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  1. Installing jdm 2.0 into an 04 Impreza that has a ej25. I know to use the ds cam pulley from the ej 25. Not sure if I need to use the ej25 crank sprocket. They look the same.
  2. Had Subaru Tech friend come over. He diagnosed the the oil leak. It was a scratch on the cam shaft that was right underneath the cam seal. The fix is to sand the scratch out starting with 800 grit and working up to a maroon 3m pad.
  3. Have 06 Legacy. The heads are recently resurfaced. Resealed the cam plate and put in new cam seals.Started dripping from ds cam seal about one drop every five minutes. Reinstalled a new driver side cam seal and have same leak. There is oil on bottom of seal. I thought the cam plate was leaking because there is oil right below the cam seal where the cam plate and head are come together. Have a couple of pictures, but can't really see the oil on cam seal due to not being able to download a high resolution picture on this site. I'm looking for some direction to determine if its the seal or the cam plate that is leaking. The only thing I haven't done is cleaning the came shaft with fine grade Scotch Bright pad to make sure there's no build up on the surface of cam shaft that is stopping the cam shaft seal from sealing properly.
  4. Just pulled the cam sprocket off again. Here's a picture of the back timing cover and the DS cam seal.The cam seal was just installed yesterday. Ive installed two DS cam seals and both have leaked, about one drip every three minutes.
  5. Im leaking a drop of oil every 4 minutes. It looks like it coming from front tip of cam/separator plate on the drives side. This is a new head resurface job, and I resealed the cam/separator plate. Can anything be done to stop the oil drip.
  6. Yes. I knew about Gates switching their t belt kits to Chinese components. Thought the Gates t belt was the same one they always used.
  7. This time I have a Gates, I usually have a Subaru. Thanks for the tip on the Mitsuboshi Tbelt.
  8. What is the proper procedure of installing Timing belt on ej25 with engine in car. I'm missing my left index finger due to accident decades ago. When I put the toothed pulley next to last and the lower idler pullet last, always have to fight to get the toothed pulleys bolt started. When I put the tensioner pulley on last I fight to get that bolt started. So I'm looking for a solution for a guy with a compromised left hand.
  9. Ok thanks for clarifying that. I'm redoing the cam seals due to a slow drip of oil on drivers side cam seal. I had put oil on just the bottom quarter of the seal. Looks like going all the way around ID of seal is better.
  10. What kind of white lube are you using. Don't see any white lube at nappa.
  11. What kind of white lube. I have WD 40 water resistant silicone lubricant and WD 40 protective white lithium grease.
  12. Will Permatex Ultra Slick assembly lube or motor oil work instead of Dow 111. Don't have any Dow 111 on hand.
  13. What is the proper procedure of installing cam seals on ej25. Does the cam shaft snout and the inside of seal get lubricated before seal is installed, or is it a dry fit between snout and cam seal.
  14. How to remove overflow tank on 07 Legacy. There are no fasteners to remove, just a plastic tab that looks like it will break if its moved.