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  1. anyone know a turbo parts rebuilt set for EA82T turbos. ive tried searching different information on the "id tag" cant find anything that matches up.
  2. mandalore4411

    EA82T PARTS!

    Im looking for tips on finding turbo 1.8 parts. Heads, a turbo spoob id love to just buy another engine whole and pull it apart. Anyone know of a site that pulls these old subarus apart and sells or somewhere better in oregon northwest area to score an EA82T??? im sick of scrap yards full of nonturbos and single port heads. Please help and thank you
  3. mandalore4411

    Spit and sputter on take off!

    anyone know a good way to get anoter turbo for these cars?
  4. mandalore4411

    Spit and sputter on take off!

    anyone know a good way to get anoter turbo for these cars?
  5. mandalore4411

    Spit and sputter on take off!

    havent noticed anything like that but ill go swap um all and let ya know. they are maybe a year old
  6. 87' loyale turbo. wagon auto all pwr options. ok pissin me off. At take off from a stop or really low idle the car just wants to spit and sputter and not rack up the rpms. buttttttt once it kinda gets going for a bit it revs up normal and feels(i think) normal. my guess is the turbo, i believe it may be having trouble getting oil(possibly for a long tume now). i dont have evidence of the turbo not getting oil circulated its just kinda a hunch. other guesses idk something to do with injectors. this is beyond my skill level i can really only switch out easy parts. any ideas? or things i can do as a next step of investigation? thank you ya'll help is always appreciated
  7. mandalore4411

    Required exhaust back pressure

    bump bump and other experiences?? id love to hear from more people.
  8. mandalore4411

    Required exhaust back pressure

    ok so you like running turbo-cat-glasspack-pipe. isnt a glass pack like a cherrybomb?
  9. Hey does anyone have experience with opening up the exhaust on an ea82t??? I have a 87 gl-10 auto turbo and I damaged the exhaust so it's gotta be redone. Would a straight pipe work? Or even just ditch the cat? I haven't decided what I'm gunna do I wanted to hear from you guys. I was thinkin maybe cut out the cat and upgrade the muffler. Thanks for your time, much much appreciated.
  10. mandalore4411

    oil leak

    o ya cam o ring thats a good one dude. i didnt have the right seals a few months ago and i got a set now. ill change um out. thanks guys ill look more into that area.
  11. mandalore4411

    oil leak

    Hey maybe someone else has come across a similar oil leak. Red arrow points to the highest point I could trace the leak to. First guess I have is that it is coming from the oil pan seal. 87 gl-10 turbo auto
  12. mandalore4411

    oregon turbo

    How much do you want for it?. I'm in Lebanon.
  13. mandalore4411

    oregon turbo

    anyone know a good way to get my hands on another turbo for a gl-10. kinda hard to find in the scrap yards. i figured some of our oregon members might know a good place to look.
  14. id go for 1000 if i had to. 5spd turbo gl-10 is a nice car. but 600-800 would be a good deal on that nice car, head gasket considered. perfect the cooling system while you have it apart doing the gasket