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  1. i have a 87gl-10 sedan 4wd want to talk have a few qquestions for u??

  2. i know ur probobly tired of gettin messages from people but jsut a few questions i have a 4lug 4wd 1987 gl10 i know the miata coil over work for rear end but what year miata and is there a after market coilover for the front that lines upp??

  3. dangopango1989

    lowering my EA82 FAQ

    hey man wondering if all tha worked out for u i have a 87 4wd sedan gl10 want to do air swap to stock or possible aftermarket coils swap any info helps
  4. dangopango1989

    suspension questions

    when u find out about the springs please let me know im in the middle of doing the same thing
  5. dangopango1989

    87 gl-10 coilovers

    it is helpful thanks now gettin these parts is it as easy as going to autozone??
  6. 87 gl-10 coilovers wanted 4wd turbo sedan or any helpfull info
  7. hows it going man u seem to have alot of experiance in coilover kits for the 80's modles subarus i have a 1987 gl-10 4wd turbo sedan im interested in puttin coil overs on in would like to talk thanks

  8. dangopango1989

    1987 suba gl-10 suspention swap questions

    yeah deffinatly now i looked up some stuff for the rear i cant find a coil over do they not have one or am i just not looking ahrd enough and would u recomend a coil off a car or just a gl sedan coil
  9. dangopango1989

    1987 suba gl-10 suspention swap questions

    alright hey thanks alot guy i didnt want to get into something i couldnt finish with out knowing thanks alot hopfully 7 8 months from now the gl-10 will be a rally champ haha
  10. dangopango1989

    1987 suba gl-10 suspention swap questions

    well thanks alot so the one thing i wanted to make sure is that even tho is the pnenumatic susp. the none air struts and shock mounts right up to the same mounts and all that correct
  11. dangopango1989

    1987 suba gl-10 suspention swap questions

    thanks i love the car and but the suspension in unreliable the front 2 bags stoped inflating as if they were torn u could hear the air leak then the right front starts working out of now where i dont know the deal but id rather bypass all of it do u have any online sites u recomend for parts?
  12. Hi hows it going my name is Dane i have a 1987 gl-10 1.8l turbo 4wd sedan with the pneumatic electronic suspention and i was wondering if any one could tell me whats needed to switch to coil over suspension if there are compatable cars or just standerd parts thanks guys..