offroad racing is typically .120
  9. NorthCoast

    Lift block height

    My rally car. I don't think you need to go that crazy. I was think of doing just a main hoop with bars back to the rear strut towers for Stella. I do enjoy the security / handling characteristics of a full cage though.
  10. NorthCoast

    Lift block height

    I used 1.75 x .095 for the main hoop, the half laterals (A pillar to main hoop), windshield bar and sill bars (everything gray). Everything else is 1.5 x .095.
  11. NorthCoast

    Nick's 94 Loyale build

    I know it's running. Where's the update?
  12. NorthCoast

    NWWO Run at Walker SEPT 11th

    That's a Friday El Jefe! As much as I would like to go I'll be out in the woods from 9/11 to 9/20 trying to fill my freezer for the winter.
  13. Yes. The car had no engine when it came to me so I put one in. Original engine was pulled and rebuilt by the PO and now powers a Toyota truck.
  14. I don't know where this resistor myth is coming from but I was the one who replaced the engine and never wired in a resistor. Just adding an EGR harness with the solenoid was all it took. Nothing more.
  15. Switched to an EGR harness and tied the EGR solenoid vac lines in. No more CEL.