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  1. Non Culpa

    A/C Compressor

    Rampage, photo as per my PM. Regards Dennis
  2. Non Culpa

    A/C Compressor

    Thanks for the info. I appreciate your assistance.
  3. Non Culpa

    A/C Compressor

    Rampage, thanks for the great information. The compressor I have appears to be seized, have not been keen to pull it apart as can't obtain new seals etc.
  4. I require assistance with sourcing a new or rebuilt A/C Compressor. I purchased an EA81T Motor from Japan and it has a A/C Compressor exactly the same as those shown in the Post by Subarule in July 1918, in "A Long Shot". I have been able to find a Compressor but it is R12 not R13A. Can any one suggest where I might be able to purchase the appropriate Compressor, or purchase a seal kit to rebuild the Compressor that I have. Does any one know if these Compressors were used by other Motor Vehicle Manufacturers. If these Compressors are unavailable is there an alternative.
  5. Hi, I have a EA81T Engine (Imported from Japan) and have been trying to find a diagram or photos of the rubber hose connections for the Electronic EGR Vacuum Solenoid and Operation Parameters. There are two two vacuum ports on the rear of the Throttle Body and two separate hoses coming from those ports. The vacuum port on the right (looking from the front of the Vehicle) has a hose running back to a "T" piece, with one hose going to right to the EGR Valve, the other goes to the left and into the top of a electronically controlled EGR Vacuum Solenoid. Another rubber hose comes from the Solenoid down to a metal vacuum line, then back to a rubber hose and to the Dizzy. The vacuum port on the left has a rubber hose running to a metal vacuum line and then back to a rubber hose. Where does this rubber hose connect? The Manual I have for a 1983 EA81T shows a three port wax filled Thermo EGR Vacuum Valve and not the Electronically Controlled EGR Vacuum Solenoid that I have. I am also looking for the operating parameters of the Electronic EGR Vacuum Valve. Regards Non Culpa
  6. Thank you for your replies, I will keep searching for a Hitachi replacement, someone on another site has suggested the the Hitachi CIT-86 could have been replaced by a Hitachi W0133-1628608. I will see what I can find out about this later Hitachi.
  7. Hoping someone can help, I need a direct replacement Ignition Coil for a 1984 EA81 Turbo Engine. My Service Manual advises that the Maker is Hitachi and the Model No is CIT-86. I am also running a Hitachi D4R82-03 Distributor. I have made endless searches on the Internet regarding the Hitachi CIT-86 coil, with no results. Can anyone tell me what the appropriate Hitachi Coil would be, or are there other alternatives. I have checked many suppliers and I am totally confused now, as one states that a certain coil will fit and another states it will not. Regards Non Culpa.
  8. I've got a 84, thought that they could have been different, all make sense now. Thanks for the help naru. Probably should start looking for a 1984 Turbo Service Manual, the 1983 Manual has the only one going when I was looking before. Regards Non Culpa
  9. Hey thanks guys for the replies, the control unit is genuine 1984 EA81T Subaru. Part No is 420887100 and is metal, gold in colour, made by Hitachi. The single wire (Red/Green) goes from KCU to a black 2 X 6mm flat spade plug. The Red/Green wire is then looped or bridged from one blade to the other. The round plug from the KCU I have all figured out, so there are no worries there. The High Altitude Switch makes sense, the only confusing thing is that my Service Manual shows a Green/White going from the H/A Switch and goes to pin 17. To make things worse there is no H/A Swithch on engine that I have. But my Manual is for the 1983 Subaru 1800 4WD Turbo, so they could have changed the colour of the wiring for the 1984 Model. Thanks once again
  10. I have just purchased a Knock Control Unit for a 1984 EA81 Turbo Engine. The wiring from the Unit is sheaved in Black Plastic and goes to a Black 8 Pin Plug. Just before the Black plug there is another wire, Red with Green Stripe, that goes to a White 2 Pin Plug. Can anyone tell me what the Red/Green Wire is for and where does it go to? Regards No Culpa
  11. naru or jono, would you know where I could pick up a 4208871 unit?
  12. I was wondering if anyone would know the specifications for the standard Fuel Injectors for a 1984 EA81 Turbo. I know that they are low impedance, but would like to know, what amp open is, what amp hold is. Also if I could get the flow rate for the injectors and what psi the standard Fuel Pressure Regulator is set at would be great. Regards Non Culpa
  13. Thanks for all that replied. I have put the pieces of my water pump back together and found that the original manufacturer was ATSUGI, I was looking for a pump with a cast impeller, from what I've read the GMB is not cast, is this correct? Non Culpa
  14. Come on Guys, give us a hand here, someone must have purchased a water pump recently. Non Culpa
  15. Crazyeights, Thanks I have all the specs from a workshop manual. Just wanted to know which was the best brand, Cardone, Aisin, Gates, GMB and so on. Does anyone know who was the original manufacturer of the turbo water pump? Non Culpa