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    88 XT6 check engine light

    After you finish the repairs, you can clear the codes and the light will go off until another problem is detected by the computer.
  2. This sounds more like an electrical problem than a fuel problem. If the fuel supply were cut off the engine would likely sputter for a while then die. Sudden death seems more likely to be electrical.
  3. A lot of folks replace their ignition with a push button. I found this There a re probably many more articles to help.
  4. I've had good results with Altrom products
  5. What's the name of the paint/dye stuff ?
  6. Check the easy stuff first. --Was it running properly before the repairs ? --Are the plug wires hooked up correctly ? --Are the timing belts installed correctly ? --What else was disassembled during the repairs ?
  7. You should fix the oil leak before you get a fire......
  8. You can also tell if the bearings are bad by simply checking for wheel movement. Raise the wheel off the ground a few inches. With your hands at the 6 and 12 o'clock positions rock the wheel by pushing and pulling. Any clunking or free play will mean the bearings are gone.
  9. By chance, did you buy fuel just before it stopped running ? It's rare but you may have gotten some bad gas. Or possibly gas with too high of an ethanol level ?
  10. Something's not right, so you have to keep verifying until something is found.... Once it's found then we can figure out why....
  11. There are four things needed to fire an engine -fuel -spark -air -compression Do compression check. If there is still no fire then your timing is way off. Check to make sure the plug wires are in the right order. Check the timing belts to make sure they haven't slipped.
  12. Have you checked your transmission fluid ? May also be the vacuum advance is not working.
  13. here's a link for reading codes. I'm not sure where the test connectors are located on your vehicle. https://www.troublecodes.net/subaru/ searching this website for ECU codes/connectors may bring up more specific info
  14. Since you are still probing for clues, I would do a fuel pressure check. The tank may have sludged up the feed line to the pump. Also, when the engine is idling, I would stick a vacuum gage on it and see if you can learn anything.
  15. Maybe a fuel pressure problem (?)
  16. if it's been to two shops and they agree there is a pull, they should be able to tell you why and give you an estimate for repairs. If it's not the alignment, we can only guess at possible causes. It could be tires, brakes, accident damage or ?? Only an inspection can really solve this problem.
  17. Dee2

    Front Axles

    If you haven't done this before watch the videos on how to do it. There are also many historical posts from people who have done it many times. A search should pull them up.
  18. I doubt the backside of that flange looks like the front side. The exhaust pipe won't mate well.
  19. Dee2

    Cranks and wont start

    Glad to hear you found the problem. If it was idling correctly before the belt slippage and the belts were replaced, it's possible they are off by one tooth. Double, triple recheck positioning of cam sprockets.
  20. Intermittent problems can be a nightmare. Finding something as vague as turning a plug connector around is nothing short of amazing..... Hope that solves it permanently....
  21. What about alignment ?
  22. Dee2

    Cranks and wont start

    So you have spark at the coil but not at the plug. That would indicate a problem in your distributor. When you get a chance open the distributor and have a looky-see to find out if anything is broken. A failure of something inside could cause an engine to suddenly stop running. Maybe the wire from the coil to the distributor is not seated and secure. Check the continuity of that wire and if it is seated correctly. Sometimes it's just a simple thing....