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  1. why does this dist on my ea-81 T. need to be shimmed to stop makin the tach jump all over? supposedly it is the correct dist. does this mean the dist is on its way out?

  2. heading to pick and pull today:) ..wanting to lift the loyal but not sure what year of accord springs to use... AND... wondering if anyone has had good luck with any other kinds of springs? sincerely, Sean. 425.829.0581
  3. lifting the 87' loyal, heard that accord springs are the ones i want to get another inch or two- anyone know what year accord i want to go for?

  4. wondering what year puegot was putting 14" steel rims on their cars. anyone, anyone? also have 15" skinny rims that i would love to trade or sell.. 3 of the 4 have fresh 165/80 radials. .. cheers!

  5. so this rig is an 87 loyal, basically only the body is original. we disabled the throttle body of an ea-81 and added a draw thru carb. she runs like a horse on the open road but having trouble getting the carb tuned just right for stop and go. its also a gl-10 tranny and has skinny 15" rims. . . fun right? yeah mostly:) ....(also looking to trade/buy into some 14" rims)
  6. old school show queen! you on here today?

  7. it was my dream rig:( besides the color which is red it was the best scooby doo ive had yet. was/is a 87 touring model with dual range that was phenomenal for climbing and snow, now no door handle on the driver door and minor body blemishes here and there , tilt wheel and electric windows a rebuilt ea81 that just overheated and is now knocking, the stronger of the two 13" western steel rims all around which are painted black and about two thirds tire tread on mud and snow tires dont know what to do , also have my old 90 loyal which is burgundy and a lil rough around the edges but runs good. considering buying my touring model from the ins, they also are totally low balling for a settlement offer:( considering what i paid for the car and the fact that it is indeed a specialty vehicle.(all older subys are if you ask me but...) open to any thoughts and would consider a trade to get me into a good runner again. i also have an ea81T that i could consider for the right arrangemant. lots of good stuff here, no time or space to part it all, so could be a win win:) cheers!
  8. have computer for naturally aspirated ej-22. comp and harness set up for going into a loyale. want 400 bucks.

  9. need distributor for ea82..4 wire contacts style. want an ej22 to replace it but prob too expensive to do the conversion. would be nice to have more power as its a dual speed touring model and a bit heavier for the extra glass and metal on top. still runs but knocks pretty hard... am considering putting a ej22 in there or take my old wagons ea82 and put it in there.....