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  1. So the cops didn't make use of this ?
  2. You should also run a vacuum test. It's dirt simple to do and can tell you a lot about the engine performance.
  3. Definitely sounds like a fuel problem. Since you've done the carb, filter and pump, looking further back at the tank seems to be a reasonable idea. Check the manuals on how to resolve the strainer problem. If that doesn't help then go back to the carb/injector issue.
  4. I'm guessing it's probably under a $grand, so it's really just a question if you like the car or not. We don't know your mechanical skills or budget. Like any old car and most any used car, they're projects, some more than others.
  5. Be careful when torquing the bolts on re-installation. Others have reported that the torque values in the Haynes manual are incorrect. Check another source or two for your yr/model. I believe the rotor has a specific front/back orientation. Make note of any markings for re-installation.
  6. This can also happen if the oil filter isn't installed correctly.
  7. That axle has a length of "thickened" cross section. It should be a uniform section thickness between the inner and outer boot. The thicker section in combination with your lift has a compound effect of consuming needed clearance . Not sure how to compensate for both problems together.
  8. maybe some photos would help
  9. Is the lift in the rear, pushing the front end down ?
  10. Dee2

    Need some advice on my Hatch

    I vote for a carb problem....
  11. Dee2

    1984 EA81 Lifters

    Look into "How to keep your Subaru alive" http://jdmfsm.info/Auto/Japan/Subaru/--Articles--/--Books--/
  12. Dee2

    84 brat EA81 valve tapping

    look into "How to keep your Subaru alive" http://jdmfsm.info/Auto/Japan/Subaru/--Articles--/--Books--/ Chapter 7
  13. Oil level OK? oil filter OK ? any oil leaks ?
  14. Dee2

    Loyale won’t run

    Did you reconnect the plug wires correctly ( the right order ) ?