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  1. goblewagon

    1983 Touring Wagon

    that's so clean! I want that sun visor
  2. goblewagon

    74 VW Super Beetle with Subaru swap

    well #3 is a egr valve and it does exactly what you said it does. and if you don't need to pass emissions I would take it off and throw it in the trash and just make a block off plate.
  3. goblewagon

    1983 GL Wagon Revival

    nothing like getting an old Subaru back on the road! keep up the good work
  4. goblewagon

    goble wagon 82gl

    the wheels are still white this picture just makes them look brown. and I cut coils and removed the adjuster bolts on my strut to drop the perch down a little bit.
  5. goblewagon

    goble wagon 82gl

  6. goblewagon

    goble wagon 82gl

    lowered this old girl a little:)
  7. goblewagon

    My 83 wagon

    my good man can you please tell me how you lowered the front of your wagon thank you!
  8. goblewagon

    O.C.D.'s 1980 Brat - "The Squirrel"

    hmm maybe just try a little impact action lol
  9. goblewagon

    O.C.D.'s 1980 Brat - "The Squirrel"

    it looks like there is a locking collar on the nut. so the lip on the nut is pressed on the shaft to keep it from backing off.
  10. my 82 wagon is running a stock y-pipe gutted cat and is straight piped all the way back to a stinger tail pipe from a VW. It really gets your attention
  11. that brown wagon is now this wagon the current owners name is mike appel. but he didnt lower it to begin with and i know he has reworked the suspension some but he still might know somthing about it.
  12. goblewagon

    My '92 Loyale: Safariwagon

    i just unhooked my lines from the clips
  13. goblewagon

    My '92 Loyale: Safariwagon

    I just got done putting on my BOSS 4'' lift! i painted mine with rustoleum high performance enamel. keep up the good work
  14. goblewagon

    Last chance for BOSS lifts

    i pm'd you but im not sure if it went through but if you still have a 4'' kit for a ea82 5-speed i'll take it
  15. goblewagon

    1984 Subaru GL

    wow thats so clean