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  1. Brat78

    Flashing CEL 92 Loyale

    Thank you for the reply. I am aware that the cel does not blink the codes. I have am familiar with the procedure. However, as stated before, the check engine light is blinking. Upon trying to pull codes from the ecu under the dash, all I get is 5 long blinks. I cannot reference a code for this scenario, nor do I know why the CEL is blinking.
  2. So the CEL has started flashing on my 92 loyale, running or just ignition on. I connected the green connectors at the firewall, turned the ignition on, and get five pulses out of the ecu. But, I also get the same five pulses out of the ecu with the green connectors disconnected, ignition on. Any ideas?
  3. Thank you all for the great responses. The community has been a huge help.
  4. Need help with ID. Is this a 3.9 dual range transaxle?
  5. I am searching for a dual range transaxle to put into my 92 loyale. I found one at a good price on craigslist but the seller states that it is JDM. Does anyone know if that unit would have the same final drive and work with the US spec rear end? The seller states it's the same, but in the off chance it isn't I wouldn't blame the seller if I didn't do my own research. I'm just trying to find some concrete information before I make a 6 hour round trip.
  6. I have recently worn out my 94 legacy and acquired a really nice 92 loyale. Both are 5spd, the loyale 4wd, the legacy AWD. I am about to tear down the legacy. I'm pulling the motor and wiring harness for either my bus or the loyale. Is there anything that crosses between the 94 legacy and the 92 loyale that I should save before I scrap it? Or anything that I should save for upgrade parts?
  7. My heat and air all work wonderfully, however they will not blow on 4(high). In the last year the blower motor assembly has been replaced, as well as the blower resistor, and the system does not behave any different. I checked the plug to the blower motor and on all settings and there is 12 volts coming in, however, the plug is not grounding on the number 4 fan setting. Any help is appreciated. Cheers.
  8. Those are often messed up on the phase 1 EJ22's. On my 94 legacy the key had honed out its slot on the crankshaft. Someone had welded it into place. I can only imagine that the timing belt was last changed over 200k and someone figured that they wouldn't be in there again. Well, here I come at almost 300k, and find that mess. I had to grind the key out and get a new one from Subaru. And the best part is that the keys come in a two pack. I guess in 200 more k I'll have a spare.
  9. I actually have a rebuilt one for gen 2 wagons, or whatever else it may fit. It has washers welded in.
  10. Check Rockauto for parts. That's where I find most of the parts for my 78. Every once in a while NOS subaru parts show up, such as the trans mounts I ordered. They were in original fuji plastic. It was wild.
  11. That car is somehow so fugly but equally appealing at the same time that I would have probably bought it too. There is something awesome about it.
  12. I pulled the ej out of my 94 legacy at 293k. It had oil in the coolant, which I happened to notice upon a morning of pre-trip inspection as I was about to drive it up to New Hampshire from Georgia. I drove it anyway. It clocked 2600 miles there and back without issue. I was able to pick up a 150k ej in New Hampshire for $350 on a pallet ready to load up. Just threw it into the car and drove home. Swapped the motors the next weekend. The old ej I am going to use to mock up mounts for an install into my 78 brat, as soon as I locate a dual range transaxle. The old ej is awesome, and at this point I am going to snag up any parts I can find. One will eventually live in our 72 westfalia as well.
  13. Brat78

    Bens 83 BRAT

    Nice brat. But seriously....$700 to put a 30+ year old car on the road??!! WTF is going on in California? I've never paid more than $18 tranfer fee + $20 for the tag in Georgia on any of my older cars. No smog, no inspection required either. Most people are probably thinking, 'well, you have to live in Georgia.' Very true, but we have a house in a nice neighborhood with a detached garage, and it was less than a hundred and a half.....and the taxes are less than a thousand a year. But not to get off topic, nice freakin brat.
  14. Are the outback/forester struts bolt on for gen 1 legacy? I do appreciate all the responses.