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  1. Dee2

    EA82 timing driving me crazy

    --clean , sharpen and regap the spark plugs maybe replace plug wires --check air filter and intake for mouse denris --check and clean contacts on distributor --check for vacuum leaks
  2. You may have something clogging the fill tube.... I'm not sure how to safely inspect that. Perhaps a thin, long, wooden dowel ? Or, remove the fill tube from the tank then inspect it.
  3. I never heard of a tank puking gas. Check to make sure the tank is not leaking. Gurgling may be from a worn out gas cap and it would be cheap to replace it with a new one to see if that solves your problem. good luck.
  4. Clicking noise is a sure sign of a bad axle joint. If they are new, then perhaps they weren't torqued down properly. Sometimes, after driving for a while, they need to be re-torqued. I would check to make sure the torque is correct. Sometimes they have to be slightly over torqued.
  5. What kind of noise ? grinding ? clicking? squealing ? once ? continuous ? anything's possible.
  6. https://www.2carpros.com/articles/subaru-diagnostic-trouble-code-definitions-1987-1994-obd1-with-code-gathering
  7. Dee2

    Ea82 alternator alignment.

    It could be the cause. But, if the belt doesn't fully seat in the pulley, it can move side to side and that could be the cause as well. Once it starts wearing unevenly, it's doomed.
  8. Dee2

    Ea82 alternator alignment.

    Just eyeballing those belts they look too wide. Meaning they won't sit down in the pulley correctly, Might explain why your belts are shredding.
  9. You may have a faulty fuel pump ...(?) You may have a faulty fuel pump relay...(?) You may have a faulty fuel pressure regulator ...(?) I would check to make sure there is fuel getting to the engine.
  10. Dee2

    Ea82 alternator alignment.

    Trying to move things forward or back would likely cause alignment problems with the belt. You'll have to play with combination of belts and brackets to get the clearances to where they need to be.
  11. Dee2

    Ea82 alternator alignment.

    That looks correct. Below is a picture of mine. As I recall, at one point I lengthened the slot on the rear bracket on the AC so the AC could be pushed away from the alternator. This made more room for the alternator. You may need to do something like that if you can't find a belt to work. If you're not using the full length of the slot now, then the AC belt may be too short pulling the AC too close to the alternator.
  12. Dee2

    Ea82 alternator alignment.

    could be the belt you're using because of the cross section not fitting the pulley correctly. here's a couple of old threads talking about belts and other common problems. good luck.
  13. Dee2

    1990 Loyale

    Check the battery cable connections. Might just need cleaning or ??