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  1. Bought a 2009 Impreza with 109k miles with engine problems. Owner said it was blowing cloud of exhaust out of the tail pipe. Had my Subaru Tech friend stop by. He didn't see any evidence of head gasket failure or bearing failure. I pulled the engine, did a leak down test and all the cylinders had less than 5% leak. However cylinder #1 has oil residue on the exhaust valves. He thinking its a ringland failure on the #1 cylinder. He is coming back in a couple of days, redo the leak down test and probably pull the #1 piston. I was wondering if anyone had experienced ringland failure.
  2. Removing 2010 Forster knock sensor. I have 12mm bolt disconnect the knock sensor from the block. There's little room to get to the tab that releases the knock sensor from back of intake wiring harness. Can't tell if its a push down tab release or a pull up tab release.
  3. Update. My Subaru tech friend came over with the Subaru code reader. I had eight stored codes in my Actron meter, but the Subaru meter showed just one code. That was for the oil temp sensor. I had forgotten to swap that in to the head I was using. I have no idea why my Actron meter was showing eight unerasable codes. The other procedure to erase the codes which I tried yesterday was what he called a cap discharge procedure. Thats with key out of ignition the positive and negative battery cables are clamped together for 5 minutes while holding down the brake pedal for 10 seconds.
  4. That's the problem. The codes are not clearing with my code reader.
  5. Installed a 2010 jdm engine with original usdm heads and intake. It runs fine but still has error codes P0026 and P0028. Looking for the diagnostic flow chart and any other suggestions for clearing the codes. Got this code clearing info from Foreign Engines of Lynnwood. Does this sound like sound advise. Method number one. 1. Turn car off. 2. Disconnect positive battery cable. 3. Turn headlights on. 4. Touch positive cable to negative terminal. Method number two. Look under dash for two green connectors. If they are plugged in, disconnect them. I looked under dash and did not see the two green connectors either plugged together or unplugged.
  6. Installed a jdm engine in 2010 Forester, with usdm heads and intake. Starts right up and seems to run smooth, but have a P0026 and P0028 code. Also have a PO198 for oil temp sensor. I'm at a loss on what could be wrong and how to trouble shoot the problem.
  7. I accidentally pulled the electrical connector out of the back of the power steering pump on a 2010 Forester. Is there any way to repair that, or do I need to buy another power steering pump? Will the power steering system still work correctly without the wire being connected?
  8. I'm doing a jdm swap on 2010 Forester. I mixxed up some of the parts. How do I verify I'm using the correct crank and cam pulleys.
  9. It doesn't lay flat because the oil tube protrudes out from bottom of oil pan.
  10. Reinstalling an oil pan on a ej25. There is a slight wobble when put the oil pan up against mating service of the block. I might have slightly bent the oil pan when I removed it. Just looking at it, it looks straight.How much wobble is too much. Do I use a thicker bead of silicon on bottom of pan?
  11. On 2010 ej25, are all three timing belt idler pulleys and the Timing belt tensioner torqued to 28.8 ft/lbs?
  12. Which gaskets do I use for an 2010 EJ25?
  13. I nicked two small scratches while installing Felpro head gaskets on an ej25. Is it still ok to use or should I get a new head gasket?
  14. How much pressure do I apply with the die grinder to make sure I'm not damaging the block?