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  1. Dee2

    Oil on the hood

    Also need to check the air filter, it probably sucked up a lot of oil spray too.
  2. Dee2

    Oil on the hood

    I had the oil changed on my car one time and when I got home I had oil all over the under side of my hood. Turned out the oil filter was not correctly tightened and was making a mess. Check the easy things first.
  3. As an alternative, if OEM are not available, you might want to see if Altrom seals are available from NAPA . They are OEM quality .
  4. Just keep working backwards until you find power....
  5. Take one variable at a time. Start with the spark. Do you have lights, horn, and power to other electrical items ? From the plugs work backwards and see where power stops. Check the fusible links.
  6. Sounds like a transmission problem.
  7. You likely have some air in the lines or in the master cylinder. -Check all brakes for mechanical wear or damaged parts. -Check all lines for any leaks -try bleeding the lines -try bleeding the master cylinder. If these don't fix the problem you may have a worn master cylinder to replace.
  8. Noises can be tricky and sound like they're coming from one area and actually be from a different place. Flapping noise is often a belt or other rubber item. I would check all belts to make sure they are not failing. Also check boots on axles for any tears or grease splatters from the boots which indicates a break.
  9. So the cops didn't make use of this ?
  10. You should also run a vacuum test. It's dirt simple to do and can tell you a lot about the engine performance.
  11. Definitely sounds like a fuel problem. Since you've done the carb, filter and pump, looking further back at the tank seems to be a reasonable idea. Check the manuals on how to resolve the strainer problem. If that doesn't help then go back to the carb/injector issue.
  12. I'm guessing it's probably under a $grand, so it's really just a question if you like the car or not. We don't know your mechanical skills or budget. Like any old car and most any used car, they're projects, some more than others.
  13. Be careful when torquing the bolts on re-installation. Others have reported that the torque values in the Haynes manual are incorrect. Check another source or two for your yr/model. I believe the rotor has a specific front/back orientation. Make note of any markings for re-installation.