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  1. What kind of white lube. I have WD 40 water resistant silicone lubricant and WD 40 protective white lithium grease.
  2. Will Permatex Ultra Slick assembly lube or motor oil work instead of Dow 111. Don't have any Dow 111 on hand.
  3. What is the proper procedure of installing cam seals on ej25. Does the cam shaft snout and the inside of seal get lubricated before seal is installed, or is it a dry fit between snout and cam seal.
  4. How to remove overflow tank on 07 Legacy. There are no fasteners to remove, just a plastic tab that looks like it will break if its moved.
  5. The new map light assembly from Subaru dealer solved the srs light in dash. The srs light went off immediately with no reset with scanner needed. I had re soldered the old map light assembly twice and never got the srs light to to turn off in dash.
  6. Hi Tom. Thanks for posting your review icarsoft scanner. I have the autel ml629. It read the srs code on my 07 Legacy. Autel tech support said the ml629 is the global scan tool. They suggested getting the al629 which is the american version and easier to update. Will get the al629 today and will be sending the ml629 back to Amazon. Amazon already refunded my account for the ml629. They said I can keep both scanners for 30 day and keep which ever one works for me. Autel wants me to send in the registration # on the al629 just to make sure it the correct American model. They said there is a Mexican al629 which would have the same potential problems as the global ml629.
  7. Thank for the offer. My neighbor is a computer guy. That's who actually did the soldering . He also did the ohms check on the resisters and diodes. So I have a hands on second set of eyes.
  8. I did the re solder of map light and still have srs light on in gauge cluster. The Autel 629 is reading the code but not erasing the code. Could have repaired the map light and the Autel isn't erasing it or the repair didn't work and the Autel is working correctly. Like your idea regarding doing a few drive cycles and seeing if the srs module is looking at some other database before it turns the srs light off.
  9. My Autel MaxiLink ml629 from Amazon is reading the srs error 26 but not erasing the srs error 26. I'm sending it back and getting the Autel MaxiLink al629 from Amazon.
  10. Didn't know I needed a couple of drive cycles to turn off the srs light after repair. After watching MrSubaru code 26 YouTube video, I thought the srs light was instant off after the problem was corrected. I haven't done any drive cycles. Maybe mine is fixed and I just need a couple of drive cycles for light to turn off.
  11. Thanks for adding that input msmithmmx. I've never tested a circuit board on a map light. I'm a rookie on the whole srs light problem I'm having.
  12. Yes. Good points. Just because I tested with meter, does't mean whats under the solder is good. I have re flowed and added solder on d1 and r1 thru r4 twice. I do have a new map light assembly coming to my Subaru dealership on Friday. Just wanted to try the diagnosis and repair first.
  13. I thought r1 thru r4 were the resisters. Are you saying r1 thru r4 are just the resisters for the bulbs. D1 and r1 thru r4 test results are on the paper to the right of map light. Where are the resisters that I should be testing with the meter. Sorry for all the questions. I'm a novice at this srs problem I'm having. To clarify. The number in the boxes on the paper next to the map light are ohm measurements from my multi meter.
  14. I just did an ohm test on the map light. All ohm values look correct. The paper to the right of the map light are the recorded ohms test results. Whats my next step to solving the code 26 srs light.
  15. I don't know. Hopefully someone here can answer that.