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  1. Feanor

    EA81 sleeping on me

    Thanks for the input. For a while now I've been wanting to switch to a Weber Carb, so that will eventually happen. I'll hit it with some carb cleaner for now and see what happens.
  2. Feanor

    2nd Gen Owner's Manual

    How come you don't upload the owner's manual to justgivemethedamnmanual.com It's the best website ever. Owner's Manuals for old cars that are only bought used should be public property anyways. I (and I'm sure so many other people) would really appreciate it if you did.
  3. Just curious. Who on here actually still has an owner's manual for their 2nd generation subaru (brats, wagons)?
  4. Feanor

    EA81 sleeping on me

    Thanks for the replies, I will try and troubleshoot it. The weird thing is though, that just last night it started idling really high. I adjusted the idle speed screw down again. Something is changing independent of the idle speed adjustment screw that is changing the idle speed. What could it be?
  5. So the other day my brat started idling super slow on me, like it was going to sleep on me. Sometimes it would idle slowly enough that it would quit. Before this started happening I had adjusted the idle speed so that it idled at a little below 1000 RPMs, but now it was idling around 200-300.. It's not overheating, but when it happened the engine was at normal operating temperature. I checked the oil and that is fine. I checked all the wires on the spark plugs and they were snug. I simply adjusted the idle speed screw so that it was back up to around 1000 RPMs, and it runs normally now, but at first (right after I adjusted it) the engine was hiccuping, or lapsing rather. What could be wrong with it? I fear that by simply adjusting the idle speed screw I'm only treating the symptom and not the cause of the problem.
  6. My lights were always terrible, so I got a new wiring harness putting relays closer to the headlights. I also got different headlights that were much higher quality. Daniel Stern helped me pick out the correct headlamps and built the harness as well. http://www.danielsternlighting.com There's the link. My car's an '83 and now my headlamps are brighter than cars twenty years newer than mine.
  7. I did successfully do the helicoil though.
  8. I ended up taking the brackets (or spacers or whatever you want to call them) off. I broke about three bolt heads in the process though after having to cut part of the spacers first so I could fit a socket on the bolts instead trying to wrestle with star drivers. When I got the sockets on (after having soaked the bolts in PB Blaster and heating them up with a torch) the bolt heads twisted right off leaving the rest in the holes in the engine. So I decided to forego the spacers and ended up extending my exhaust pipe to meet directly with the engine.
  9. Thanks turbosubarubrat for setting my mind at ease regarding the spacers. Sadly, since I'm so new at all of this, I ended up doing a poor job with the exhaust so my pipe flange on one side doesn't fit snug and I have a worse exhaust leak than before I ever started any of this, ha ha.
  10. Oh, but wait, that's the gasket for the rear exhaust, I already have some of those. I'm talking about the gaskets for the front exhaust where the Y pipe connects to the outtake manifold on the engine. The bolt hole centers have to be 3" apart, not 3.5" and the opening about 2" only.
  11. So I'm in the process of revamping my exhaust. I've taken the ASV brackets off of the exhaust manifold, and I'm going to extend my Y-pipes up to the engine itself without the brackets. I took the old crusty gaskets out, and I'm buying new ones. But all of the gaskets that it seems I can order are just simple rings, whereas the ones that I took off were the shape of the pipe flanges on my Y-pipes. My engine is an EA81 on my '83 BRAT. What kind of gaskets do you guys have at this spot? Will the simple, circular ones work? My whole point of working on the exhaust in the first place was to keep it from leaking right at this spot, so I want something that will hold well.
  12. So, while trying to replace old worn gaskets between my exhaust pipe flanges and the outtake on my EA81 (1983 BRAT) everything went fine except for one post won't tighten all the way anymore. I cut out new gaskets on my own, but because of that one post that won't tighten, I don't have a good seal (the car's way loud now ha ha). Are the threads in this hole on the bracket or are they on the actual engine block? (do these holes even go all the way into the engine block and not just the bracket?) I need to know so that I can decide whether it's better to buy the brackets off of somebody or to just do a helicoil and rethread the hole. What do you guys think?
  13. I'm thinking of doing a lift on my Brat (1983, so it's an EA81) and have three questions: 1. Is there anyone that makes a 3" lift kit for EA81? 2. How close can you get the tire to the wheel wells before they will hit once the suspension is compressed? (I measured 15" from hub center to the bottom of the fender. Without doing a lift, if I ran 28" tires, would they hit the wheel wells ever? Would I have to go smaller than 28" tires? In other words, would 1" between the tires and the fenders be enough distance to keep from hitting?) 3. I heard from AKghandi in a different topic that, "On an ea81 you have to drop the subframe when you lift it. Otherwise your cv axles will explode." What's this mean/is it valid?
  14. I'm getting sick of the garbage aftermarket carpet that I bought a long time ago--it doesn't even fit because it isn't wide enough. So I want to just clean the heck out of my floor and coat with some sort of durable finish and then get rubber mats. With that said, I have two questions: What would be good to clean the floor with? (something strong enough to get the remnants of the old carpet with its adhesive and all) I don't want to coat it with just rhino liner type stuff on the inside, but I want something that is similar. I just don't want something that's so rough, something that will be easier to clean since it'll be on the interior. Is there something similar to bed liner that is smoother? (Or something that you guys know about that will suit my purposes better)