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  1. Looks great, I have the same stripes to put on my two Brats! What method did you use to apply them? Thanks
  2. I need a hazard light pull button and screw on the steering column. Also need a front valance but it looks like it is gone. If you end up scraping it and want to cut sections out of the rear quarters I could use some pieces. I like the roll bar also if it isn't to big to ship, it breaks into 3 pieces.
  3. Do you know if the doors are interchangeable with first generation Brats? How much for both fronts?
  4. Could use some help identifying an NOS gas tank and y-pipe I got with a bunch of old Subaru parts.
  5. doughildreth

    Heater core

    This is a real project. I think I might remove the dashboard when I do it next time. Be sure the core is leaking and not just the valve on the side. Also I had a hard time finding the right heater core for my 1980 brat. 1979 might be better. Doug
  6. doughildreth

    what did i find?

    Did you buy it? I'll buy the front hub if you have a pair of them, and they aren't stripped!
  7. doughildreth

    1979 seat material

    I used a Tartan kilt woolen fabric for an insert (seat on the left) it worked great, had a backer installed on it and really scotch guarded it a lot. Was as close as I could come to original. http://www.thescottishweaver.com
  8. doughildreth

    1979 Subaru DL Revving really high!

    Finally found a Governor gear Christmas Eve, put it in today! Car seems to run like a champ so far! Really smooth shifting.
  9. doughildreth

    3AT transmission

    Pulled my Governor gear out and it is in shot. I have looked and called around and can't locate one. Any suggestions? Anyone have a new or used one they can part with? The following just sold On Ebay but I missed it.
  10. doughildreth

    Stock Carb Bog

    My 79 DL was running really rich, it was like my foot was to the floor. Ended up replacing the carburetor base gasket and everything is great!! Which governor gear did you end up using? I pulled mine today and it's toast. I can't find a replacement anywhere.
  11. doughildreth

    3AT transmission

    Did you figure out your Transmission problem? I'm having the same issue?
  12. What have you found? Did you get a gear in? I have a 1979 Front Wheel Drive, I'm getting first and second gear, but that is it. Where would I find the govener gear located?
  13. doughildreth

    1979 Subaru DL Revving really high!

    After working on it for a bit I decided to just remove the Carberator. It was caked with greasy sludge around the base and really heavy on the linkages. I cleaned it all with carb cleaner, scrubbed everything, added a new base gasket. Now it seems to run like a champ. Now I have to work on the front caliper, they seem stuck from sitting a year!
  14. doughildreth

    1979 Subaru DL Revving really high!

    Leeroy, I'll check that, but probably not, no real work has been done on this car in years, it was truly a little old ladies car who's father bought it new. Also on the drive home (by turning it on and off) the tempature gauge worked. I'm thinking I'll start with the float and seat.